Learn about the new Windows 10X operating system just released by Microsoft.

Microsoft has just released the first test version of Windows 10X to developers (Windows 10X Developer Preview). This is a new version of Windows designed to work on computers with dual screens such as Surface Neo and Surface Duo. It is coming soon.

Is Windows 10X still Windows?

Microsoft vừa phát hành Windows 10X, vậy nó là gì?

Strictly, however, it is understandable that this is a customized version of Windows 10 with an interface designed for dual-screen devices. So you will not need to be surprised that all traditional Windows computer applications and the software will work on Windows 10X just like on Windows 10 Home or Professional.

Windows 10X is for dual-screen devices only.

As Microsoft said at the Surface event, Windows 10X is optimized and supports dual-screen computer devices such as Surface Neo and Surface Duo. And whether the operating system will support devices from other manufacturers or not is still pending Microsoft confirmation.

Microsoft vừa phát hành Windows 10X, vậy nó là gì?

If you don’t know, the Surface Neo is a dual-screen device with a hinge like a laptop, but another screen will replace the keyboard part. Also, it resembles two tablets connected by a hinge. If you remember the canceled device from Microsoft, Courier, it was very similar to that device.

What is the look of Windows 10X?

Because Windows 10X is a new and modern operating system, many components inherited from Windows will be removed or not activated. That means that the entire Windows Shell charset was rebuilt from scratch and replaced with new codes, without any previous legacy elements. That’s why everything from the Start menu to Task Manager has been redesigned with a simplified icon-based application and website launcher.

What will the app launch interface on Windows 10X look like?

When you launch an application, it will immediately run on one side of the device, somewhat similar to the Snap feature of Windows 10. The application will open on a screen (or one side of the device) instead of on both screens. You can drag the application window to the middle of the edge of the screen and release it to expand the application on both screens. Microsoft says this not only extends to apps on both screens, but it also optimizes the app interface because it can intelligently take advantage of both screens.

Microsoft vừa phát hành Windows 10X, vậy nó là gì?

Microsoft also said Windows recognizes the keyboard is located on one side of the screen and displays Wunderbar, a high-speed version of the touch bar like Apple’s MacBook, offering buttons, a touchpad, etc. large portion of the screen. You can play the video. According to Microsoft, this is something Neo can do, but it is likely that this is part of Windows 10X and is one of the many new interface tricks added to these devices.

Windows 10X and dual-screen devices are still a long way from being launched. Microsoft announced Windows 10X a year before the release of Surface Neo, so developers will try and optimize their apps for new software.

Source: GenK