In Capcom’s game, the female characters are beautiful and strong personalities and are often accompanied by the same deadly danger.

In less than a month, Resident Evil 3 will be born. As one of the iconic game series of Capcom and the whole game village, Resident Evil games not only attract gamers because of attractive gameplay or skillful storyline but also because of the “shadows” pink. But not only Resident Evil, but generally, the girls in Capcom are equally powerful, assertive, and capable of making gamers fall for their feminine beauty and danger. On the occasion of March 8, I would like to dedicate this article to talk about them.

Ngày 8/3 và chuyện những người phụ nữ kỳ lạ trong game của Capcom

Unlike the female characters in many unusual games that only play the traditional “damsel in distress” – that is, getting in trouble and waiting for your help, the girls in Resident Evil in particular and in many games Capcom’s are generally extreme. From Chun-Li “the first woman in the fighting game village” to Morrigan Aensland, Cammy, Jill Valentine, Regina, Claire Redfield, Lady, Chihiro Ayasato (Mia Fey), Trish … Capcom’s female characters often do not fall into the path of passive, dependent women and created only in the “other half” role of important figures. Instead, they are important characters who promote the plot’s development and directly participate in the game’s events.

The “rise” of the women in the game of Capcom probably originated from Shinji Mikami, one of the people who helped build the reputation of the Resident Evil series. “I don’t know if I put too much emphasis on female characters, but when I created them, they were never items. In some games, they are extra characters with oddly shaking breasts, and I avoid that eroticism, ” he said in an interview. “I also dislike female characters who obey men or give in to adversity. I will not show off women like that. I write down the female characters who gradually discover their independence as the game progresses or those who already know themselves strong but will have to test it before a series of challenges. ”

Ngày 8/3 và chuyện những người phụ nữ kỳ lạ trong game của Capcom

Shinji Mikami’s views are also expressed through the appearance of these characters. Jill Valentine and Claire Redfield are perhaps the clearest examples of his direction. Both are entirely different girls from the prejudices about female characters when they are healthy, robust and well-dressed original, and practical still beautiful and feminine. Even Rebecca Chambers, the new soldier of the STARS squad that Shinji expressed that he didn’t want to be in the game, was given a chance to be the main character in his own game in Resident Evil 0. Not just a supporting character like her military role suggested.

Sometimes Capcom’s female characters may wear slightly revealing outfits or intentionally create sexy images to appeal to gamers. Still, perhaps that is not a minus but can be considered a plus when showing off their physical beauty in the game. You know who I want to talk about – yes, that’s Bayonetta, Ada Wong, Excella Gionne. Bayonetta is designed to be as bizarre as possible – hair replacements for clothes, “lengthy body proportions,” and quirky poses to show off the witch’s curves. Bayonetta also has moves and combat movements as if she is dancing, while enemies turn into rewards.

Ada Wong and Excella Gionne belong to the “sexy” group to become the focus of attention every time they appear, with luxurious, brilliant dresses, heavy makeup, well-groomed hair, and heels show their femininity. Ada Wong is a secret agent who can master both “hot goods” and “cold goods,” and the charm used as a deadly weapon. Excella Gionne is also strong and capable of fighting, knows how to use weapons to solve problems instead of waiting for men. These characters represent strong, independent girls who can master the situation and know how to use their beauty.

Ngày 8/3 và chuyện những người phụ nữ kỳ lạ trong game của Capcom

Ada Wong and Excella Gionne.

Even a little girl like Roll (Megaman) does not need your help. She was created as Megaman’s “sister” and always assists gamers in battles. Some of the other female characters that appear a bit fainter are Sally and Jane, the gladiators’ wives in Street Fighter. Sally (also known as Sari) is Dhalsim’s wife and often appears in traditional sari outfits to cheer on her husband, while Jane (aka Julia) is Guile’s wife and loves him very much, willing to support. Guile and always wanted him to do the right thing in life.

Ngày 8/3 và chuyện những người phụ nữ kỳ lạ trong game của Capcom

Jane, with her husband and daughter.

It is not a Capcom game without traditional weak girls, but the number of these characters is not much, and sometimes it is criticized. One might think of Prin Prin. A princess kidnapped in Ghosts’ n Goblins, a game that has been released since 1985 in Japan. Ashley Graham, the daughter of the United States president in Resident Evil 4, also needs to be rescued, and the difference between her and the other female characters in Resident Evil receives special attention from gamers and the press. Despite receiving titles such as “the hottest blonde” or “pure lover,” Ashley was also criticized as troublesome, lacking in personality, and uninteresting. At the same time, segments of Leon were forced to escort her. She also received many disparaging words.

Ngày 8/3 và chuyện những người phụ nữ kỳ lạ trong game của Capcom

The image of Ashley Graham was disparaged for being a traditional feeble character.

In short, the female characters of Capcom have been an integral part of the gaming industry. In the middle of a forest of weak characters in the ivory tower waiting for support from gamers or being kidnapped waiting for rescue, the powerful, independent, and self-resolving girls of Capcom are bright spots of the village game. Thanks to their appearance (and many other powerful girls like Lara Croft, Samus Aran, Elena Fisher,…), feminine beauty has a place in the action game genre that was once just a playground of muscles man.