On the return day of the series about the making of The Witcher, I invite you to explore the plot of the game, Geralt’s memory, and Triss’s chest slit.

After a long time, or getting that I haven’t finished this series, I would like to go back to Part 4 and promise to continue writing until I finish it. Please rest assured reading!


It was thought that CD Projekt Red had enough components to make a game, but no – the essential part of the game was that the plot had a problem. As you know, in Part 2 of this series, at the beginning of The Witcher, the story was written by Jacek Komuda and Maciej Jurewicz, and it was 600 pages long. However, in the final version of the game, only a small part of the 600 pages will be retained, such as alchemist Kalkstein. According to Artur Ganszyniec, this is because the script created by Jacek and Maciej is no longer suitable when the game’s main character has been transformed from a character created by the original gamer to Geralt, which only plays an NPC role in that scenario.

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Therefore, the development team of CD Projekt Red only has a dim concept of what happens in the game based on the original scenario and knows that the game content will begin several years after the events in the game. The novel of the author Andrzej Sapkowski ends. Meanwhile, the vast majority of details, characters, landmarks must be redesigned accordingly. This is misery for the studio’s artist team because they have created many areas, characters in the game for demos, old versions, trailers, but now nobody knows What to do with them. One of the interesting cases is that the Professor character model was “recycled” into a bandit wearing Magister glasses in the full game because CD Projekt did not want to throw away his efforts.

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Marcin Blacha, a veteran CD Projekt Red employee (currently the studio’s Story Director), said that after a lot of confusion. They decided to trim the original plot to reuse but then realized that the trimming. It’s not enough because it makes the old storyline less coherent and coherent. “When we cut back on the story’s content, we made something completely different,” he said. “Because we didn’t have time to stop and think (because the game was set by the founders’ deadline around early 2006), we had to keep making games with the rest.” So since then, this is a story where all the events occur in separate locations but still revolve around stealing the witcher’s secrets, just like in the original story. ”

In his memory, Mr. Adam Badowski said that he imagined the secret material to create a witcher like a treasure in a barrel. When opened, you will see the brilliant golden light emanating from it. The crook will use the stolen grass and potions to create an army of monsters to dominate the northern kingdoms, and that will be the main content route throughout the game.

“We have excellent people in charge of keeping the game’s story in line with the novel. They know more about The Witcher than (author) Sapkowski, ” revealed Maciej Miasik, the game’s production director. “They know everything about the world in fiction, what happens where and so on.” For these characters, The Witcher is a “sacred” series, and they know they should not break any of that. Despite this, they still showed Triss’s “showing off her chest” image in The Witcher 1, angering fans because it was not what was described in Andrzej Sapkowski’s novel, but the reason for this would be explained after.

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Triss’s appearance in The Witcher 1 is controversial, but CD Projekt Red has his reasons.

However, CD Projekt Red knows that they can create The Witcher without being forced into the novel’s framework. Mr. Marcin Blacha recalled that when The Witcher 1 was born, fans wondered why the game didn’t have Yennefer nor Ciri. According to him, it is a logical question. The game does not necessarily follow the novel’s content because it tells about entirely different events and is only based on the context and the original character. “Characters meet at different times, they evolve, change, and while maintaining their characteristics or personalities, they have been at a different time in a different condition, so their behavior The other is completely normal, ” Artur concluded. “I can explain why Triss’s relationship with Geralt changes (as in the game) because it is simply a continuation of the previous episodes under the current conditions, and I do not think this is the case. contrary to the content of the novel. “


Geralt’s return from the dead is also a problem that CD Projekt Red has to solve correctly in the game. In the novel, Geralt meets Triss, Ciri, and Yennefer, but for The Witcher’s gamers, these are entirely unknown names. Therefore, CD Projekt Red needs to find a way to introduce these characters to gamers who have not naturally read the novel and must not see the novel’s fans as strange. “This is one of the reasons Geralt has lost his mind because if he remembers everything, he will immediately chase after Ciri and Yennefer,” Artur said. “That’s what he did in The Witcher 3 after regaining memory at the end of version 2.”

As Geralt lost his memory, he (and his friend) entered the world of The Witcher with skill and reflexes but did not know who he was and tried to find the answer. Triss is one of the characters who learn about Geralt, so CD Projekt Red believes that when Geralt meets Triss, there must be something “more intimate” between them. While Triss tells Geralt, “not to be killed.” I don’t think I can tolerate that again,” Geralt still hasn’t remembered anything yet, so Yennefer doesn’t have a place to play in the game.

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Triss tells Geralt not to die again before leaving.

Triss’s appearance is also controversial within the development team. They argued over everything from whether or not she should keep the scar, how big her breasts are, and so on. But just like the Magister mentioned above, in the end, CD Projekt had to use an old Triss model without scars because the artist painted it took three months to make this model. The editing is challenging because the engine platform they are using is outdated. “Unlike in The Witcher 2 or 3 when we have technology that allows you to change clothes for the character, (in Witcher 1) the model is just a model,” said Artur. “This is one of those decisions we are not happy with but cannot change.”

But Triss’s breast slit is not just a thing CD Projekt Red does for pure fan service. While considering the issues that could make the game a success, many studio staff believe that today (2005), most gamers are male, so the female lead must be sexy and have a chest opening. It can be said that Triss was forced to sacrifice his chest to help the game succeed because, at that time, CD Projekt Red was an unknown studio, The Witcher had not stepped out of the Polish border, and studio staff feels that they have to do everything to gamers like their game.

We have to accept that Triss shows off her chest and has to find some way to explain it, ” Artur said. Perhaps during that time, with regeneration spells of all kinds, she could repair her breasts? ” Incidentally, a few years after Andrzej Sapkowski authored Season of Storms, he wrote about many witches editing his body, so the explanation of CD Projekt Red became justified.

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The Elf in The Witcher 1 is different from The Witcher 3.

Similarly, the design of the elf skinhead race image of The Witcher 1 was also launched by CD Projekt Red to make a mark for its game. These Elf characters wear leather, have a large belt with a cow head, and partly shaved hair to make a difference to the Elf race of “beautiful boys and girls” of other works. According to some of the project personnel, the decision to make the bare Elf was made by business people, so even though it didn’t fit the novel, they still had to make it.