After a year of training, he finally became Indians Ratonhnhaké: ton also became an assassin and was given a new name Connor to facilitate operations.

In 1769, at this time, Ratonhnhaké: ton had just left his homeland and was still quite absent-minded on the border of Boston. Following the elder’s instructions, the boy went to Achilles Davenport ‘s farm to seek help, but Achilles, after the betrayal of Shay Cormac (Assassin’s Creed Rouge) and the great damage caused by the Colonial Templar caused in 1763, clearly preferring to be quiet to stay hidden rather than train a new assassin. Despite being chased out, Ratonhnhaké: ton tried to stay still to find the opportunity to talk to the old man. But trying all sorts of ways, even breaking into a balcony, couldn’t make Achilles think again, he seemed to be discouraged when he told the boy to stop daydreaming or be a hero who could pay for it online. not kidding. Only after Ratonhnhaké: ton defeated a band of bandits to protect the farm did Achilles’ attitude change.

Assassin's Creed 3 Remastered - Sequence 5 Ratonhnhaké:ton

At first the assassin was surprised when Ratonhnhaké: ton received a sign of the guild even though the Indians did not know what the Assassins Guild was. But after a long night of conversation, when Ratonhnhaké: ton recounted what his ancestral soul and goddess told, Achilles seemed to accept the theory of the lineage, which he himself said did not appear. now hundreds of years since the time of the legendary Ezio ( Assassin’s Creed II ). Accepting the Ratonhnhaké hypothesis: ton may be descended from legendary assassins, Achilles takes him to visit the basement of the farm, where he stored a lot of banned goods as a young black assassin. After giving Ratonhnhaké: ton to see if the assassin he wore when he was young, Achilles decided to try training the Indian and time will prove whether he is worthy to put on the guild’s cloak.

The black man also showed the Indians a wall of pictures of the notorious Templar in the colony and reminded him, Haytham Kenway, his old man was their leader. If he wanted to protect the land of his ancestors or the freedom of everyone, defeating his father was definitely something Ratonhnhaké: ton had to face. Six months later, the Indian had been trained by Achilles with all the skills necessary to become an assassin, but he still lacked real combat experience. To further train in this respect, Achilles decided to take Ratonhnhaké: ton to Boston to conduct a small mission at the Town House. Accordingly, Ratonhnhaké: ton had to prevent the conflict between the colonists and the British soldiers, but this was not easy because the Templar gang attempted to provoke the conflict. After assassinating the Templar, who was plotting to open fire to provoke protester Connor (Achilles named Ratonhnhaké: ton), he thought everything was fine, but Charles Lee appeared to finish the unfinished work.

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Story Assassin’s Creed III Remastered – Part 4: Quiet Indians Chapter 4 tells the unfortunate past of the protagonist Ratonhnhaké: ton while revealing secrets that the Kanien’kehá: ka are protecting .

At this time British soldiers began shooting at the protesters, the situation was extremely chaotic and Connor was accused by Haytham as the mastermind of the shooting. Before he could regain consciousness, he discovered that old man Achilles had … sneaked out of his own way, so the Indians were forced to find a way to escape from Boston before the fierce chase of the soldiers. Just out of the raid, Connor immediately met Samuel Adams one of the important allies of the assassin in the colony. According to Adams, he was asked by Achilles to bring the Indian to leave Boston, but in his opinion, the fugitive was only temporary because if he did not delete the wanted poster, the next time Connor returned to this place would still be chased by the soldiers. . In general, this is the time when we will explore the mechanism of using bribes to cancel the wanted war as well as explore the labyrinth of tunnels under the city (at this time it is probably just a town). Boston is not related much to the main story.

After completing the tasks that Adams requested, Connor was finally arranged to board the train and leave Boston to return to the manor. When meeting Achilles, of course, the Indian was unhappy because he was left behind, but the assassin thought that the theory would be useless without dangerous practices like Boston. In short, Achilles was very pleased with the test results and gave Connor a cloak of assassins, meaning that Connor has now been recognized as an unofficial member of the Assassins Association. But before Templar meat or save any city, Connor had to save the sawmill Terry hand from drowning. In return, Terry and Godfrey decided to stay in Davenport and provide materials for Achilles’s farm at affordable prices. Achilles also decided to revitalize the farm, so if Connor felt that someone needed a shelter, take them back. In parallel, the assassin also introduced the Indian to Robert Faulkner , the former captain of the famous Aquila ship (remember the ship that appeared when controlling Haytham Kenway?).

Assassin's Creed 3 Remastered - Sequence 5 Ratonhnhaké:ton

At first Faulkner proved to be an alcoholic, annoyed and sarcastic with everything. But seeing the condition of the Aquila, once dubbed The Ghost of the Nort Seas is now stranded and decaying slowly in Davenport Bay, we can understand why the captain’s mood has declined. so. With the help of the materials of the two sawmillers, after 6 months of restoration, the Aquila finally returned and Connor made his first adventure to the dangerous Atlantic Ocean. The first voyage was also quite simple when Faulkner mainly instructed Connor on how to steer the ship, adjust the sails and how to properly navigate the wind. After mastering the basic lessons, now the Indian is required to set sail to Mathar’s Vineyard so Faulkner can recruit more sailors. At Connor’s tavern, they almost fought with the free sailors because they faintly heard about Charles Lee’s name but it was all right in the end. Upon returning to the farm, Connor is recognized by Achilles as eligible to put on the characteristic hood of the guild and from now on the Indian is an official member of the Brotherhood of Assassin.