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The Math behind Covid-19 Translation: Why is it necessary to keep social distance, avoid gathering?

As with many other epidemics in the past, it is likely that we will reach a peak in Covid-19, after which, new infections will begin to diminish until R0 drops below 1 and the epidemic will be suppressed. However, the important thing we need to do is still to combine all measures

Bill Gates: Many Asian countries fight Covid-19 better than the US, Americans want to return to normal life in April as ‘unrealistic’.

Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist Bill Gates has commented on CNN, giving many views on the Covid-19 pandemic in the US - currently the largest outbreak in the world.

Wi-Fi Direct feature extremely convenient on Windows 10

Wireless connection feature is built into Micrsoft on Windows 10.

Not Apple or Huawei, this is the opponent that Samsung must be wary of in the future

There is a smartphone giant that is present in every market Samsung participates in, competing with Samsung in all price segments, even using the same product strategy. And that is not Apple or Huawei.

Manage multiple Google Drive accounts at once with Databox

With Databox, you can connect and manage all data in multiple Google Drive accounts.

Millions of Facebook games from the Windows Desktop

Facebook has a huge pool of free games, and this is your way to explore all of them

Fix the error message displays No Internet, annoying on Windows 10

"No Internet, Secured", a new bug is annoying Windows 10 users.

Samsung’s clear advantage in the user

A high-end, luxurious or unique smartphone device will fail if not concerned about the user experience, which Samsung has paid great attention on the Galaxy A51.

Quick tips to speed up copying and moving data on USB in Windows 10

A few small but extremely useful tips for those who are manipulating USB on Windows 10.

Turn a folder into a virtual drive on Windows 10

You can mount any folder at any location in Windows 10 as a virtual drive, with a drive letter for easy access.

For international Huawei fans, Android has lost itself in the absence of Google

Android is a Google product, but now it is not allowed to access the application system of the parent company, suddenly "losing yourself" is not difficult to understand.
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