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The plot of Battle Realms begins with the gentle Wolf clan, which is defeated by the two rival races Lotus and Serpent and then used as slave labor.

When it comes to the strategy game genre, surely names like Warcraft, Starcraft or AOE have become too familiar to us. But today they will talk about another popular strategy game that used to be famous. It’s Battle Realms – an RTS strategy game released by Ubisoft in 2001.

The story begins in a remote land where people of the Wolf race live and work, together they build a complete nation. They consider wolves to be the supreme mascots of the tribe, and so on and on peacefully over the years. But then one day these lands were attacked by a mysterious storm, which swept through the village. Right at the moment of hanging the hair, the Druidess used their magic. With the aid of a powerful ancient artifact called the White Wolf Skull, the Druidess teleported their entire tribe to a new land away from storms.

Cốt truyện Battle Realms – P.1: Tộc sói và ách nô lệ

In the new land they rebuilt their territory, and also traded with another clan here, the Serpent, to avoid war. But in this area, apart from the Serpent family, there is still another race in the north called Lotus which is ruled by Lord Zymeth and his mistress is Yvaine. Unlike the Serpent who always wanted balance and power, the Lotus clan worshiped dark magic and aggression and expansion.

Lord Zymeth had long discovered that there was an extremely rare ore of black ore in the mines of the Northern Territory, so he was stationed there in the hope of being able to take it. And he raised that ambition as soon as he learned of the arrival of another race in this land, but because he was worried about the Serpent family, he could not do anything. Zymeth, however, came up with a plan to link up with the Serpent so that he could acquire and use the Wolf clan. And so he negotiated with Lord Ouja, the ruler of the Serpent, about his plan and promised to give the Serpent some of the ore.

Lord Ouja agreed and the Lotus clan did not give up the opportunity but immediately attacked the Wolf clan, due to being beaten unexpectedly with Lotus’s power so large that the Wolf clan was quickly defeated and fell into the hands of Lotus clan. People of the Wolf race were quickly pushed by Zymeth down the dangerous mines in the North. Here they have to work under the bondage of the Lotus clan and the goddess Yvaine. Through years of imprisonment, a warrior carrying the undying wolf blood is determined to stand up to rebuild his family.

Cốt truyện Battle Realms – P.1: Tộc sói và ách nô lệ

It was Grayback, a warrior with a wolf blood stronger than anyone who decided to stand up and fight and liberate his people. But in order to do so, he needs more allies and has not yet found an opportunity.

One day Grayback, along with a friend who was working in a mine, told Grayback that he was very hungry, and the two of them stopped to rest when Budo, a high-ranking officer on the Serpent side with Lotus soldiers. shouted at their laziness. At this time, Grayback opens a plea for some practical aid to the workers. Budo then shouted and ordered that if he wanted food, go down to the tunnel on the right and finish the pile of shale there, if they did, they would get food.

Grayback accepted and immediately went to the quarry, on the way, despite being attacked by spiders, Grayback did not have much difficulty to complete the task. After returning to Budo he immediately asked for food supplies, Budo agreed but at that moment a Warlock came. He announced that the warehouse was running out of food for Yvaine’s party so he asked Budo to take the slaves’ food to replenish immediately. Without hesitation Budo agreed but forgot the deal with Grayback, which made him angry. Budo then said, there is a pile of slate in the southwest that needs to be exploited but the road has been blocked, Budo sent both him and his friend beside him to come down to exploit the pile, if he can do it, he will. negotiate with Yvaine for some food.

Cốt truyện Battle Realms – P.1: Tộc sói và ách nô lệ

Without hesitation, Grayback accepted and joined his friend on a new task, then they returned to Budo and reiterated the agreement of the two sides. But at that moment, Master Warlock came and shouted at Budo about Yvaine’s food being infested by maggots and made the threat that if they did, they would not leave Budo alone. And so Budo once again broke his promise to Grayback, as soon as the Master Warlock left Budo to return to Grayback and warned him to work twice as much to earn food. The friend continued to complain of hunger and Grayback also warned that Yvaine would not be pleased if Budo let her slave starve to death. Right now, he felt compelled by Budo to yell at Grayback’s face and ordered him to go down to the depths of the cave where Yvaine forbade anyone to come down, which was also heavily guarded by spiders. and Lotus’s soldiers or he will punish his friend Sledger.

