When Sony and Nintendo turned, no one regretted them because behind the false friendship is the dark conspiracy that makes people shudder.

Talking about the Wanderer’s context painted by the pen of the writer Co Long, the united sword fans will not forget the memorable guests like Luc Tieu Phung, So Luu Huong, or Ly Tam Hoan…

They all are a hero with incredible martial arts with superintelligence, the peak of the great name on the Gypsy that everyone who hears the word must respect. However, if you step back a bit to discuss pure swordsmanship, perhaps only two pairs of Xmen Xuy Tuyet – Diep Co Thanh with Yen Thap Tam – Ta Hieu Phong will be able to log in the retreat or say. Human language is to leave unforgettable deep emotions in the hearts of readers. In those two couples, the match between Ximen Xuy Xuye and Diep Cô Thành on the top of Forbidden again made people both love and hate. Loving the ancient competition, he hated the will of Diep Co Thanh, when he had a heart for death and not for victory, making the battle with Ximen Xuy Tuyet meaningless.

Nothing is true. Everything is permitted

The future competition between Nintendo and Sony in consoles is only related to MONEY and EACH, not as much love and hatred as Ximen Xuy Tuyet – Diep Co Thanh, but in fact, it is also ancient. No less than a sword battle in an old essay by Ancient Fairy. Back to the case, the two gay friends agreed to contribute to the launch of a new console system. Upon hearing the news about the news, the artists who loved gaming and doujinshi were quick to sketch out imaginary drawings of the CD system Sony made for Nintendo to look like and post them on. Full of magazine pages about games and technology. Their specifications are impressive, enough to take the 16-bit gaming platform to a new level, surpassing Sega Genesis, Nintendo’s direct competitor.

Nintendo Playstation truyền kỳ - P.2

The console war is very fierce, but the prequel is more intense.

But life is never ideal as a folk song on the Danube. Just like Diep Co Thanh and Ximen Xuy Tuyet did not meet each other’s eyes because they were masters of swords, Sony and Nintendo had never really considered the enemy as a close friend. Right from the early days, the partnership between Sony and Nintendo has shown signs of unhealthy rice and sweet soup. Unlike the SPC-700 case, when Nintendo was the owner, and Sony was the mechanic, they have the right to shout when the payers are not satisfied. Now that they are partners and need each other’s knowledge, everything is on a different level. On one side is Hiroshi Yamauchi, the president of Nintendo, a man who doesn’t care about games other than turning them into money-printing machines. The guy who brought Nintendo from a small toy manufacturer to a guy. giant to the whole world to be feared.

The rest of the seesaw is not a medium as Ken Kutaragi is not easy to tease. In addition to Sony, the force behind Ken may be an outsider in the gaming industry. However, summing up the Japanese market’s strength and the world, they are still monsters with brands that everyone knew that decade like Walkman, Trinitron, or Betamax. And the cooperation of the two sides, only the devil believes true, it is clear that Nintendo wants to profit from the experience of working with the CD from Sony, simply because they are the creators of this form. At the same time, Sony cherished the idea of wanting to take advantage of the convenience of borrowing Nintendo’s hands to enter the lucrative gaming market after previous failed attempts. From a different position than when he was a master, to dark business ideas, while still legal, but determined that this loose coalition could never help each other again.

Without being considerate, space is a thief.

Under the partnership agreement, Sony will help Nintendo create an add-on reader to fit into the SNES’s bottom, in the same way the SEGA made the SEGA CD attach to the Sega Genesis console. The unified CD (Compact Disc) format will become a new medium for NSXs to create their games and store them. Like Nintendo released SNES, Sony made the device an attachment for reading CDs, and third-party NSXs considered them to make games. In this agreement, Sony benefited from royalties whenever game developers used the CD format for release. As a strategic partner of Nintendo, Sony is also prohibited from creating any single console device. This is the move of Nintendo after witnessing JVC both cooperated with SEGA and secretly created Wondermega. This device has gathered both Sega Genesis and SEGA CD into one. People no longer have to buy “local” read separate CD just for tired anymore.

Nintendo Playstation truyền kỳ - P.1

Vo Lam scramble: Nintendo Playstation – P.1 Sony and Nintendo, two longtime enemies, actually once had a crush on him.

Sony was not delighted with the over-hyped partner, so it vetoed and still created some prototypes of something that more than 30 years later was “excavated” by the people SNES PlayStation or Nintendo Playstation. One of them is a collector of Mr. Olaf Olafsson – who contributed to the establishment and was the first chairman of Sony Computer Entertainment in 1991. This version has just been sold for up to 360,000 USD, and The winner of the auction is Greg McLemore, the owner of the famous Pets.com domain name. According to information on the sidelines, to pick up this rare Nintendo Playstation model in its collection, McLemore had to compete fiercely with Palmer Luckey, a very famous engineer. The latter created the Oculus Rift gaming device with Brendan Iribe, Michael Antonov, and Nate Mitchell.

Back to the point, many gamers that day might argue that Nintendo is a company with a friendly appearance, with fun games suitable for children around the world. But if you consider the business, Nintendo still reflects the real face of evil capitalism when it appears to be a greedy corporation, ready to do everything for the sake of money. Suppose you have to ask who is the “hot” Nintendo after Sony. In that case, it is the game developers because royalties are repeatedly exorbitant in exchange for a ticket guaranteed to be exclusive to NES or SNES. . Remember that from the 80s to the mid-90s, the era of NES and SNES, an only guarantee ticket would help the game with stable sales. Despite being heavily consumed by Nintendo, it’s a safe path for low-profile developers.

Nintendo Playstation truyền kỳ - P.2

Hiroshi Yamauchi is a businessman, not a philanthropist.

For those of you who are like that, try asking Sony’s idea of making a drive for SNES in exchange for a chance to enter the market. Kim Dung once wrote about a fascinating character that makes every man desire life as he did. That’s right. It is Vi Tieu Bao, a poor shepherd in Yangzhou, uneducated, unattended, ugly officials, cunning face, lewdness. There is not one bad habit of the villagers that one cannot find in the Viêt people, but alas, everyone wants to be like him. Vi family is the emperor’s charism to Khang Hy and was conferred the title of Loc Dinh Cong when the enemy’s ultimate fame and wealth had seven wives with the sky’s beauty. Charisma was like that, but surreptitiously fighting with the emperor was like playing with fire. In the end, the Earl of the family had to leave and run for people, only to be recognized as such. So at what age was Sony asking Nintendo to help enter the market and then split the pie?