As the Resident Evil 3 remake’s release date is near, please continue with the game to explore the original version of the game’s development process.

Background and gameplay

After the key locations of Resident Evil 1.9 were filled, the development team began making the game. The first thing they need to do is create a time and place set for the game. Initially, Yasuhisa Kawamura and Kazuhiro Aoyama decided to reuse the city of Raccoon and the timeline of Resident Evil 2, but without any connection to the two Resident Evil titles released as well as the two titles being released. Other developments (Code: Veronica and Resident Evil 3). The game’s events will revolve around the three Umbrella mercenaries, turning the game’s content into a prequel of Resident Evil 2 and matching the number 1.9 while giving gamers a clearer view of How the zombie disaster struck Raccoon before Leon and Claire arrived.

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In terms of gameplay, due to Resident Evil 1.9’s low budget and low workforce, Kazuhiro’s game team does not plan to make things as advanced as new engines or upgrade gameplay. They reuse both the Resident Evil 2 engine and some of its character, monster, environment models. The control system is also almost unchanged, and the puzzle, opening, killing zombies remain unchanged. To connect the game with Resident Evil 2, Kazuhiro allows gamers to visit some Raccoon police station rooms. Still, it acts more like an Easter Egg than for gameplay or story. The game’s entire content will also be concise compared to the previous two games to let gamers sit down to play one game at a time, just like the games outside the arcade.

To compensate for the short amount of time, Mr. Kazuhiro decided to add a bit of action to the game – the genre that both Kazuhiro and Hideki Kamiya (director of Resident Evil 2 project) loved. Therefore, gamers are now allowed to make different types of bullets by mixing gunpowder, while the zombies appear more, move faster. The character you control is also upgraded: they will move more quickly, rotate 180 degrees, and dodge or push zombies away. The position of some items and passwords also become random to create a new game for gamers.

Meanwhile, Mr. Yasuhisa came up with the idea of “Live Selection” to give the game a storyline, when players were chosen to choose one of the two directions given to them by the game. They lead to different settings and gently change the plot. This is the feature that makes the difference between Resident Evil 1.9 and all other games. According to Mr. Kazuhiro, all of the things mentioned above were created by them to enhance the game’s replay value so that gamers want to come back to play many times even though they can finish the game in one turn. In the end, Resident Evil 1.9 contains more secrets than both Resident Evil 1 and 2, so that if gamers want to discover them all, they will have to play the game at least eight times.

Nguồn gốc của game: Resident Evil 3 - Từ spin-off đến sequel hoàn chỉnh - P.1

Origins of the game: Resident Evil 3 – From spin-off to the full sequel – P.1 Join the game in the past to find out the birth of Resident Evil 3, one of the classic versions of the Resident Evil series 3.


Besides the above creations, the most important element in Resident Evil 1.9 is nothing other than Nemesis, the main enemy of the game (Japanese gamers often call him “stalker” or “pursuer”). You probably guessed that Nemesis was created because the game team needed a boss but didn’t have the money and time to make as many bosses as the first two Resident Evil titles. In addition to Nemesis, Resident Evil 1.9 has only one boss, Grave Digger – a giant worm, while previous Resident Evil titles have more bosses.

Tìm hiểu Nemesis – Kẻ địch cực mạnh trong dòng game Resident Evil

Initially, the development team planned to make Nemesis look like a slime-like slime in the movie The Blob (1958) but faster than the main character, more aggressive than regular zombies, and tremendous screams. It is not immortal but has immense power and can kill gamers with a single strike, resulting in the Game Over screen. Nemesis also discarded rules like zombies could not open the door, surprising gamers because they thought that just running to another room to get rid of it. This monster also appears many times during the game. Some are pre-screened, while others are random, regardless of the player’s actions.

Jill Valentine

Because Resident Evil 1.9 was only developed as a spin-off game, Yasuhisa and Kazuhiro were not planning to let any of the first two characters appear in the game (besides the Easter Egg rooms) use three cores of new material. They are Carlos Oliveira, Nicholai Ginovaef, and Mikhail Victor, the three mercenaries who work for Umbrella but have no involvement with STARS members or characters in Resident Evil 2. All the game content only tells about the fact that these three soldiers escaped from Raccoon City.

nhân vật nữ

However, while the game was in development, something unexpected happened: due to the change in the plot of Code: Veronica, Kazuhiro was allowed to include Jill Valentine in Resident Evil 1.9. After discussing with the Resident Evil brand leaders, Kazuhiro decided that Jill Valentine would become the game’s main character instead of using new characters. This change brought “mainstream” to the game in fans’ eyes because Jill is a principal character. Her appearance shows that Resident Evil 1.9 is a Resident Evil title. Along with Nemesis, Jill Valentine became a significant player in the game, but at this time, no one knows that this is not the most significant change that Resident Evil 1.9 has encountered.