Under the brutal guidance of destiny and an assassin’s role, Connor is finally forced to confront and take away his father’s life.

Now in 1781, during the first monologue, the assassin began to feel the future of the Assassins’ Society bleak when they could not take advantage of the war between the British and the colonies to expand the picture. Meanwhile, under the leadership of the godfather Haytham, the Templars seized the opportunity very well, as evidenced by Charles Lee, despite being charged with desertion and betraying the Patriot, was tolerated by Washington every mistake. Unlike when he was still naive, now the Indian guy realized that the commander-in-chief was not a good man or woman. The problem is that the power of the Order of the Society is so strong that to win the war of liberating 13 colonies, Washington must compromise with the Templars and eyes closed with their blatant prestige surname’s openness.

Cốt truyện Assassin's Creed 3 Remastered - Sequence 11

Anyway, no-one is immutable. Washington wants to win the war and hold rights after the war. The cooperation with the strong Templar is more beneficial than betting on the Assassin band, which only includes cats and dogs. As for the Indian guy, determined to maintain his speaking manner, he stuck to the end goal. From professional measures, Connor knew Charles Lee was hiding at Fort George, but this place was so well guarded that he had no chance to sneak in. After spending several days there and achieving no results, Connor decided to return to Davenport Manor to get more advice from Master Achilles.

At the moment, Achilles is seriously ill, but he also outlines what Connor is afraid to face. Compared to Charles Lee, the danger that Haytham Kenway presented to the Assassins Association in the colony was many times higher. Because of that, no matter how he escaped, he ended up having to choose between protecting the creed that every Assassin pursued as well as his father’s life, which was something he couldn’t continue to dodge. Connor is still trying to evade the decision, saying that if he eliminates Lee, his old man will lose his powerful arm, and maybe everything will be here. Achilles laughs miserably that everyone will die, and maybe Connor goes through all these events, embarking on so many possibilities to end things ruin just because of personal feelings?

While confused between the two options, Marquis de Lafayette came to announce the fleet of French marines, led by Admiral François Joseph Paul and Comte de Grasse, was ready at Chesapeak Bay. However, before Lafayette can tell anything more, he is taken by Connor to the basement and requests assistance in pursuing Charles Lee. According to the Indian with the defense of Fort George, it was almost impossible to invade in the usual way. However, Connor sketched a rather sophisticated plan. Lafayette will first lead the people to clear the tunnel leading to the center of Fort George but is congested. Once inside, Connor will set fire to the watchtower signaling for the navy led by Admiral François Joseph Paul to fire continuously to attract soldiers’ attention at Fort George. Taking advantage of the chaos of the war, Connor will quietly search and assassinate Charles Lee.

The plan was simple, but the reality was so fierce that an expert like Thomas Graves commanded the British fleets. An intense battle broke out in Chesapeak Bay, and Connor, with the main character’s glory, sank the Man-of-War legend alone. Impressed with the courage of his teammate, Admiral François promised to help Connor with a favor. Connor immediately asked him for five ships to dock in New York but camouflaged by flying the British Empire’s flag. While the Admiral proved too bewildered by this crazy decision, the Indian man explained that Fort George possessed very thick wall steps and many cannons for defense. A fleet of warships with a French flag flying would in no way be allowed close enough to fire. Thus camouflage was necessary. Although not sure about everything, because François had promised to do so according to Connor’s request.

Cốt truyện Assassin's Creed 3 Remastered - Sequence 11

The red-handed advantage fired a signal, and François also started attacking Fort Fort but wreaked havoc on a cannon that struck the watchtower, leaving the assassin stunned. In terrible health condition but Connor still tries to search and assassinate Charles Lee. But life is ironic when Lee did not see where the father Haytham appeared to fight deadly with his son. We can see that the father and son love to preach the doctrine because they bring in a lot of human life, equality, and charity to preach to each other each time they meet. In the opening paragraph, although Connor fired Haytham, the paint of the chicken caused the “egg” to burst, he still proved very patient when explaining the importance of Charles Lee to the development of the Congregation in the future. Lai let his son hear.
Connor’s old man is a hard-to-play, but Connor’s

Connor’s old man is a hard-to-play, but Connor’s glory finally completed the battle to enter the struggle between the two men. Haytham went on to preach that Templar needed no creed. The Order of the Templar did not need the rebellion of freedom. Its members are only trying to keep the world in the way it exists, which is why Assassin may flourish but will eventually be suppressed by Templar. While being lectured by the older man while strangling and dying, Connor decided to use the Hidden Blade to give him a fatal blow to protect his little life. Like many Templars who were assassinated earlier, Haytham also began to confess his last words before death. Even though he lost, the older man said he was still proud of the son when he demonstrated noble qualities such as perseverance, strength, and courage. Haytham wished he had eaten Connor sooner rather than letting things go to this step.

After Haytham died, Charles Lee was the new leader of the Society of Temples in the colony. In the monologue at the end of the chapter, one can see Connor shaved his long hair and began to paint his face in the style of true Kanien’kehá: ka warriors. The Indian also swore on his heart that he would never doubt the Assassins’ Association’s creed and was determined to assassinate Charles Lee at all costs.