Nioh is a tough and arduous game if you are a beginner. The tips below will help you.

1: In Nioh, patience is a virtue

In Nioh, anything on the road can take you to the road, Boss is both strong and buffalo, and Ky bar, so the first thing is we need to be patient. Be patient to wait for the opportunity to blow, be patient so as not to pass the bloodstroke, but fight, and be patient to be able to sit for hours to fight a tough Boss. In Nioh, there is no room for urgency. First, you have to return when Ky can fight. Moreover, a boss who is running low on blood can completely put you on the road with just one attack.

Nioh is an RPG from Japan, so there are many things to plow, from levels, weapons, armor, hidden Bosses, and dozens of other things. So, if you want to hurry, you have to slowly. Patience is the best virtue when playing Nioh.

2: Master Ky Pulse

Nioh: Những mẹo nhỏ giúp bạn chinh phục game dễ hơn

When the attack is completed, a white aura will surround William. If you wait for it almost to disappear and press R1, it will recover Ky significantly. This technique is called Ky Pulse. This is a way to help you recover Ky after a long series of attacks, extremely dangerous when fighting Boss, or need to defend when you miss momentum. Ky Pulse also works to purify the unclean areas created by the Yokai, causing your Ky to slow down, so mastering this skill will help you increase at least 30% of your power when playing Nioh.

3: Use a hand with a weapon

Nioh: Những mẹo nhỏ giúp bạn chinh phục game dễ hơn

There are a total of 6 weapons in Nioh, and of course, you don’t need to know them all, for beginners. It is better to choose the one that feels most comfortable to use than whichever one is tried. Nioh is a challenging game and has a very long duration. You can ultimately return to the old areas with more potent equipment to practice new weapons to master. Weapons also have the so-called “familiar hands”, when you max, they will open new hidden indicators, so do not change weapons continuously.

Nioh: Introducing the weapons in the game Nioh is an Action RPG game with Japanese style, so the game’s weapons are the “national soul of the nation” of Sunrise’s island nation.

For first-time Nioh players, spear and katana are the best weapons. They are straightforward to use, have a long-range of attack, and perfect damage. Remember, “a career for nine is better than nine ” please.

4: Never offer weapons to get Amrita

Nioh: Những mẹo nhỏ giúp bạn chinh phục game dễ hơn

The junk weapons you picked up during the game, in addition to bringing non-shops to earn a little silver, you can use them to “worship” at the temples in exchange for Amrita and a few small items. This is not recommended because the amount of Amrita returned is limited. Only a few thousand points are maximum, while later, it takes tens of thousands of points to level up. There was nothing unusual in the Item, but a few Elixir jars or detox bottles filled the streets.

A better way to take advantage of this trash is to take it to the blacksmith and disassemble them to get forging materials. The monsters in Nioh (except Boss) are very few dropped materials, so the source most stable is coming from weapons. Later, you will have to use them a lot to forge new weapons and strengthen them, so it will not be enough if not stored from the beginning.

5: Search Kodama

When going to the save points are the vertical temples in the game screen, you will see the green hat little elves standing above. They are called Kodama, the spirits who bring luck in Japanese mythology. The Kodama are scattered throughout the main game screen. You can find and guide them back to the temple to receive great rewards. Every 5 Kodama found gives you an extra Elixir to start and optional sub-indicators such as: increasing the amount of Amrita found or the chance to pick up good weapons.

Nioh: Introduction and instructions on fighting the Boss in the game Nioh is a game taken from Japanese legends. All the monsters have a unique character, both difficult and seductive.

Kodama is usually located in the screen’s hidden corners, so finding them is time-consuming but very valuable. Never miss these green goblins. They are far more beneficial than you think.

6: Never fight multiple enemies at once

The principle of Nioh is that Samurai always duels, not the council, which means you should only be 1v1, never fight when there are more than two enemies in front of you. Nioh monsters are powerful. Any regular soldier can slash your jars like William, and William does not know how to jump high, so if the council, the death rate is very high. Another thing is that each stage always has mini-bosses in the way. These guys are just as strong as the Boss. Only less is more blood. Fighting is enough to die, let alone a handicap.

7: Do side quests

In addition to the main tasks in the story, Nioh also has short side quests depending on the screen. These side quests give you many things: new Guardian Spirits, unique suits, or unusual equipment for each character. This is also an excellent place to plow Amrita because it is usually shorter than the main game, the right place for you to prepare for the next journey, so never miss the side quests.

8: Maximize the index

Nioh: Những mẹo nhỏ giúp bạn chinh phục game dễ hơn

In Nioh, there are a total of 8 stats. When increasing into an index, you will also increase the damage of the corresponding weapon. Among these indicators are things to keep in mind:

– Strength and Stamina will help you increase your carrying index, wearing heavy armor easier. But it would help if you did not focus on Stamina because later there is much better armor, or you can enhance them to make them lighter. Particularly Strength increases the damage to the ax, so there is no problem.

– Spirit is a vital stat because it helps unlock the bonus of Guardian Spirits. Many people forget because it does not increase significantly. Still, it would help if you increased Spirit in parallel during the game because Guardian Spirits are later more beneficial because they increase the power as a percentage of the total.

– Both Dexterity and Magic increase both the Ninjutsu and Onmyo skill points, as well as the number of Ninja items and charms you can carry. A minimum of 10 points is required here for the side quests to unlock more vital skills. At the end of the game, these two branches account for 50% of the power when fighting Boss.