Nioh is a Japanese-style Action RPG, so the game’s weapons are the “national souls of the nation” of the rising island nation.

Nioh has some “technical” terms, the game will explain quickly before starting:

– Break: Is the index “break the block” in the game, said that the higher the number of Break, the easier it is for the opponent to fall into a state of empty Ky to unleash a blow to finish a lot of damage.

– Ky: It can be called “Qi”, merely the physical strength bar in the game, dominating all character activities. When Ky is out, the character will be “frozen” for a few seconds to recover. During that time, if it will receive a lot more damage.

Because it is a game based on Japanese martial arts, the attacks in Nioh are divided into three different positions (similar to standing up), each one will affect the way of fighting depending on the weapon:

– High Stance:

Nioh: Giới thiệu các loại vũ khí trong game

Putting the weapon up, the character will hold the weapon high over the head and use downward attacks. Damage and attack range is maximized, offsetting sharp reduction speed and costing a lot of Ky. The upper hand is used when facing small opponents with short-range to push the opponent inaccessible. Ax, the Great Saber, is the strongest weapon when combined with the High-rank.

– Medium Voltage (Mid Stance):

Nioh: Giới thiệu các loại vũ khí trong game

As the medium attack, the character holds the weapons at hand, the attack and attack range are all average. The medium is the simplest and easiest to play in Nioh, suitable for both attack and defense. The downside is that the Medium Voltage has no mutations and is quite boring. Spear and katana are the best weapons that can take advantage of Middle-earth.

– Low voltage (Low Stance) in Nioh game :

Nioh: Giới thiệu các loại vũ khí trong game

Also known as low stance, the character will lower the weapon to the ground and narrow the range of attacks, thereby making the attack to be launched as quickly and as little Ky as possible. The attack speed in Low Low is twice as fast as that in the Wind. In return, the damage is greatly reduced. Low stance is often used when facing large opponents slowly but strong attacks to help avoid the easiest. Two swords, Raid Liem, are two weapons suitable for Low-Earth.

Katana (Japanese Sword) in Nioh game

The typical sword of all Japanese-style games, in Nioh, with the scene taking place in the 1600s, Katana appears very dense in the game, from the Samurai to the Yokai, Oni, and Boss all. One into Katana with a back.

Katana is the most balanced weapon in Nioh, with average attack speed, decent damage, and not lousy range. It is the most suitable weapon for those who just started playing Nioh. But in return, Katana has no special moves, nor is it capable of hitting many broad targets like Revelation or Odachi. Katana’s most accurate description is “everything is good, but nothing stands out”, usually if you are familiar with the player, you will prefer to use Spear over Katana because although the damage is similar, the spear hits farther and easier to defeat the boss.

Katana can fight well in the three upper, middle, and lower stances. Usually, people will use it most often. The Chinese can maximize Katana’s strength when both speed and damage are quite good, so Katana’s lower class is not as advantageous as the Twin Blades in terms of the number of attacks. And the upper position is far behind the Spear or Odachi at a long distance. Overall, Katana is a “light” weapon in moderation, suitable for those who are new to Nioh but not for long-term gamers.

Ax in Nioh game

The ax is the “heavy” weapon with the most serious damage and the highest Break in the game. In return, the Ax has a slow speed and range of the lowest compared to other weapons. Ax’s type of attack is mainly from top to bottom or straight, so it must be close to the opponent to achieve the maximum effect. This can be considered a “big dose” because if you do not calculate the appropriate beat rhythm, getting beaten face while swinging Ax will happen as a rice meal.

Nioh: Giới thiệu các loại vũ khí trong game

The ax is strong, but it is the most difficult weapon in Nioh because it is too slow. The level of Ky costs is also the highest, so it is not suitable for those who just started playing Nioh. When used in the upper position, the strongest ax is that it will swing from top to bottom in two consecutive attacks, extremely beneficial when needed Break Ky of the opponent. Ax’s lower posture is quite useless because of its short-range and modest damage. In return, it can be used when meeting fast opponents. The ax is generally a powerful but dangerous weapon for the user, less popular in Nioh, especially after Odachi appeared.

Church in Nioh game

The spear was always the main weapon of Japanese soldiers because it was easy to use. In wartime, when many warriors were needed immediately, the lords would gather barefoot peasants and armed them with a single pin. Simple spear. Over time, these people evolved into a regular army known as the Ashigaru. The Ashigaru are usually more fully equipped with a spear, Katana, and bow and arrow.