Grayback accepted the invitation and, along with his friend, went deeper into the cave, where he discovered the energy gates built by the Lotus to prevent anyone from coming. Down here he accidentally discovered that in addition to the two of us there are nearly 10 slaves are trapped down here. Without hesitation, Grayback and his friends rushed down to the mines, where they encountered many monsters and even the guards of Lotus but with the help of the slaves he rescued, they quickly defeated each attack. As soon as he got to the mines in the North, he heard a cry for help, Grayback and his men came there and it was unexpected that the person calling for help was Longtooth – a friend of Grayback who was surrounded by a spider. around. After rescuing his friend, Grayback asked his friend to come along for more help, and Longtooth agreed and the party headed down the mines.

Cốt truyện Battle Realms – P.1: Tộc sói và ách nô lệ

Here Grayback confronts Yvaine the goddess of the Lotus clan. Yvaine appeared to be quite surprised by the appearance of the slaves in this restricted area, and attacked and attacked Grayback, but despite being strong, Yvaine could not defeat the entire group alone. As a result Yvaine was injured and had to retreat. Realizing there was no way back to Grayback with Longtooth down into the mines to gather more forces to prepare for the next attacks by Yvaine and her army.

With Longtooth’s help, Grayback went deep into the mines to be able to rescue even more slaves. There they were able to save more slaves who were detained and at the same time caused damage to not only Lotus’s army but also the Serpent sent by Budo to kill Grayback. When he reached an exit, Grayback told Longtooth to escape to other mines so that he could spread the word about the rebellion, and he himself would stay and continue to rescue the slaves here. .

Cốt truyện Battle Realms – P.1: Tộc sói và ách nô lệ

Longtooth expressed concern about this and further Yvaine was about to attack here, at which point Grayback was her prime target. But with his stubborn nature Grayback is determined to stay and tell Longtooth when he finishes his mission, come back to his rescue. Longtooth had no choice but to follow orders and leave, shortly after, Budon pulled his troops to try to threaten Grayback. But because of his cunning nature, he also forced the people of the Wolf clan to be bribed to attack Grayback forcing him to go down with his fellow humans. After defeating the Wolf tribe, Grayback continued to rescue the slaves and lead them to the road leading out of the mines.

As soon as everyone has escaped, Yvaine appears and stops him, she uses her magic to make the ground surface to block his escape, and she warns that although the slaves may have escaped, they will freeze to the outside. Feeling that something was not good, Grayback proceeded to attack Yvaine, but she immediately used magic to disappear, which made him even more anxious to get out.

There was no time to think that he quickly went to find another way to escape, but at that moment he discovered the Wolf Shalery building was hidden with two friends Sledger, he freed the Sledger and advanced. into the Shalery building armored herself.

Cốt truyện Battle Realms – P.1: Tộc sói và ách nô lệ

Dressed in armor that made Grayback more boiling, he quickly entered the upper branch mines and rescued the other slaves. Going upward, the Lotus army was getting more and more dense, but it was still no problem for Grayback now that he was fully equipped and dragged along his army. As he made his way to the top of the mines he saw that Longtooth had returned with the army he had just recruited, Grayback quickly brought his people up on a watchtower to signal to Longtooth. Receiving signals Longtooth marched to meet Grayback. Upon meeting Grayback and Longtooth saw a village devastated by Lotus’s troops, at that moment a man named Wildeye rushed out to save the village. Grayback and Longtooth did not hesitate to rush in to attack the Lotus soldiers mistakenly rescuing Wildeye and the village.

After defeating the Lotus army, Grayback offered to Wildeye with him to fight for the freedom of the Wolf clan. Wildeye agreed and here they built an army with the goal of attacking the Lotus plantation which was also the last gate for them to have freedom. Grayback’s army quickly attacked and gained victory over Lotus’s army, Yvaine appeared before Grayback and Wildeye. Wildeye immediately cursed at Yvaine for killing her mistress in the past.

Cốt truyện Battle Realms – P.1: Tộc sói và ách nô lệ

While the two sides were still arguing, Grayback realized it was snowing. Yvaine then revealed that this snow pile is the result of her magic and the White Wolf Skull, which will drown the entire wolf clan and the Serpent clan from which the Lotus clan will take over the whole land. Yvaine called out the Master Warlocks to destroy Grayback and his army but as the leader of the Wolf clan he quickly commanded his men to defeat both the Master Warlock and Yvaine once again opened the escape route for the whole family. mine. And so GrayBack and his army escape but how will they survive in the “winter of the wolf clan”?