After the multi-section of Doom 2016 failed, Software determined to rise above itself in Doom Eternal by letting gamers transform into Doom Slayer.

With Doom 2016, Software succeeded in creating a new version of Doom Slayer, turning him into the devil’s horror in the single player. Thanks to this section’s excellence, gamers want a new Doom version, and it’s no wonder when Doom Eternal was announced, expected to launch on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and Stadia on the day 11/22 this year. Meanwhile, not many gamers know the multiplayer of Doom 2016 because it is nothing outstanding compared to other FPS titles on the market. It can be said that Doom 2016 stands firm with only one leg, andSoftware is determined to change this in the Doom Eternal version.

Teaser for Doom Eternal’s Battle Mode.

How? You already know that Doom Eternal will throw away the A-team multiplayer gameplay against Doom’s familiar B team and choose new gameplay in an asymmetric direction: one player plays the Doom Slayer against two opponents in the devil role. This game mode is called Battle Mode, utterly different from the old Doom games’ multiplay section and software believes it will be as popular as the single-player.

To explain why the multiplayer part of Doom 2016 didn’t appeal to gamers, Software’s creative director Hugo Martin said it was because it didn’t make gamers feel like Doom Slayer. It is so different from the extreme action that gamers have in a single part and completely unrelated. “For gamers coming to Doom 2016, the multiplayer section seems to be auxiliary. Meanwhile, everything in Doom Eternal is what they need. ”

id Software thề chinh phục game thủ bằng phần chơi mạng của Doom Eternal

“With Doom 2016, we knew that software had to take the lead and not follow the game design segment. I think we took the lead in the solo game but had to follow in the multiplayer section, ” Mr. Martin said. “Fans and critics point this out. It’s a fun mode, but not really new. ”

The data software collected from Doom 2016 proves this. Gamers play the singleplayer over and over again because they like the strong feeling it brings. Meanwhile, the multiplayer part is often overlooked, and finding a match in the game is quite difficult. Therefore, Software wants to create a new multiplayer section that is both different, attractive, and unique from Doom. Both the multiplayer and single-player of Doom Eternal will have to complement each other and support each other closely.

id Software thề chinh phục game thủ bằng phần chơi mạng của Doom Eternal

To do this, Software looks back at Doom and realizes that the feature they want to have is the “dances” that Doom Slayer and the demons perform. You will always go to a new area, engage in crazy battles with monsters for a few minutes, solve a few small puzzles, and continue to a new place to kill new targets. This will be applied to the creation of multiplayer for Doom Eternal.

“We took the DNA of the” Doom dance “- the loop of the Doom Slayer confronted a lot of demons – and turned it into a communal, antagonistic experience. When we put a Doom Slayer on the battlefield and let gamers control many demons, it felt great. We would rather give gamers a more complete and engaging game mode than something gigantic with millions of game modes – what we did in Doom 2016, ” Martin said. “I think it will bring the same level of satisfaction as a single player. We play this mode all the time, and it’s really, really, really cool. ”

id Software thề chinh phục game thủ bằng phần chơi mạng của Doom Eternal

Id Software‘s goal is not to create a game mode that requires only the ability to reflect and aim of the gamers and the tactics and ability to coordinate the team. Of course, you won’t need to be in the role of Doom Slayer because you’re alone. Still, if you’re on the evil side, this will be an essential factor to win – you know that the demons are weak in Doom, especially when Doom Slayer in multiplayer is equipped to the teeth two monsters only have things built in.

With Battle Mode, Software believes that they created an intense mode and made you think while playing. Aggressive rushing into each other like crazy buffaloes is no longer the only solution. Still, gamers can stop, look around, and find the optimal solution to ambush, attack, or flee from enemies. This allows gamers to improve their other skills – you’ll always feel you can do something better to avoid the moderate death experienced, and immediately bring that up. go to the app in the next round. “It’s one thing that shows you are playing a game of depth. We are excited to wait for the gamers to try it out. ”

id Software thề chinh phục game thủ bằng phần chơi mạng của Doom Eternal

I was waiting for the day to re-wear the Doom Slayer helmet.