Removing some of the features of the previous generation has made Nintendo Switch Lite an extremely affordable price. Besides, this is also a handheld gaming device that gamers desire.

Nintendo succeeded with the first Switch. So far, the system is still making a lot of money for the company. However, Nintendo did not hesitate to introduce an unplugged version called Switch Lite at a much cheaper price than the previous generation. For a more affordable price, fans will own a device that fits in a pocket but can still play big games like Skyrim, Doom, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild or even The Witcher 3.

However, fans will be forced to trade a few attractive features on the first-generation Switch to get a cheaper price. I think for some gamers this is perfectly acceptable. And considering all the factors that Nintendo Switch Lite has, this device is extremely worth the money.

Nintendo Switch Lite – Sản phẩm “cứu vớt” những người yêu thích máy chơi game cầm tay

Price is more reasonable

The first thing that makes gamers pay attention to a gaming machine is definitely the price. Compared to the Nintendo Switch, the Lite version is much more affordable. Looking at its predecessor, even though it has been released for nearly 3 years, Nintendo still doesn’t bother to discount. Perhaps the reason because this system is still very “good to make”.

Remember that the Lite version is $ 100 cheaper than the previous version. Even if Switch Lite is selling well because it is too cheap, Nintendo will be forced to lower the price of the first generation Switch to accelerate the entire inventory. At that time, the beneficiaries were still gamers.

Various colors

With Nintendo products, I absolutely love the way they color their devices. The previous version of Switch did not have many colors to choose (you need to change the color of the gamers to use their own production cases) but the development company has mixed the basic colors together in a very reasonable and eye-catching way. .

As for Switch Lite, Nintendo turned to a more colorful release for users to choose. Although there were only three colors available at launch, Gold, Turquoise and Gray, looking back at the 3DS era when Nintendo shipped a large number of ravishing limited editions, I believe it will do the same thing. Nintendo Switch Lite.

Nintendo Switch Lite – Sản phẩm “cứu vớt” những người yêu thích máy chơi game cầm tay

A classic and traditional design

Switch is a product that is extremely breakthrough when combining handheld devices and home game consoles. With two detachable Joy-Con units, Nintendo is free to create unique gaming experiences. For example, the Nintendo Labo product is very popular with fans.

However, the company decided to return to a more traditional and classic design on the Switch Lite. Sometimes creativity ahead of time is not what gamers need. Maybe they need a more traditional product, easier game experience without having to spend time learning new functions.

More mobility than Switch

The biggest tragedy of those who love playing games on the street is that the PS Vita is dead, while the Nintendo Switch does not fit into the pocket. The 3-gauge measurement of the Switch is quite large, so users are required to carry it in a diagonal bag or backpack. However, not everyone likes to wear a bag or briefcase when going out. There are people who really like minimalism, they want to bring things that fit into the pocket of a jeans and the whole body is completely free.

Nintendo Switch Lite can fit neatly in users’ pockets. Of course, jeans will come in a variety of styles, but even if you put the Switch Lite in a shallow pocket, it still doesn’t feel entangled. As for women who prefer to wear skirts, the decision to bring a bag is reasonable to hold Switch Lite.

I came up with this idea, why didn’t Nintendo engage in fashion, designing pants that could hold all their handhelds on the road?

Nintendo Switch Lite – Sản phẩm “cứu vớt” những người yêu thích máy chơi game cầm tay

Better battery life

Compared to the original version, Switch Lite is considered to have much better battery life. This is understandable when Nintendo omitted quite a lot of features on the Lite version. Switch Lite’s screen is 5.5 inches (smaller than the Switch is 6.2 inches) will certainly save more power than the previous version. Not to mention that the display on the Lite version will definitely be sharper due to the same resolution, but the Lite screen is smaller so the pixel density will be more.

On average, Switch Lite can play games for about 2.5 to more than 6 hours, depending on the weight of the game graphics the user experience.

Switch Lite’s durability is higher

Switch though great, but after a period of use, this device gives users a sense of insecurity about durability. The cause comes from the 2 Joy-con bars are not very stable. Especially when Joy-Con’s blocking part is broken, it will constantly slip out of the Switch while the user is playing the game. This is extremely annoying. Another reason is that the Nintendo Switch’s weight is quite heavy, but the two Joy-Con bars are relatively light so users always feel like they have to be very gentle with the Switch if they don’t want to spend money on repairs.

With the Lite version of Switch Lite, the body is a unified and seamless block, so it feels more firmly held. Besides, the design of the Lite version is also delicate and greatly reduced in detail compared to its predecessor. Users are forced to trade off the fun of 2 Joy-Con bars in exchange for saving $ 100 and peace of mind about the durability of the Lite version. I think it is worth it.

Nintendo Switch Lite – Sản phẩm “cứu vớt” những người yêu thích máy chơi game cầm tay


I think many fans will probably be a little confused with the name Switch Lite, because this machine is not really “switch” as its predecessor. This is a handheld gaming device with the most traditional and basic features. I think the name Switch here is meant to convert from 3DS. This device is a perfect device for gamers to replace the old Nintendo 3DS.

The special thing about Nintendo Switch Lite is that it appeared at a time when everyone seemed to think the handheld gaming device was over. The superior quality of the console or the dominance of mobile games has made it no longer exciting for companies to invest in handhelds. When Sony decided to kill PS Vita and announced it would no longer be a handheld device, it made many fans regret. And Nintendo came out with Switch Lite as a bold statement that “Handheld gaming can’t die”. Because I have taken over this market .

Interesting things about Nintendo that gamers misunderstood – P.1 I believe there will be many interesting things about Nintendo products that gamers have misunderstood or not known so far.

Despite having to sacrifice many features, but with a more reasonable price, a more comfortable grip, a better battery, the Switch Lite will still be strong enough to continue the success of its predecessor. I think spending a little less but still experiencing Nintendo games is too much money, except for those games that really need Joy-Con. But not everyone is excited and there is enough space to play games with Joy-Con.