What Benjamin Church said fulfilled, Connor is really naive to believe that the world is only bad or good, only Templar or Assassin.

After a brief cooperation with his father, Connor seems to be a bit more mature, able to listen, think carefully and most importantly, apologize when he returns to Davenport Manor to ask Achilles for forgiveness. . The assassin was not too concerned, only arbitrary to say that at least Connor was right to consider Achilles a failure. He failed to execute the orders of the Assassins’ Association, failed to prevent the expansion of Templar and failed to preserve the lives of his comrades. Because of all that Achilles would not care about Connor’s murder, but the Indians continued to find their way to death when they thought that it could bring eternal peace if the two organizations merged into one. According to Connor Assassin and the actual Templar have the same pursuit of pursuit only in thought and action. In fact, now that the Templar in the colony is entering a period of decline, it is good if the two sides can reach a common awareness.

Assassin's Creed 3 Remastered - Sequence 10 Connor

To Achilles’s skeptical gaze, Connor frankly admits having met his father on a recent mission and feels he can convince him. But the assassin only asked if Haytham could listen but surely he would understand it thoroughly, even if that possibility did not guarantee a Templar leader would willingly sit down and talk to the right of the Assassins or Agree with the opponent’s ideals. Connor thinks that through the Benjamin Church case, it can be seen that when the two groups genuinely collaborate with each other, the effect is extremely impressive so he will go to New York to meet his father to present the idea despite whether Achilles agrees or not. Teacher’s relationship between the two sides continued to return to tension again when the disagreement between the two sides is too big when one person is determined to follow the radical path while the other is afraid of the enemy’s outbursting behavior will bring underground disaster in the future.

Back in New York, Connor was immediately asked by his father to assist in the hunt for a royal officer, who had been informed of a major British attack on the area. In general, these father and son are quite funny when they are very interested in the situation of the opponent, but because of their problems with their faces and faces, sometimes the feelings for each other become verses that make people angry. . After attacking and capturing a group of British soldiers, they had some useful information. Accordingly, the British army had finished sweeping Philadelphia, so it would double in New York to push Patriot forces out of the city. The British officer also stated that if nothing unexpected happened at the last minute, the plan to fight New York would officially be deployed on June 18, 1778. Connor wanted to go to warn Washington but suddenly saw Haytham swing his hand to cut the officer.

Assassin's Creed 3 Remastered - Sequence 9

Plot Assassin’s Creed 3 Remastered – Part 9: The enemy of the enemy is a friend A key member of the Templar in the colony is destroyed but Connor’s path is still very arduous.

This made Connor angry and questioned why his father could kill so comfortably. Again the debate about Connor’s innocence and the cold-pragmatic pragmatism of experienced warriors, but this time Haytham took the role of Achilles to educate his own son. This time it seemed to be a big argument because the father and son didn’t back down, they quarreled continuously from New York to Valley Forge and only stopped when meeting with Washington to announce that the British would rise. double the force. At this moment, Haytham suddenly stole the unfinished Washington letter and showed it to Connor, according to which the commander-in-chief ordered the resistance forces to attack the Kanien’kehá Indian tribes: ka because there were reports that Aboriginal people want to work with the British army. Also from this event, Haytham concludes that it is possible that the burning of the village 14 years ago that Connor’s mother was burned to death is a masterpiece of soldiers under the command of the respected Washington commander.

A string of events from before, along with the ironic attitude of the Templars in the naive view of the Indians, it is possible that Haytham’s hypothesis is true. Connor, however, was in no mood to decide who was right and who was wrong, he hurriedly left the barracks barracks to stop the order to attack Kanien’kehá: ka and not to forget to warn both Haytham and Washington if If you don’t want to die, don’t follow. After killing quite a few soldiers on the way back, Connor heard the elder say that Charles Lee had convinced the tribal soldiers to ambush Patriot soldiers. This news was really bad because once a conflict occurred, the misunderstanding would be irreversible because Patriot said that the Kanien’kehá: ka were helping the British colonialists, while the Indians thought the resistance wanted to rob them. their land. To prevent things from getting worse, Connor must defeat the ambushing Indian group and face his best friend Kanen’tó: kon.

Assassin's Creed 3 Remastered - Sequence 10 Connor

Initially, Connor wanted to talk right and left but ended up resorting to violence because Kanen’tó: kon was completely convinced by Charles Lee that the Patriot army would come to steal the land and his friend Connor helped the invaders. During the fight, Connor is forced to use the Hidden Blade to kill the life of a friend from childhood. Before his death Kanen’tó: kon said that even though he died, Connor still failed because Charles Lee had come to Monmouth to inform the royal army of the Patriot’s military plans. On June 28, 1778, Connor chased Charles Lee to Monmouth and met Marquis de Lafayette, Washington’s aide officer. Marquis said Charles Lee had led his people to leave the battlefield. This withdrawal seriously affected Patriot’s plans because Lee received quite a bit of trust from Washington but the most important thing now was to hold off British soldiers so that the resistance forces could withdraw safely. safe. Connor takes on this dangerous task and the Marquis has given the Indians the best soldiers to command.

After all forces withdrew safely, Connor met Washington at Monmouth and informed the commander-in-chief about the betrayal of Lee’s war. The Marquis also stood to confirm what the Indians had informed, but Washington didn’t seem to mind this much, he just responded over the counter that he would immediately give the investigator a careful look at the allegations. After hearing these polite words, the assassin just smiled bitterly and said sarcasm. Washington also did not fit in preaching that everything had to be sufficient evidence if the Patriot air force was no different from the early Red Coats. Feeling too frustrated and angry with the commander-in-chief, Connor turned to leave and did not forget to drop the cruel words that if Washington decided to give Lee, the Indian would handle things his way. and this may be the last time he serves the resistance.

Assassin's Creed 3 Remastered - Sequence 10 Connor

Now that the synchronization was abruptly cut off, Rebecca Hall panicked to announce Desmond Miles’ father had been captured by Abstergo. Shaun Hastings said they were detaining William in Italy, in the secret facility that once locked up Desmond. In a video to Viddic, if Desmond wants his old man to be free, bring the Paradise of Apple to trade. With his brash nature, Desmond didn’t think too much when he decided to rush straight to Italy and rush into Abstergo’s headquarters to save the old man. After defeating the guards and chasing Daniel Cross suddenly, Desmond finally reached the place where William was imprisoned by Viddic. Here Desmond uses the power of the Apple of Eden to manipulate the guards to shoot Viddic and then kill themselves. Using the power of the Apple, the father and son finally escaped from Abstergo headquarters to return to their base at the sacred temple.

Once again Desmond saw the ghost of Juno and listened to her babble about all the love for Aita and the hatred of the ancient civilization. It is up to you to hear it or ignore it, but Desmond will eventually attach an Artifact to the temple to unlock its mysteries