Sony has shown that it wants to push the game on PlayStation 5 to a new level with improvements from hardware power to the controller’s gamer experience.

Ever since PlayStation in 1994, Sony has been sticking to a simple naming scheme with the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 instead of changing names like Nintendo or Microsoft. Therefore, gamers worldwide have guessed that its next-gen system will be the PlayStation 5, only missing an official confirmation from Sony.

And now, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan has given gamers that confirmation. Sony’s next-gen system will be called the PlayStation 5. And yet, he also confirmed that it would be launched at the end of the holiday season in 2020.

PlayStation 5 chính thức được công bố với controller mới và những tính năng của tương lai


This is the first new information from Sony about the PlayStation 5 since they announced a series of information about it in April. Sony even ignored E3 2019, while Microsoft used this opportunity to release many details about the new system that inherited the Xbox One, codenamed Project Scarlett. Like PS5, Project Scarlett will use a CPU based on Ryzen technology and a graphics card based on the Navi series, both of AMD. The two sides’ similarities have not stopped there because both Xbox Scarlett and PS5 throw away the traditional HDD hard drive to switch to the new SSD, bringing faster speed.

Some new information about PlayStation 5 was also revealed on this occasion. Mark Cerny, Sony’s system architect, reiterated that the PS5’s ray-tracing support is based not only on software but also on hardware, namely the machine’s graphics card. “There is a ray-tracing processor on the graphics card. I believe this is the message everyone is waiting for, ” said Mark Cerny. This is important because ray-tracing can be applied to rendering and give gamers more realistic sound effects by simulating reverberation and reflection. Cross the surfaces in the environment.

PlayStation 5 chính thức được công bố với controller mới và những tính năng của tương lai

The leaked image of the PlayStation 5 Devkit is real.

SSDs bring “instant age.”

Mark also said that choosing an SSD for PS5 is to speed up game loading time due to data transfer speed and performance. When a standard hard drive on the console spins at 5,400 rpm, the hard drive must continuously move the reader to find and read the necessary data, causing other components to wait for data and slow processing speed again. To overcome this on the HDD, developers have to clone multiple data pieces to form adjacent blocks of data, reduce reader movement, and speed up processing.

However, this causes the size of the game to expand. According to Mark Cerny, in Marvel’s Spider-Man, some data pieces are duplicated 400 times on the hard drive, making the game’s capacity much higher than the original. Because an SSD doesn’t have a reader, it doesn’t need to wait for mechanisms to move the reader to the position it needs, so in addition to the speed, SSDs can help developers reduce the size of the game. There will be studios that use this to expand their titles, while others optimize the game’s size. Regardless of which option you choose, games on PlayStation 5 will use Blu-ray discs with a capacity of 100 GB. The disc player of the PlayStation 5 will also be a 4k Blu-Ray player.

PlayStation 5 chính thức được công bố với controller mới và những tính năng của tương lai

A spider did not forget to “take a selfie” when tossed in the heart of Manhattan.

Installing the game on PS5 will be a little different from the PS4. Thanks to the advantages of SSD mentioned above, Sony creates a more advanced installation and uninstall process. Instead of viewing the game as a large data block and gamers having to install it all on the hard drive, gamers will choose the part they want (if the developer allows it). This means that gamers can choose to install the single-player portion of the game, skip the multiplayer, install both single-player and multiplayer, and then delete the single-player after completing it multiplayer for continue “war” online.

Small but haunting details in the game you may have missed. Sometimes, gamers’ small details do not notice a sad, dark, and more shocking plot than what is shown outside.

The PS5 interface will be completely redone. With PS4, gamers have to open the game to know what their friends are doing in that game or watch the multiplayer matches. PS5 will change that by providing the above information to gamers from the server right on the machine’s main interface. You can jump into a multiplayer or co-op match with friends immediately from the interface in this area.

PlayStation 5 chính thức được công bố với controller mới và những tính năng của tương lai

The PlayStation4 interface is too old and out of date.

New handle

PS5 will also own a new nameless controller (most likely called DualShock 5) that looks very similar to the current DualShock 4 but uses a USB Type C connection to charge and connect to the PS5. It also has some notable changes. One is “adaptive triggers”: the developer can now program the two trigger R2, L2 to change the weight when pressing down, simulating feelings such as the surface of the environment or squeezing the trigger, pulling the bowstring … Two are New haptic vibration technology with more levels, different from just a vibration level on the old handles. Finally, the speaker on this controller is also improved, all combined to give a more detailed feel for different game situations.

Playstation 5 will never be “as playful” as the previous generation PlayStation 5 can globally own all the top features. Still, it will never be cool with the iconic save bold old fashioned.

Haptic vibration technology has been developed for a long time when DualShock 4 was not officially sold and was completed before PS4 Pro was born. Still, Sony decided not to include it in PS4 Pro but “to sell” to wait. to PS5. According to Toshi Aoki, Sony’s product manager, these new technologies make the new controller a bit heavier than DualShock 4, but still lighter than the current Xbox controller.

PlayStation 5 chính thức được công bố với controller mới và những tính năng của tương lai

The new handle looks very similar to DualShock 4.

That’s all the latest information we get from Sony about the new PlayStation 5. console. We still don’t know what its appearance will look like, but Sony will probably soon satisfy that question of the game’s prime.