From owners and craftsmen, to become a partner then the relationship between Sony and Nintendo is increasingly complex when developing into an archenemy.

The lion also grabbed the rabbit

Sony’s desire in the case of the Nintendo Playstation / SNES PlayStation is simple, they need experience to dominate the partner’s gaming console market to enter the game. Not that Sony doesn’t want to do it alone, but the previous failures have made the bosses at the company realize that they are just newbies in this field, the dragon without the leader bar is hard to do. should be okay. As for Nintendo, will this giant be so foolish as to open it to help an opponent with a terrifying potential like Sony step in to divide the pie of the market? The answer is of course not. This goods, besides laughing, said, but behind the scenes, Yamauchi had prepared a screen when he secretly hired Philips, the Dutch electronics corporation to create a CD drive for SNES. Sony is still ignorant and is happy with the Nintendo Playstation / SNES PlayStation plan that will help them open the door to the gaming market.

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Something Sony excitedly brought to CES 1991 but Nintendo didn’t think so

The half-hearted relationship began to break up at the CES consumer electronics fair in 1991. While Sony was delighted to introduce the new improved CD format and the concept of a CD reader for SNES, the next day. they were hit by the most important partner in the face when they completely rejected all previous agreements, and announced their cooperation with Philips in the process of exploring the new generation console platform using CDs. . Today, many people still think that Philips then spent tons of money for Nintendo to tear the pact with Sony as a tissue paper. But I’m not really that simple. Feeling beyond money motives, Yamauchi also wants to “teach” executives at Sony a lesson to see where their exact position is. According to Nintendo at that time, Sony was like an emerging rich man, they could be the boss in the consumer electronics industry, but stepping into the gaming field was just a newbie.

The slap at CES 1991 was so painful, it hurt so much, the pain came back to life and it hurt to the point where Sony’s pride was seriously injured. Instead of knowing what people like Nintendo expected, they decided to obey but obey silently as the boss of the state *** to wait for the return of both capital and interest. It seems that Yamauchi made a mistake when he expected everything but didn’t expect Sony’s hegemony, now Sony has collected a lot of it but it was extremely old. But Nintendo was terribly strong at the time, so even though it was hot, Sony still didn’t want to break the deal. They even continued to sign an agreement with Nintendo, both agreeing that the SNES PlayStation would still be completed and marketed, but the profits would go into Nintendo’s pocket more. The deal did not last long when he tried to make it through in 1992 and was completely canceled when Sony finally had to accept the fact that Nintendo never wanted to help them enter the gaming market.

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Vo Lam contested: Nintendo Playstation legend – Part 2 When Sony and Nintendo turned, no one regretted them because behind the false friendship is the dark conspiracy that makes people shudder.

At this point, despite deceiving himself, Sony must clearly understand all the long-standing agreements between the two parties are just a move of Nintendo to prevent Sony from participating in the gaming console market. Even the reserve card of Philips was tricked by Nintendo, which led to the Dutch electronics company launching the CDi, but completely ignored by the gaming community. Nintendo may not care about the emotions of the partners it tramples on, but once the anger of pride is broken, it will be unpredictable. As in the Passenger Association, for example, when Lady Tieu Thuy was killed by her husband, husband and wife, Tu Tu Thuy left home. Not angry, she also invented Kim O Dao Phap absolute counteract her Snow Son sect. Kim O is the sun, the sun shines brightly when encountering snow (paint). Poking into the opponent’s pride or pride causes very serious consequences, not playing.

Military death revenge, any day

Ken Kutaragi may be a funny engineer but he is also a passionate person. The Sony incident was humiliated, making the engineer feel that he should do something to repay this grudge. Besides, the Nintendo Playstation / SNES PlayStation project leader also said that all the capital investment, the hard-working efforts of Sony engineers should not be dumped into such a pool. Sony should continue to enter the gaming market without the help of Nintendo. Even Ken realized that the most important thing was that the 2D graphics platform with 16-bit CPU limitations had become obsolete. Why doesn’t Sony take advantage of this opportunity to unleash the full potential of the CD by offering 32-bit enhancements with hardware specifically developed to run 3D games in real time? Sony’s management listened to Ken’s presentation, but he thought it was a waste of time and effort.

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PlayStation’s first adopted design prototype

Many meetings were held to no avail because in the heart of the elites at Sony, despite resenting Yamauchi and Nintendo, they did not have the courage to confront this giant monster. Ken Kutaragi decided to use the last move, hitting the itching of the giant corporation directors. That is the power of friendship! Wrong. That is the power that comes from hatred. He clearly stated that creating the PlayStation is n’t just about getting into the lucrative gaming market. It was also aimed at returning the throbbing ear that year Nintendo had slapped Sony in the face at CES. Finally, the pride of the bosses has won. After all, they are a method of shouting out fire in the consumer electronics industry, Nintendo can be strong but spending money to play does not know who is really dead to whom. So when the time is right, why not make a big deal for the arrogant crowd at Nintendo to know, if it fails, it will become a success.

With the tireless efforts of Ken Kutaragi and his men and women in 1994, the year of the PlayStation did not appear. Sony has calculated the time is too toxic, that year SNES is entering a recession in the last years of life and the appearance of the PlayStation completely overthrows the awareness of gamers. No longer flat screens with a bunch of 2D characters, now the gaming world begins to have a real “depth of space”, rather than having to use the 2D image shading method to create a feeling. The PlayStation hardware was so powerful and it also benefited from the perfect compatibility with the very hot CD format at the time. Needless to say, just like the Sky kids are now able to meet and talk to Boss’s, developers and game developers do not meet and meet, ruffled up and dedicate the game to PlayStation, making it a deck The first console sold more than 100 million units worldwide.

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N64 is pretty good, but people have to say that it’s a pity

Nintendo began to panic, start to feel scared of the guy who 10 years ago even worked as an audio chip hired for himself, humiliated and did not dare to protest. They quickly poured money into the Nintendo 64 project in the hope that it would become a counterpart to the Sony-made console. To be fair, the quality of the N64 is better than that of the PlayStation but not so much better when the quality of one side is 10, the other is about 8.5 ~ 9. But the slower launch when the PlayStation became the norm that N64 could not be considered a failure but the distance to the so-called brilliant success is a goal that can never be reached. N64 still lives well, still has its own customer base because of the reputation and exclusive titles of Nintendo and NSX titles but it is always in the lower projection as well as never escaped from the extremely terrorism of PlayStation. . By 2001, Microsoft had a similar story to the Xbox, but I’m not a fan of this company, so I won’t tell you more here.

That’s the whole story of a gaming console that never had the chance to be born, but it was so influential that it could change the fate of many companies, many people in the gaming market. . There are people who sometimes copy their mouths if at that time, Nintendo was less greedy, continued to shake hands with Sony, then today surely we will have a completely different game village. I don’t think so, Nintendo was the king of the gaming industry at the time and they had no reason to value Sony’s feelings, even though the other guy wasn’t an easy joke. It was only they who failed to preserve their throne before the challenger. Now Sony is still very strong but Microsoft is not a vegetarian either. In addition, Nintendo, after years of disorientation, has a strong return with the Switch. Now try to fight, who lives and dies, whoever defeats martial arts, who knows!