It can be seen that Devil’s Hunt is very similar to Devil May Cry with the same crazy slashing action, but it seems to be much darker.

Talking about unique games, Devil May Cry is the hardest thing to copy, mainly because of its crazy action gameplay. However, if you want to search for something similar, you can try Devil’s Hunt – a new game launched with a storyline and high-speed slash style.

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Devil’s Hunt’s story is about Desmond – the son of a wealthy businessman. Still, his life is not as smooth as everyone when many unfortunate events have made Desmond turn a new turning point made the human part gradually disappear. Desmond has made a contract with the devil to gain power. In return, he will have to act as an executioner of demons in hell. Desmod’s journey in Devil’s Hunt is a balance between the human and the demonic existence. He will have to decide for himself which side he is on as well as his destiny.

It can be seen from the Devil’s Hunt story that there are many similarities with Devil May Cry, also a character with both demons and humans, and the enemy is the monster in hell. Devil’s Hunt did not hide his ability to become a copy of DMC. Unlike Dante, who was always crazy and worked despite the consequences, Desmond was somewhat cold and calm. In the anti-hero style, he dislikes life.

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Devil’s Hunt gameplay follows a third-person action style, with Desmod killing monsters in hell. Instead of using many weapons like Dante, Desmond only uses mostly bare hands, but he can switch between 3 different attacks to change his fighting style. We can see it is quite similar to the Style change in Devil May Cry. It helps players to extend combos as well as customize the move when meeting different opponents.

However, Devil’s Hunt has not been equal to Devil May Cry because Desmond’s attack speed is not as fast as Dante’s, nor can he jump or perform combos from the ground to the air. Instead, Desmod can glide a short distance to dodge, as well as a counter-attack mechanism if he can reflect right before the enemy touches him. This is important because, in Devil’s Hunt, the demons often appear from many directions and then hit Desmond, plus he cannot jump, so the only way is to smash them into the ground or counterattack to destroy the flood.

Game hay mới ra mắt: Devil’s Hunt – Dante phiên bản tăm tối

Each attack in Devil’s Hunt has different damage, speed, and range, and after upgrading many skills, they will turn into the corresponding weapons, such as swords, swords, or shoot out remote fire wave. Moreover, in the course of fighting Desmod will accumulate fury and turn into a true demon. In this form, his appearance changes special as well as maximizing the attack speed. Devil’s Hunt’s combos number is mainly based on connecting multiple attack sequences and switching between attacks. It requires the player to have quick action plus timing to counter attacks. The game’s bosses are almost all giants, so Desmond will have to surf right below them to both dodge and counterattack always.

Devil’s Hunt setting is mostly hell, with dark games, plus Desmod’s face always looking like it’s about to destroy the whole world, so we’ll see a hunter. 100% serious demons, not just as Dante. Devil’s Hunt’s image is highly appreciated with the appearance of demons and hellish scenes, significantly when Desmod transforms. He looks like a real demon without any humanity.

Game hay mới ra mắt: Devil’s Hunt – Dante phiên bản tăm tối

Overall, Devil’s Hunt will be a very potential game for those who love the action genre. The game will continue to have a more thorough review of it soon.