How to speed up Chrome on your computer with 5 extensions 2019

If Google Chrome isn’t as fast as it once was, you can install a dedicated extension to speed it up. In this article, we will list the best extensions to speed up Chrome and enjoy a better browsing experience.

first. !

Thanks to this Chrome extension, you’ll wait less and browse faster. It works by blocking elements that you don’t really need while surfing the Internet, such as ads and trackers.

The extension claims that this method can lead to loading the page three times faster. It took me 1.23 seconds to load this website’s homepage with this extension enabled while it normally takes more than 2 seconds. In addition, it also blocks ads and spy services also help to load pages faster. Don’t worry about privacy; the extension is open source.


Make your computer run smoothly by pausing tabs you aren’t using

A lightweight extension to reduce memory capacity of chrome. Perfect if you have multiple tabs open at the same time.

Tabs that are not viewed after a configurable amount of time are automatically suspended in the background, freeing up memory and CPU consumed by that tab.

List of specific urls or domain names that you don’t want to suspend

Option to show tab screenshots before it crashes

Great performance improvement when restarting chrome with large number of tabs open

Detects tabs of playing a sound and can prevent them from pausing

Detects tabs that contain forms with user input and can prevent them from pausing

Configurable behavior when browsing offline or on battery power

Built from open source for full transparency

This extension will automatically pause these tabs and free up all the memory they are using.When you want to access that tab, simply navigate to it or click between (customizable) to reload.You can also manually hang a single tab or multiple tabs with just two clicks.I have been using it for over a month now and it is doing wonders for me.


Clean browser and remove cache, history, etc. Make your Chrome browser faster and Protect your privacy !!

OneClick Cleaner is a useful Chrome extension that helps you clean up your browser quickly. and It helps erase all traces of your online activities to protect your privacy. OneClick Cleaner is easy to use and fast.

Clean browsing data from the user’s local profile.

Make your Chrome browser faster and Protect your privacy !!

This extension supports Chrome 19 and above.


GooglePreview adds a website’s preview thumbnail image to search results. This can be useful in many situations like where you’ll know what type of page you’re about to visit, or it can be a better visual representation for remembering a site than the name of the site.

You can use that information to easily traverse the search results. Extensions support Google Search, DuckDuckGo, Bing and Yahoo.


Simple yet powerful tab management. Quickly and easily save, update, delete and restore tab sets!
Session Manager is a simple yet powerful extension that makes it quick and easy to save, update, delete, and restore tab sets.

Popular uses include:
– Create sessions for daily routine: pages you open in the morning, afternoon, and evening.
– Groups of pages with common interests such as News, Finance and Society.
– Save pages discovered during a research session that you want to review later.


In today’s world, we just want to get everything done quickly. This also applies to browsers; we don’t want to deal with web page loading in two to three seconds or double click if something can be done with just one click. You can use the extensions above to handle most of your daily online tasks faster on Chrome. They may not make a big difference, but in such a fast-paced life, every second counts.