Nioh is a game taken from Japanese legends, so all the monsters have a unique character that is both difficult and seductive.

With a game with many mythological elements such as Nioh, if you focus on plowing real hoes and fighting Boss, it will be a bit boring. What makes Nioh different from other action games on the market is its follow-up to historical events, as well as the demons in Japanese mythology. Indeed, you will sometimes not know all the bosses. Just onions originated from in the course of playing. Let the Game help offline.

Nioh: Introducing the weapons in the game Nioh is an Action RPG game with Japanese style, so the game’s weapons are the “national soul of the nation” of Sunrise’s island nation.


Called “Devil’s Eye” in Vietnamese, Onryoki is the first Boss William met when he arrived in Japan. Onryoki is an entity made up of countless souls of hatred. These souls are innocent people who were murdered or brutally tortured, so they are full of hatred. Onryoki had half of his face scorched, and the other half of his face twisted and twisted to look horrible. Surrounded by Onryoki, the remaining lost souls screamed for revenge.

In Nioh, Onryoki comprises villagers in level 2 who are murdered or locked in a shipyard. Onryoki’s weapons are two pairs of long chains wrapped around him, along with great stature. Onryoki is a rather tough boss at the beginning of the game when the player has no furniture. One of Onryoki’s attacks can pull more than half of William’s health bar, the range is terrifyingly far away, but the weak point is slow, so hitting it a bit is not a problem.

Onryoki’s attacks are mainly divided into two types: mace and hand. The most common is that Onryoki will beat the mace down straight in front of him or spin the chain two times around him. Usually, after winning the Onryoki, mace will take a few seconds of recovery, so this is the time you can hit it without fear of counterattack. When losing more than 50% of health, Onryoki will go crazy and throw two chains to fight by hand. Now Onryoki is much more dangerous because every time it attacks, it will create a poisonous gas area that makes William’s Ky recover very slowly.

In phase 2, the restriction is close in front of Onryoki because it will probably launch a surprise swing that can pull up to 70% of William’s blood. Due to the chain’s loss, Onryoki’s attack range is not far away, so you can hit from behind or on its side without fear of being pushed out. It is vitally important to be patient because it is slow Sluggish, but Onryoki is not weak.


Nioh: Giới thiệu và hướng dẫn cách đánh Boss trong game

Appearing on stage 3 in Nioh, Hino-Enma is a goblin in the form of a beautiful young girl with bat wings in a traditional Kimono. Hino-Enma has traditionally been the soul of the women who died in the war. The meaning of the word Hino-Enma is “air omen” in the meaning of bad luck and disaster. Hino-Enma often used her beauty to seduce men, seduce, and then drain their energies to keep themselves immortal. These ill-fated people will slowly turn into dry corpses but still retain some reason, always immersed in the illusion of love with Hino-Enma.

In Nioh, Hino-Enma is an extremely annoying Boss, only with average damage but has attacks that make William paralyzed for a long time. Hino-Enma also can fly in the air and blow down very hard to dodge. Hino-Enma’s attack rhythm is continuous without stopping. Hino-Enma’s weapons are kicks, an umbrella, and bat wings that can turn into blades.

The most dangerous attack was when Hino-Enma swung her hand and shot a purple arrow, and if it hit, it would cause William to stand still for a few seconds, needless to say, how dangerous it was. When below 50% health, Hino-Enma can even hold William tightly and suck blood from him to replenish himself. Therefore, the most appropriate weapon to attack Hino-Enma is Spear or Radiance to keep the proper range, stick to it, and suck blood.

The best time to attack is when Hino-Enma throws four kicks consecutively, then you will have a few seconds of safety to hit a few attacks, or after Hino-Enma swung the wing forward. But be careful not to get too greedy because it is easy to suck blood. In general, Hino-Enma is only really dangerous with the paralyzed shot, but besides this, Boss’s attacks are not very strong.

Feel Nioh: Game for people who like to abuse. Although I know Nioh a bit late, my feelings are still extremely intact while playing and chewing green beans and cheeks while still lying on my stomach continuously.


Nioh: Giới thiệu và hướng dẫn cách đánh Boss trong game

Nue is a strange patchwork creature with a monkey’s head, a lion’s body, and a snake’s tail. Nue also can summon thunder, so sometimes it is also called Raiju – beast. According to legend, Nue used to make the Emperor of Japan seriously ill and unconscious for an unknown reason. Later a Samurai named Minamoto Yorimasa used an arrow to shoot it down to rescue the King. So people believe that Nue is the beast that brings terrible points and the cause of natural disasters in Japan.

In Nioh, Nue is the Boss guarding the door on stage 4, a beast covered with thunder and uses his claws and tail to attack. Nue’s good point is that it can call thunder from the sky to target William or curl up like a ball and roll to deal extreme damage. The appropriate weapon when fighting Nue is the Twin Sword or Spear. The proper tactic is to move to dodge the lightning always.

One point to note is that when hit by Nue’s lightning, William will fall into a state of electric shock and must receive more damage during the effect. So if you happen to be in this situation, you should try to run around and wait for it all, but do not rush into the board for unknown reasons. When Nue is hit too hard, he will spin his tail 360 degrees to relieve the relief. Before doing so, Nue will shiver a few, so it is not difficult to avoid it.

When losing more than 50% health, Nue will often curl up and roll straight to William. This attack is powerful and will make you very easily Break Ky if trying to, so it is best to dodge. Nue has another attack, gaining momentum and jumping down to William. If it can be avoided, it will lose momentum and lie on his stomach in the sky for you to slash comfortably. In general, Nue only can call lightning is ominous, just not hit it. The victory is relatively easy.


Nioh: Giới thiệu và hướng dẫn cách đánh Boss trong game

A type of sea monster that often appears during heavy storms to submerge boats and swallow sailors, Umi-Bozu’s appearance is quite funny with its smooth body, red eyes, and round head. Umi-Bozu is often called “the monk at sea” because of its bald head, but this is not a very pleasant thing.

Umi-Bozu is the Boss that stands in William’s way on the way to the sea to Chugoku. He uses both his hands as well as spits out the swallowed ships to attack. Occasionally Umi-Bozu also spawned its “offspring” to harass William. Umi-Bozu’s strongest attack is to shoot a powerful light in a straight line that can knock you out no matter how much blood.

To make the process of beating Umi-Bozu easier, the Game recommends that you light all the fire stations in the game screen, as they will help strengthen William’s weapon to cause more damage. Umi-Bozu attacked by spewing out the ships in her body or using her tentacles to strike forward. One trick is that when Umi-Bozu smashes down, it will expose yellow spots on the tentacles. Hitting it will cause more damage. The most dangerous technique is that when Umi-Bozu braces herself to reveal the eye in the middle of the body, it will fire a powerful light that can knock down William immediately, need to dodge at any cost.

When losing 50% of health, Umi-Bozu will jump ashore and begin to release its “children”. It would help if you took out all these floods before going to Umi-Bozu. In addition to spitting things out, the Boss also has to jump up and hit the floor, causing shock around. Umi-Bozu is no longer able to shoot light from the eyes at this stage, so it is almost no longer dangerous. Just hit carefully, and you will win.