I am free now and heard that a millionaire wants to organize a real-life Battle Royale. I also jumped in to give you some fun!

You’ve probably heard the news that one of the giants is a fan of the Battle Royale genre, and because of having so much money, he wants to organize a real-life Battle Royale tournament. Although I am not a “rich, rich … playboy” like this millionaire, I am a … free-living man who has repeatedly imagined a real-life Battle Royale tournament. Our millionaire is willing to pay £ 45,000 (nearly 1.4 billion) for organizing the tournament so that he will share his billion-dollar ideas with you in this article.

Apex Legends: When the voice actors are full of characters in the Anime and Video Games, Contributing to the success of Apex Legends, we cannot help but mention the voice actors. They create the excitement and excitement of gamers when experiencing the game with a playful and energetic voice.

First, we need to find the playing field. It can’t be a football field or a gym, because we’re playing Battle Royale. Because NASA and Elon Musk cannot launch spaceships to bring gladiators on strange planets like in Apex Legends, we will have to organize the tournament in a “temporary” way by … buying an island. A simple Google operation will take you to many islands for sale worldwide, from the ideal location to see the aurora in Norway, the romantic Caribbean Sea to the islands full tropical centipede insect.

Một trận đấu Battle Royale nếu diễn ra ngoài đời thực sẽ được tổ chức như thế nào?

Innocence Island.

If you want to do Battle Royale in real life, money is not a problem, so we need to choose an island that looks good. Here, I choose Innocence Island in the Bahamas with an area of over 2.7 square kilometers. It is still far from the islands of dozens of square kilometers in PUBG or Apex Legends, but it has an airport for organizers to throw “hearing” on the playing field. It costs “only” 55 million, with a few villas and a lot of trees. Just by building some sandbags, wooden walls, warehouses, tents …, we will have a nice playground.

Another benefit of choosing this moderately sized island is that it overcomes the most significant technical challenge of realizing Battle Royale in real life: the “roundabout” mechanism. You can’t burn the whole island like Firestorm in Battlefield, and science has yet to find a way to generate electricity without PUBG-style wires. Even if I can, I bet the participants will lift their ass as soon as they hear a firestorm or a wall of electricity on the playground. An alternative solution might be to give gladiators an app on smartphones that only directs them to the nearest opponent when only 10-20 people “survive” on the field.

Một trận đấu Battle Royale nếu diễn ra ngoài đời thực sẽ được tổ chức như thế nào?

The temporal circle is impossible, waiting for technological progress.

And unless you go to the prison to recruit people, it’s impossible to find 100 fighters ready to enter the life-and-death fight. So we will play with airsoft guns with the advantages of looking real, accurate, and prevalent. Gladiators will also be equipped with armor and induction hats to know if they have been hit or not. The health bar can be simulated quickly, such as a plastic bullet shot by 50 HP, the body is 30 health, the hand/foot is ten health … The “upgrade” equipment can also be done by modifying these stats when certain conditions are met. For example, if someone picks up a box that says “Level 3 hat”, the headshot damage will be reduced from 50 to 30 … Phones connected to armor and guns believed that it was not too difficult to write by a studio out some professional game source.

Một trận đấu Battle Royale nếu diễn ra ngoài đời thực sẽ được tổ chức như thế nào?

A giant Airsoft looks like a real gun.

One thing is essential: besides the touch armor, we have to equip eye and neck protection for everyone. It both protects these vulnerable locations (because the firing of an airsoft bullet is still very painful and dangerous if caught in the eye) while preventing Lara Croft and Nathan Drake from using combat weapons in the game!

Một trận đấu Battle Royale nếu diễn ra ngoài đời thực sẽ được tổ chức như thế nào?

This game should be banned in the tournament.

OK, now we recruit gladiators. Get 100 people for even – slightly more than the island area, but this is a real-life Battle Royale, not a game, and there is no miracle to help participants recover fitness in a blink of an eye. The millionaire mentioned at the beginning of the article was going to draw a lottery randomly. This solution was still not right because it could draw children, fat, fat arms, or gamers who ran for three minutes. Clean up, no random lottery roll lottery! To have an exciting tournament, you have to choose capitalists like Arnold, impassive face like Sylvester, and bald like The Rock. Have them decide to go to the island – swim the canoe to shore, play with their naked Terminator pose, or traditional skydiving. Absolutely no story plugged the ground like Apex Legends offline!

Một trận đấu Battle Royale nếu diễn ra ngoài đời thực sẽ được tổ chức như thế nào?

He went to the island, prepare to rock!

How to do Battle Royale in real life if nobody watches it? With a tournament like this, of course, we have to stream it at 4k, 24/24 to satisfy gamers’ needs waiting for the world’s audience. Of course, it’s direct because there’s no “kicking stream” when all the gladiators are directly involved in the fight. In addition to the image source coming from fixed cameras on the island and drones following hot spots, each gladiator also needs to have two cameras: one on the hat and one on the gun. This helps prevent cheating and helps viewers have a good view of chewing chips or popcorn at home. The camera on the top may be the compact 360-degree camera you can check out in this video:

You can use the mouse to change the perspective of the video.

There are many other options to enhance the appeal of this real-life Battle Royale tournament. If we have a larger playground or shore game and offer a limited amount of food, we can recruit mercenaries or professional soldiers to see their survival strategies. You can also turn it into an annual show by enticing sponsors. The type of canned bullshit potions or bottles of green tea increases “luck” when the items picked up are higher;… Interesting can also be included in the game rules, such as Btooom! or short game modes of PUBG.

But after writing all of the above, I suddenly remembered one thing: Brendan Greene has just left PUBG to implement a new project (still belongs to Bluehole and parent company Krafton). Perhaps the real-life Battle Royale tournament that the millionaire is cherishing is the latest project of Brendan Greene?