Your computer is damaged, but many pictures and documents are stored on the computer you want to retrieve. Today, we will help you do that.

Guide you to get back documents from your corrupt computer to transfer to another computer

Let’s say that the hard drive in your old laptop is still working, and you will quickly transfer your photos and other files to your new laptop hard drive. This is the way:

Lấy dữ liệu hình ảnh từ máy tính hỏng sang máy tính khác từ ổ cứng

1 – Buy an inexpensive SATA for USB Adapter.

2 – Remove the hard drive from the damaged computer. Turn the computer over and remove the plastic cover from the hard drive, remove the small screw that holds the drive in place, and gently but firmly pulls it off the connector.

3 – Plug the SATA end of the SATA into USB Adapter into the hard drive and then plug the USB end into a USB port used on the new computer. You have connected the old drive to the computer as an external USB hard drive.

4 – Boot the computer into Windows, then press Windows + E to open the ‘Computer’ dialog box.

5 – Double-click the icon representing your old hard drive and navigate to the folder (s) containing your photo.

6 – Copy the entire folder (s) to the computer’s internal hard drive.

7 – At this point, you can either put the old hard drive on the shelf and save it for use as a backup drive or leave it connected to the laptop and use it as an external USB hard drive!

I hope this helps you. Let me know if you are having trouble or need help in any way.