Things to know before you buy, strengths and weaknesses of Nintendo Switch Lite, the latest shortened version of Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has just released the latest version of its beloved console, called Nintendo Switch Lite. As the name implies, this is a shortened version of the Nintendo Switch with the omission of features to reduce costs and reach more consumers. But what exactly is Nintendo Switch Lite released for?

Nintendo Swtich Lite - Những điều cần biết trước khi mua


If you put them both on the scale to compare, the two systems’ most significant difference is that they are about … 100 Trump difference and lose some of the Switch’s usual features. For that reason, most fans have been screaming that this is a “Switch but not a Switch” for months. Cost-cutting will lead to reductions on the Lite, designed to cater to those who want to experience great Nintendo games without much attention to the other function. This can be frustrating for those who have owned the Switch before, but those who do not own a console will have more choices for themselves in the opposite direction.

Nintendo Swtich Lite - Những điều cần biết trước khi mua

However, the loss of many great features and the price reduction is not significant will be a considerable barrier to this Lite system. Try to save about 2 million more Vietnamese dong. You can own and fully experience everything from Switch. Better yet, Nintendo should think about a little bit more, dropping into the $ 150 range compared to the regular version, which is way too beautiful.

Warehouse Game

This is the second concern gamers have about this new device just after the price. Users are worried about whether the price drops, the number of games that can be played on Nintendo Switch Lite is limited. And the answer from Nintendo reassures every gamer: Switch Lite can ultimately fight almost every type of game available on the Store like a standard Switch. There will be no downgrade, no bug, or anything affecting the user experience than the regular version. This is not difficult for Nintendo when they have a lot of experience in shortening the console with constant game quality. They have done so with 2Ds, shortened versions of 3Ds for those who love the game experience but are not too concerned about other advanced features.

Nintendo Swtich Lite - Những điều cần biết trước khi mua

However, there are some games that Switch Lite cannot play. Those are the following:

  • 1-2 Switch
  • Fitness Boxing
  • Just Dance
  • Labo VR
  • Nintendo Labo
  • Super Mario Party

But the reason is below.

Connection and control

Those familiar with using two detachable controllers of the regular version of the Switch will probably be shocked at the switch Lite will no longer play this type anymore. The handle will now be fixed on the body of the device and cannot be removed again. That is why some games cannot be played like the above names and the games that require a separate handle. Of course, fanboys can buy additional handles to connect it like the regular version for $ 80, $ 20 cheaper than buying a complete version. In general, playing games on this Lite device is not troublesome, except for not playing some games that do not support fixed handles.

Nintendo Swtich Lite - Những điều cần biết trước khi mua

It comes with a fixed design of Lite is the connection with other devices is also quite limited. The original design of the Nintendo Switch was aimed at entertaining both the individual and the family, both of whom could enjoy their favorite game. But with the design of Nintendo Switch Lite, Nintendo wants to aim for a more personal experience. Buying Switch Lite is just like purchasing a PSP for entertainment.


Both versions are similar in thickness in terms of consistency, with the Switch Lite’s design being a bit more compact than the Switch. A small plus point is that the battery of Lite will be more buffalo, increase usage time, and have three other color versions charming to choose from. Also, when compared to the scale, the Switch Lite certainly can not resist the Switch.

Các hệ console hiện tại đã sống… quá lâu. Vì sao?

Current consoles have lived for too long. Why? Both Sony and Microsoft know that a long-lived console will not benefit their sales but have yet to release the next generation. Why?

So who will buy these products? Will Switch Lite be the future of Nintendo? That answer ultimately depends on the gamer and their demand. If they have never owned a Switch before, I strongly encourage buying the regular version to fully experience this console’s features. And if you are a “thirsty villain” of Nintendo, a monster with a hobby “miserable” broke all games on platforms or too much money, follow your heart. If the above problems do not affect you much, save more than 2 million, Switch Lite is a bright choice.

Nintendo Switch Lite will be officially released on September 20, priced at $ 199.