PS5 release is fun, but is it getting in the way of game development in 2020?

After much anticipation, the next generation of Sony Console also announced its launch time in late 2020. Of course, Sony’s new gadgets debut, who doesn’t like it, but maybe the information release PS5 has a significant impact on the game industry, especially in 2020.

The influence of PS4 is decreasing

If in the past, buying a PS4 is almost mandatory to experience the super products or the exclusive titles on the PlayStation, then gamers are now more confused. PS5 information as well as the death notice of the current generation of Console will be replaced in less than 1 year with a newer, stronger and sometimes better machine. So, it is greatly affecting the decision to buy or not of game lovers. Buy and play after a few months to replace it it is not satisfactory.

PS5 là tương lai hay đang phá hoại tương lai của năm 2020?

However, good and exclusive games on PS4 are not few, but all are at the top of the peak. However, because the price of a PS4 is not small, there are now many brothers struggling between buying a cheap device or waiting for the PS5.

Naturally, not the PS4 has expired. Up to the present time, this machine is still doing very well its work while still meeting all types of requirements of current gamers. From the configuration or the ability to handle the game is extremely stable with the current price extremely comfortable. Even when the PS5 was released, the PS4 was still a fertile platform that game publishers absolutely wouldn’t overlook. Therefore, this is still a must have console of gamers.

In retrospect, Sam in Death Stranding is still far behind Vietnamese people. Don’t see Sam piggyback in monumental Death Stranding, actually he’s extremely “dirt cake” but not strong at all, even lost to ordinary people .

So what’s the problem here? That is Sony’s treatment of old systems. Although Sony is not the type of moon to see the lights, but certainly their support policy will not be the same. Maintaining both servers for both platforms is definitely not a good step. As the legend of how big PS2 has to disappear at times, Sony’s letting go of this fourth version is only sooner or later.

The game will choose the time of launch

If affecting the PS4 is only a small thing, then the PS5 also greatly affects the launch of titles at the present time. The publishers now have moves to prepare for their future already.

Needless to say, we’ve heard Final Fantasy VII Remake move the launch date. Then, Cyberpunk 2077 also announced that it would not release on time. Even with the simplest mind, one can see the simple problem from the PlayStation 5. Postponing the release time, game developers will have more time to perfect their products. for the best … on the new platform.

PS5 là tương lai hay đang phá hoại tương lai của năm 2020?

The announcement of the PS5 clearly affects the launch time of the games. That is the major publishers have to postpone it, indie studios or have little capital probably do not dare to risk their game up at this time. People have the ability to eat both heads, but low-necked little throat, then pityed until PS5 debuted before deciding on the next step.

So who is suffering? Definitely our gamer. Nothing has seen 2020 will be silent and boring to be always boring. New games will not launch or launch very little and can be flocked to the end of the year, resulting in the quality of the games will decrease more or less. Of course, there will be a few games that aren’t afraid of changing the platform, such as the year-round series that doesn’t change just EA’s name.

PS5 là tương lai hay đang phá hoại tương lai của năm 2020?

In fact, the “break” in a year is not really too bad, especially when good games on PS4 is still a lot. The Last of Us 2 will still be released in the first half of 2020 sure enough to satisfy gamers around the world. Just look at the PC, part 1 has not been seen yet.

Anyway, the current situation of console game groups is that it is advisable to buy PS4 at this time, enough to understand the information about PS5 that is disturbing everything. Changjiang waves after the first wave, just coming sooner or later. Sony was right about announcing the PlayStation 5, but they chose a pretty bad time to inform the world.