Charles Lee and Thomas Hickey are too painfully tucked in Connor. The Indian was nearly hanged for this but ultimately managed to prevent a plot to assassinate Washington.

It is now 1776, and Achilles Davenport continues to pour long-term chicken broth over the confrontation between Templar and Assassin. These two people have less and less in common when Connor is skeptical of everything he has done, of those who have killed. In his heart, the Indian man kept wondering about the words of Pitcairn and Johnson before he died, whether he was acting right and whether Assassin would be better than Templar if what the other two said are true words. After finishing his admonition, Achilles started to get angry and said that if Connor couldn’t think clearly, remove his assassin and do whatever he wanted.

Assassin's Creed 3 Remastered - Sequence 8 Connor

Leaving the basement, the two students continue to argue more and more. The appearance of Benjamin Tallmadge made Connor shut his mouth quickly. Achilles said that Tallmadge’s father was once a member of the Assassins’ Association, so there’s no need to keep it a secret. It turns out Tallmadge came here because of the Templar’s information about preparing to assassinate George Washington that Connor provided. Still, at the moment, the Indian guy hasn’t investigated anything new. Tallmadge said he would help this case by giving Connor access to Thomas Hickey, who would most likely play a key role in the assassination of the commander-in-chief of 13 colonial states. To find Hickey, both will first leave Boston to go to New York, and this is the first time players set foot in this area in the game.

On the journey with Tallmadge, we also learn more about why this young man did not succeed the older adult despite his work admiration. The reason is that he wants to see his children grow up and choose to live a simple life that is less dangerous than to be a guest and pretend that he is an honest citizen, not related to anything—any faction. Back to the main content, Tallmadge said it was believed that Hickey let juniors launch a large amount of counterfeit money in the New York black market. They know where their boss is hiding, and Connor’s job is to catch a fake banker to force him to tell them where they’re looking.

Assassin's Creed 3 Remastered - Sequence 7 Connor

Story of Assassin’s Creed 3 Remastered – Part 7: War to find peace Sequence 7 of Assassin’s Creed will follow Connor to embark on a period of the early but immensely history of the United States of America.

Soon, they discovered a guy chased by people for spending fake money, so Connor decided to stalk to listen to his conversation and his accomplices. After finding the place where Hickey was hiding, a chase took place. But Connor was misunderstood by guards as accomplices in using the Templar’s fake money, so both were arrested and imprisoned. While fighting Hickey when Charles Lee and Haytham Kenway came, it seemed that Connor’s warning worked when Tallmadge spread the word, and now the assassination of Washington will not be simple. Lee asked Hickey to obediently squat at the detention center for a few days so that Washington’s vigilance dropped before he could assassinate. Strangely, such a vital assassination plan has been bragged by Lee everywhere as if intentionally telling Connor.

In a few days in prison, Connor has managed some relationships to find a way to escape or at least eliminate Hickey at this prison. However, upon reaching the cell of the Templar cell and assassinating him, Connor was shocked to see Lee and Hickey standing there, looking sarcastic and the one in the cell was a guard. The two sides started endless battles between the killer creed and the truth that the knight pursued. In the end, Hickey came to laugh at Connor, saying that the fact that he threw fake money into the market was a small trick to lure Connor out. Tomorrow when the Indians are executed for allegedly destroying the colonial economy and killing an officer in prison, he promises to carefully assassinate Washington as soon as Connor is hanged for killing him. Thu saw how naive and foolish he was.

Assassin's Creed 3 Remastered - Sequence 8 Connor

Of course, Connor is outraged and tries to fight back, but it doesn’t work much because Charles Lee is holding a gun. At this moment, the two old rivals have finally become each other. Lee also reasonably said all these troubles would not have happened if in the past Connor did what he asked for, but everything was done. The next morning the Indian was taken to the gallows without going through any questioning procedures. When he was about to stop breathing because of the lasso, Achilles suddenly appeared to rescue. The next thing is not complicated, and everyone can guess when Connor comes to solve Hickey when the Templar is trying to assassinate George Washington. Before dying, Hickey – like other friends, also tried to leave some things behind. But unlike Johnson and Pitcairn, Hickey did not have so many economist ideologies. He joined the Templar only for simple purposes like the desire to have more money and power.

Connor tried to ask why Johnson wanted to buy the land of Kanien’kehá: ka, Pitcairn bit without letting go of Adams and Hancock, the assassination of Washington, or why the Templars were determined to help the British colonialists. He doesn’t know anything. Whoever does it doesn’t do that. In the colonial Templar organization, after the powerful godfather Haytham Kenway was Charles Lee, the two would plan or issue orders to lower-ranking people like Pitcairn, Johnson, and Hickey. Hickey said he only cares about money and rights, and things that are too sublime such as human life and humanity, don’t understand at all. In the end, the Templar questioned Connor that there was nothing wrong with pursuing what he wanted. At least he knew exactly his own goal and tried to do it, and the Indian was still bewildered about the righteousness that you don’t even understand.