The BlueStacks Player for Windows app is an excellent Android emulator that supports most of the popular games on Google Play.

In this tutorial, I will give you a few tips on optimizing the BlueStacks App Player for Windows.

Download and install the Player BlueStacks app

  1. Go to   and download the BlueStacks App Player.
  2. Open BlueStacks App Player and register your Gmail account details.
  3. Close BlueStacks

Adjusting BlueStacks RAM (Memory)

The BlueStacks App App comes with a default 768MB RAM.

    1. Open ‘regedit’: Start-> Run-> regedit
    2. Navigate to: ‘HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE / SOFTWARE / BlueStacks / Guests / Android’
    3. Double click on the value ‘Memory’
    4. Change the base to decimals.
    5. Enter the amount of RAM you desire
      Example: If you have 4GB of RAM input 2GB: ‘2048’

tối ưu hóa bộ nhớ BlueStacks

Blinking problem with NVidia display adapter

Sometimes with NVidia GPU, there is an issue causing the screen to flicker.

    1. Open NVidia Control Panel and navigate to ‘ Manage 3D Settings
    2. Select the tab ‘ Program Settings
    3. Click Add and Select ‘ BlueStacks Frontend
    4. Scroll down to ‘ Threaded optimization ‘ and change it to ‘ Off

tối ưu hóa GPU NVidia của BlueStacks

Prioritize the BlueStacks process in Windows

Increase BlueStacks process priorities in Task Manager:

    1. Open Task Manager and go to the Details tab.
    2. Right-click on ‘ HD-Frontend ‘ and change priority to Above-Normal.

tối ưu hóa CPU BlueStacks NVidia