The game is like a monthly salary, come and go but there are a few special games than the others and people call it legend.

Legendary games are not just entertainment or products from the development of technology. It befriends a lot of us throughout our youth or speaks the language that we know how many years we play the game, the character of the game is about that age. With the change of technology day by day, many of those legends now open up and look ugly. Grasping the nostalgic aspirations of the older gamers, many monumental remake projects have been born such as Resident Evil 2, Final Fantasy VII. Let’s take a look at the incredible changes of the remake compared to the classic images that we have been fascinated with!

Cloud Strife – His head is still sharp despite the years

This still has to wait a few more months, when Final Fantasy VII Remake is officially released to discuss. But at least when watching the latest gameplay trailer of this blockbuster, the people were able to admire with the play of Square Enix when Cloud’s hair (though still looks ugly and extremely non-physical) has a foot. really certain in … every hair. If previously the movement of the hair on the PS2 or even the PS3 was still limited in large hair clusters that made the player feel like the Gypsy in the game was always in the state of using 24/24 hairspray, in the new trailer most of Cloud’s hair was able to move individually whenever a certain gust of wind passed by.

Đổi thay đáng kinh ngạc khi một game huyền thoại được remake

Except for the reddish-yellow and reddish-yellow rape of Cloud and Reno, thank God that the hair of most of the remaining characters of the FFVII Remake is polished in a practical way. This mission received positive feedback from the gaming community in the case of Tifa, Barret when both had heads that looked very ordinary and remember, just like in real life is a dark goal. Most games that have excellent graphics are pursuing. Besides, many people who love Aerith with bobbing brown hair and gently curled tops can make the hearts of every 8X man who ever loved her this year have the opportunity to sob more times. again.

DoomGay – One day in blue, his whole life is blue

Although DoomGuy’s powerful toys, which every gamer cares about are still guns to kill demons, this guy’s fashion style has something very appealing and symbolic. The helmet covered the entire face, the full body combat outfit with the dominant green tone but for some reason, the forearms were bare. It looks cool but it doesn’t make any sense. Despite that, DoomGuy’s green suit became a symbol of the American indomitable spirit, a very popular muscular hero of the ’90s, who dived into an enemy and a lair. close to the quadrilateral though the balance of forces between the two sides is usually 1 vs. 1 flock.

Đổi thay đáng kinh ngạc khi một game huyền thoại được remake

This design is so impressive that Doom 2 did not have any changes in the character’s appearance. DoomGuy is still DoomGuy, a professional coffin for demons that is not too beautiful but certainly pitiful. It was not until Doom 3, when the graphics technology had developed quite a bit, that the protagonist (not DoomGuy) was found to become something like a human, not a green block. all over again. The appearance of strange faces or T-shirts that peeked out from beneath the armor made people feel more excited. Although they cost from 4400 to 5000 polygons, theTech 4 graphics platform also provides extremely playable effects like real-time light motion, MegaTextures and block shadow effects. All make the main shoulder gun become even more “dangerous” in an already dangerous world.

Đã qua rồi cái thời game thủ chi tiền mua máy console thế hệ mới chỉ vì đồ họa đẹpĐã qua rồi cái thời game thủ chi tiền mua máy console thế hệ mới chỉ vì đồ họa đẹp

Gone are the days when gamers spent money to buy new generation consoles just because of beautiful graphics. Once upon a time when PS2 had just debuted, people would immediately be stunned by the change of graphics quality but now beautiful images. Is it still a factor that promotes the ability of gamers to swipe cards?

Doom 2016 is a terrible graphical progress of the whole brand (not to mention Doom Eternal ). The game is developed on the Tech 6engine, which has feedback functions based on physical interaction, SMAA and TSSAA antialiasing, depth of field, HDR and many other factors that make the collective sale mission to the crowd. Hell clones have become nauseous and sicker than ever before. From the trailers and some leaked gameplay of Doom Eternal, it’s looking forward to seeing Id Software’s sick gang and Panic Button Games bring people a new DoomGay with some weird identity.

Jill Valentine – The old version, every new version is beautiful

This is the case that makes people most awkward when they do not know which side to take. In the current context, Jill of 1998 was off the table because her CG movie’s character was already ugly, let alone the rough PS1 polygons (back then we still loved her like Do not joke. In the HD Remaster version of Resident Evil, Jill was reshaped based on the identity of model Julia Voth. This dramatic change caused Jill’s subsequent appearance in other games to more or less follow the image considered to be this standard. Although there are some changes to suit the context and operating environment. Typically Resident Evil: Revelations with tight combat attire and short hair has a ponytail, which makes sense when she has to invade the yacht Queen Zenobia.

Đổi thay đáng kinh ngạc khi một game huyền thoại được remake

But in general the basic details are kept the same and no one will react negatively that our Jill is so different just because of some newness. Things got complicated when Jill’s design in Resident Evil 3 Remake was announced. Shaping changes, models also change notes. Not that Sasha Zotova is not beautiful enough, but the impression of Julia Voth and the image of the most famous female brand of RE brand over the years, it is difficult to accept this change. Just like the case at the time of the publication of Leon and Claire’s appearance in the Resident Evil 2 Remake , fortunately everything went into it.

The problem that people are wondering here is whether to support Jill of the vivid days in the Resident Evil HD Remaster that everyone is familiar with or an entirely new Jill of the Resident Evil 3 Remake coming next month. . From now until the game’s official launch, people will have plenty of time to decide for that.