In Nioh, the Spear is a “light” weapon with the longest range and moderate damage and speed, so it can be used almost in everything from fighting normal monsters to fighting bosses. The most dangerous spear when using the thrust (Triangle button) to make the most of the attack range. The spear type is straightforward when taking advantage of long-range to hit a few attacks and then back out. Still, there are no beautiful combos like Song sword or Revelation.

Nioh: Giới thiệu các loại vũ khí trong game

The spear’s weakness is that it cannot be fought in a narrow range because it is too long. The spear is only good at the beginning and middle of the game when there is not much powerful equipment. By the end of the game, Shem Liem, Double Sword, or Odachi will outperform the Spear in terms of damage and speed. Of course, the Church is still suitable for those who want to fight with certainty or have just started approaching Nioh.

Dual Swords

If Katana is the Samurai’s symbolic weapon, then the Twin Sword is what makes beauty in combat thanks to its speed and faintness. Unlike the Katana, the twin swords have a smaller shape and always follow a short one long pair. Because of their modest size, the dual swords are rarely used for stabbing but mainly take advantage of continuously slashing speed.

In Nioh, the dual sword is a lightweight weapon and the fastest. Many people believe that the dual sword is the most dangerous weapon in the game because of its flexibility and extremely low Ky when used. The dual sword’s speed is unrivaled, no matter how used it is. In return, its damage is the most modest on the list. The dual’s attack range is also concise and is not useful to clean the crowd. This is a weapon that takes the number of quality compensated attacks. It is strong from the beginning to the end of the game and is suitable for all players, both old and new.

The Twin Swords are the strongest when used in the Lower World to exert their terrifying speed. On average, the Twin Swords can hit twice as many hits as the other weapons. In a perfect combo, the damage of the Double Swords is the most outstanding. However, this is the weapon with the lowest Break Ky, and it is not good to meet bosses with long-range. Dual Blades is a powerful weapon in the top tier at the end of the game because the additional effects will be most beneficial if you can hit multiple attacks, so Dual Sword is the ideal weapon for those who prefer to attack.

Kusarigama (Integrity) in Nioh game

This is an exclusive Japanese weapon that appears in Nioh. It is made up of a small scythe like a sickle of the rice harvest, connected with an iron weight through a long chain. The way to use it is to throw the iron weight first to hurt the opponent, then use the chain to wrap him tightly and use the scythe to finish. Wandering warriors or ninjas favor integrity because of its lightness and unpredictability in combat.

In Nioh, Rendering is classified as a “light” weapon because of its high speed and relatively little Ky to use. Radiance is slightly weaker than Katana and Spear, but its attack range is longer than Katana but still shorter than Spear. Shroud is a unique weapon because it can only be used as far as a hook can go as close as a scythe, so at the end of the game, when there are damage-boosting items, Li can say is the most convenient weapon for players.

If left in the upper position, radiance will have an extensive range of fighting styles of rotating the iron scale mounted on the chain. In the Lower posture, the Rapid Attack only loses to the Twin Blades, but the damage is superior. A plus point is that at any rate, Revelation is also capable of hitting vast spread around the character, so it is the ideal weapon for training or “plowing” things fast. Radiance is probably a pretty perfect weapon in Nioh, but only really useful from the middle of the game onwards when there is relatively strong equipment.

Odachi (Great Blade)

Odachi is a new weapon added to Nioh in DLC Dragon of the North. This is a giant sword used by wartime Samurai on horseback or the ground. An Odachi usually has a length of 2 to 3 meters and is extremely heavy. Odachi is also known as “Decapitating Saber” because its length and weight can cut down even when the oncoming cavalry is used. In the hands of Samura with good health.

In Nioh, Odachi is a weapon that can be classified as “heavy” next to Ax, Odachi’s damage is only slightly inferior to Ax, but its range is much better, exactly Odachi’s content is not deficient. The spear when it can horizontally cover the entire space in front of you. In return, Odachi is very heavy and takes a lot of time to slash, and the amount of Ky lost is equivalent to Ax. In terms of Breakpoints, Odachi still lags behind Ax by 15% and ranks 2nd in the list.

In the game, Odachi is easier to use than Ax because the damage is not inferior but has a far safer range. It is suitable for clearing small monsters like Dweller or Skeleton Warrior, but it is not very useful in meeting the Oni because slow speed makes it difficult for players to manage at close range. Odachi is not suitable for fighting Boss because its speed is too slow even when in the Lower World, as well as Odachi needs a long acquaintance before mastering.

Above are all the melee weapons in Nioh. Game hopes after reading this article, you will have a better overview of the style and gameplay of the game and more information to Choose a weapon that best suits you.