Download Maxthon 5.5.2, a secure, high-speed web browser

Maxthon Web Browser is an excellent alternative to Chrome browsers and Mozilla Firefox. This software provides a fast opening of web pages and blocking pop-ups, as well as advertising content.

Download Maxthon 5.5 trình duyệt web tốc độ cao

Maxthon uses a unique two-engine design that combines Webkit and Trident. Fast and efficient, it instantly and accurately opens any page. Better HTML5 support and a set of native features that no one else has, allowing Maxthon users to easily share files and send them to different devices and platforms.

Able to control using hotkeys. There is a built-in download manager. You can choose the optimal reading mode by adjusting the text size on the pages. One account can be synchronized with other devices, comfortably work with bookmarks, sessions, and access history across different computers and gadgets.

Maxton cloud browser received support for the interface to customize the look. A quick switch to the new tab available. Developers continue to develop the project diligently. Super Drag & Drop’s drag and drop features, the group saved tabs, smart address bar, manual selection of search engines, template autocomplete option, backup user data, and storage on the Maxthon Cloud Browser service. The latest version is compatible with WinXP and above.

Maxthon features

  • Supports Adobe Flash technology;
  • A quick search engine on the Internet;
  • Interface settings, tabs, mouse gestures;
  • Manage the address bar, URL aliases;
  • There are Maxthon versions for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone;
  • Session recovery in case of an error;
  • View multiple web pages on a split-screen;
  • Group bookmarks with their simultaneous download functionality;
  • Integrated ad blocker (AdBlock Plus filter);
  • An instant saving of page text via “Cloud Notepad”;
  • Ability to use third-party extensions, Internet Explorer plug-ins.


  • Night mode available;
  • Can take screenshots;
  • Convenient toolbar;
  • Customizable mouse gestures;
  • Native plugin support;
  • Activate additional functions;
  • Simple user interface;
  • Show tweaking page;
  • Allows you to back up important information;
  • Working with browser tools Microsoft Trident, WebKit;
  • Ability to synchronize data with any device;
  • The new version of Maxthon 5 browser is compatible with Windows 10 OS;
  • Create text notes with error correction capabilities;
  • Automatic software updates from the Chinese company Maxton website;
  • Own the cloud – cloud storage with a large amount of free space;
  • The new ad hunter also blocks malicious websites and ad content.