Experts evaluate one thing, viewers, vote a place often happens in the game industry, and even movies and movies about the game are even more profound.

Sonic The Hedgehog will hit theaters this Valentine’s Day. The film received many expectations that it would exceed the average limit or lower than movie-based movies always suffer. Before Sonic was officially released, some of the movie-based games worth watching for gamers were criticized by experts after we did not continue reviewing.

Need for Speed (2014) – Criticism: 39 / Audience: 65

When Fast and Furious, a film series specializing in fast racing cars and fiery street racing screens (or at least before), is on the rise, it’s just an opportunity for a movie. Such as Need for Speed can catch the trend, but it is also a challenge to gain a foothold in the market. When it was officially released, like many other movie-based movies, Need for Speed was also criticized by critics even worse because of the absurd scenario and character without depth.

Những bộ phim ăn theo game không được lòng giới phê bình nhưng game thủ vẫn ủng hộ – P.Cuối

But in the eyes of the audience, the film still achieved many plus points and temporary views. Need for Speed owns beautiful action racing scenes without relying on 3D techniques and muscular racing cars, so that is probably enough for many people to watch. Speed is also a revenue success, enough for EA to conduct part 2 in China.

Warcraft (2016) – Criticism: 32 / Audience: 82

Planned to be released in 2006, Warcraft spent ten years designing and producing before it officially hit theaters in 2016. Expected to be the next Lord of the Rings screen, the film received many episodes. I hope to get rid of bad movies.

Những bộ phim ăn theo game không được lòng giới phê bình nhưng game thủ vẫn ủng hộ – P.Cuối

Unfortunately, Warcraft continues to be criticized by critics. Despite becoming the highest-grossing movie game, Warcraft inevitably lost up to $ 30 million, making Part 2 less chance to see the light. However, viewers, especially gamers, appreciate the movie quite well. Warcraft has impressive 3D techniques, great orcs, and epic battles. In terms of entertainment, it can ultimately assert that Warcraft is not a bad option at all. And the gap of up to 50 points is very worth considering.

Tomb Raider (2018) – Criticism: 48 / Audience: 63

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, the previous movie of Angelina Jolie, has many mixed opinions but is an action-adventure that is not so bad, and the second part is wrong. But the latest Tomb Raider is the best.

Những bộ phim ăn theo game không được lòng giới phê bình nhưng game thủ vẫn ủng hộ – P.Cuối

Critics have criticized the criticism, but generally more positive than the previous game-based products. Most agree that this is a good entertainment film with authenticity, thorny and the action scenes have eyes. If you are a fan of the Tomb Raider series, you absolutely can enjoy Lara’s new adventure on the big screen. Part 2 is currently scheduled to premiere in 2021.

Rampage (2018) – Criticism: 45 / Audience: 57

The Rampage series has been very successful on arcade machines since the 80s. When Warner Bros bought Midway Games’ cult gaming franchises in 2009, it seemed that the Rampage series would continue to be developed like Mortal Kombat, the World Bank. I decided to turn Rampage into a brand of movies. A somewhat strange decision brings specific results when Rampage has a great deal of revenue.

Những bộ phim ăn theo game không được lòng giới phê bình nhưng game thủ vẫn ủng hộ – P.Cuối

Though, critics did not appreciate it and viewed the film more positively than the follow-up movies back then. With spectacular and impressive techniques, Rampage is an excellent entertainment movie, worth watching for viewers to enjoy whether or not they have played the game or not. Although the difference is not too high, Rampage’s revenue shows another difference in reality.

The Angry Birds Movie (2016) – Critic: 43 / Audience: 63

Angry Birds used to be a phenomenon in the mobile gaming industry. The brand’s popularity is compelling enough for Hollywood filmmakers to try to make movies based on its reputation. The Angry Birds Movie is not a Pixar-level animated film. Even its quality is average, according to critics.

Những bộ phim ăn theo game không được lòng giới phê bình nhưng game thủ vẫn ủng hộ – P.Cuối

But for the audience, especially the children, a light family entertainment movie full of laughter is enough for everyone to enjoy The Angry Birds Movie, anyway. Target filmmakers towards this film. Also, please do not ignore The Angry Birds Movie 2 when it is not only rated better in all aspects, but it is also the highest-rated game-based movie on Rotten Tomatoes with 73%.

Pokemon: Detective Pikachu (2019) – Criticism: 53 / Audience: 75

In 1993, the first game-based movie Super Mario Bros was released and became a screen disaster. Not only was the film badly criticized by both critics and viewers, but the film also suffered heavy losses in its revenue. It can be said that Super Mario Bros was a total failure to bring Mario, a game character and a popular cultural phenomenon at that time, to Nintendo movies.

Những bộ phim ăn theo game không được lòng giới phê bình nhưng game thủ vẫn ủng hộ – P.Cuối

After more than 25 years, ignoring the past’s failures, Nintendo and Hollywood continue to bring Pokemon – another cultural phenomenon on the screen. And Detective Pikachu can be considered the first movie-based movie to officially break the bad movie curse when rated positively by viewers. However, critics still have mixed opinions; it also opens. A new era of game-based movies. That success is in no small part thanks to the love and effort to blow the souls of Pokemon, which were childhoods of so many people, showing that once Hollywood filmmakers understand and appreciate the value of the title For games, a quality game-based product is entirely possible. Detective Pikachu is a movie worth watching for Pokemon fans and wants to relive their childhood.