In Assassin’s Creed III, Haytham’s portraits are portrayed a lot in the early stages; who tells people that … the protagonist’s father?

After arriving at the Boston pier, Haytham will meet Charles Lee, a crucial Templar figure, of course, many years later. Now Lee is just an avid fan of Haytham. After a few gossips about the colonies of 13 colonies, General Bardock, and miscellaneous things on the way out of the pier, Lee finally took the player to the General Store to buy the necessary equipment. Here Haytham Kenway will meet Benjamin Franklin, a real figure in history, one of the United States’ founders.

Benjamin Franklin (1706 – 1790) was a politician, scientist, writer, printer, philosopher, inventor, activist, and top diplomat. In science, he is a prominent figure in the history of physics because of his discoveries and theories of electricity, such as the discoveries of thunder and lightning. As a politician and activist, he came up with an American and a diplomat during the American Revolution. He persuaded his French ally to help to be independent.

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Mr. Ben lamented that he had just been stolen. The bandit not only took away his pocket money but also conveniently stole the Almanac that he greatly loved. There is no interaction for this conversation, but from now on, Haytham or Connor can collect Almanac pages scattered on the roofs of Boston and New York to assemble into a complete book. A pretty exciting trophy to challenge the climbing ability of gamers. After buying swords and pistols, returning to the game, head outside to the General Store to see that Lee was waiting with a horse. Ride with this crazy fan to the Green Dragon Tavern to meet the second Templar leader in the future, Sir. William Johnson.

Haytham began sharing about the quest to find the Grand Temple of the First Civilization in the United States. William is also interested in this case. Some of the clues refer to the land of the Kanien’kehá: ka or Mohawk tribes. The disdain of the British colonialists. However, when the investigations did not bring the exact results, the information was taken away by an unknown bandit. William suspected Assassins Association was involved in the theft. William then suggested to Haytham that this was not easy and that the team needed the help of Thomas Hickey, a resourceful man who kept his mouth shut. Haytham does not take much time to think because Thomas is also a key name on the list that Reginald Birch gave the Templar before departing for the Americas.

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Assassin’s Creed III Remastered Plot – Part 1: The Medallion and the New World In addition to the “perennial” relationship between Templar and Assassin, Assassin’s Creed III is also a conflict of many different ideologies.

Unlike Haytham, Lee, or William, the purpose of Thomas’s life is simple when the desire to hold money and power as much as possible. Hence, his initial attitude to Lee and Haytham is exceptionally evil, paralyzed by the Templar’s English-speaking accent. Thomas said that he had found where the thieves kept information about the investigation in the territory of the people of Kanien’kehá: ka but had not found a way to infiltrate. For this boy to obediently join the Templar, Haytham devised a very hegemonic plan to break this loot is rush in, meet someone who kills him (? !!). Of course, this is only the first phase of the game, and this loot proves itself unworthy for the main character to show talent, so it has fallen exceptionally quickly.

After being defeated, the thieves and mercenaries’ leader said that this was not done, proving William’s speculation of a greater force behind him was correct. After retrieving the important maps’ chest, Haytham and the two men returned to the Green Dragon Tavern. The trip was not too smooth when the group was hired continuously by mercenaries and thieves with the vampires preventing. Haytham’s mission is to escort Thomas, Charles, and the document chest to the safe liquor. According to the information William investigated, the symbols on the locket that Haytham took from Miko may be the Kanien’kehá: ka’s hieroglyphs. Still, I want to know what needs further investigation. The results were not very favorable, so Charles suggested Haytham look for Benjamin Church, a reasonably competent guy, and one of Birch’s recommended list.

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The next morning, the two arrived at Church’s house, but it was unfortunate that the young man went missing while the apartment was rummaged by “someone”. By professional measures, Haytham finally found many clues from British soldiers. According to the Church, Church is being kidnapped by British soldiers to pay security, but he is too stubborn to be brutally tortured. Silas Thatcher, a senior officer in the British colonial army but commonly known for extortion and slave trade, was behind the Church’s illegal detention. Feeling tired of being refused continuously to pay bail, Silas decided to leave and ordered his subordinates to chop his hands, cut his tongue, and castrate the Church to face any who dared to oppose him. Before this brutal execution took place, Haytham and his gang broke in just in time to rescue the hostages.

Back at the pub, check the information from the Church to see that Silas is holding many slaves from the Kanien’kehá: ka tribe. Maybe someone knows where Haytham wants to look. But in addition to the slave trade, Silas was a senior officer of the British colonialists, so his convoy always had the highest military force realm. Charles Lee suggested that it was necessary to recruit another person serving the British army to make it easier for the hand. The chosen face was none other than John Pitcairn. At Haytham barracks met an old acquaintance, Edward Braddock. At this time, Edward was questioning Pitcairn about his arrival in Boston without a command. Despite Haytham’s explanation that Templar sent both Lee and Pitcairn to support their work in Boston, Braddock was determined not to release Pitcairn.

Cốt truyện Assassin’s Creed III Remastered - Sequence 2

Picairn could be executed for espionage and treason for appearing at the barracks without orders from his superior to rescue allies. Haytham decided to lure Edward out to “talk right and left”. To play the tiger, Charles will pretend to be crazy and throw horse manure at Braddock. The general was enraged to pursue, but he quickly found himself surrounded by the other three. After a small conflict, Edward Braddock was defeated promptly by Haytham and held a knife to his neck. The Templar says he will spare Edward because they used to be Templar comrades, but the next time they are destined to face each other, all past debts will be paid off fair. Haytham then left with Lee and Pitcairn to meet with the other people at the pub and discuss plans to rob sled cars the next morning.

With an increasing number of elite troops, the Haytham group was not too difficult to control the vehicles carrying Kanien’kehá: ka. This is the first time the father and mother of the protagonist Connor Kenway met. Of course, the two of them did not have a good impression of each other either because Haytham refused to release Kaniehtí: io, at least until the group’s infiltrated the barracks where Silas was stationed. After successfully breaking into, Haytham kept his promise and released Kaniehtí: io, but very quickly, she disappeared like a wind leaving the Templar with eyes full of wonder. As planned, they will kill the commanders, free the slaves, and create chaos in the barracks to make Silas angry to reach the fastest way.

Cốt truyện Assassin’s Creed III Remastered - Sequence 2

The general and the merchant trader were trapped too easily. Seeing his goods escape, he ordered to close the barracks and not allow anyone to enter. Haytham’s group was waiting to be able to rush to destroy each British soldier before their surprise. Haytham defeated Silas and entrusted finishing to the Church to end the resentment between the two. In the sunset of the late afternoon, standing on the fortress of the fortress, Haytham suddenly saw Kaniehtí: io led the tribe’s men out of the barracks. The two siblings seem to begin to moan when exchanging wet eyes. At this moment, Charles Lee suddenly asked what would happen next, and Haytham just said to wait and see. It will come very quickly.