How to view Wifi passwords in Windows 10 using the command line

There are times when we forget the Wifi password of the network but it is still stored in our computer. In this article, we will show you how to find a Wifi password in Windows 10.

We can access Wifi passwords using Network Connections but command line way would be a quick way to get Wifi specifi password.

The visualization only works when you are connected to that particular network while the command line method will work on online as well as offline.

See Wifi passwords active through network connection

First, let’s take the steps to find the Wifi password visually.

  1. Find the Wifi password of the connected network
  2. Go to Run -> control (This will open the Control Panel)
  3. Open Network and Internet -> Network and Sharing Center
  4. Click on the connected Wifi network to open the status window.
  5. Click the Wireless Properties button
  6. In the Security tab, select the checkbox “Show characters”

This will display the Wifi password.

View Wifi passwords using command line tools

Get all the Wifi passwords saved in Windows 10

If you want to get all passwords saved in your computer, open PowerShell in administrative mode and run the following command:

(netsh wlan show profiles) | Select-String “: (. +) $” | % {$ name = $ _. Matches.Groups [1] .Value.Trim (); $ _} | % {(netsh wlan show profile name = “$ name” key = clear)} | Select-String “Key Content W + : (. +) $” | % {$ pass = $ _. Matches.Groups [1] .Value.Trim (); $ _} | % {[PSCustomObject] @ {PROFILE_NAME = $ name; PASSWORD = $ pass}} | Format-Table -AutoSize

Show Wifi passwords of all saved networks with PowerShell

Get the Wifi password of a specific network

If you just want to find the Wifi password of a specific network, follow the instructions below:

Open Command Prompt in administrative mode

  1. Run the following command:
    netsh wlan shows the profile
    This command will list all the Wifi configurations saved in the computer. Copy the name of the network profile for which you want to use the password.
  2. Run the following command:
    netsh wlan show profile name = “network-profile-name” key = clear
    Replace the network-profile-name with your copied network name.
    This will show the Wifi password in clear text.

View Wifi passwords using third-party tools

If you’re not comfortable with Windows tools or you want some sort of automation, you can use third-party tools like NirSoft’s WirelessKeyView.

WirelessKeyView can also be used to get the Wifi password of the remote computer. This is useful if you are a network administrator and want to diagnose certain wireless network problems.

Please note that while we are testing and writing about these methods of finding Wifi password using Windows 10, these methods can also be used for older Windows versions like Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 .

Which method do you prefer for your specific needs? Share your experience with us in the comments section below.