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The Wolf tribe gained hope of rekindling when Grayback led the slaves to escape from the mines, but the journey was still long.

In the previous Battle Realms story, Grayback successfully rescued all slaves from the Lotus territory and he also found two friends who were like-minded. But after escaping from the Lotus clan’s mine, Grayback will now face even more challenges from both the Lotus and the Serpent, plus the harsh winter that Yvaine created, so now What will you do next?

Cốt truyện Battle Realms – P.2: Mùa đông của tộc Sói

Grayback’s party stopped at a edge of the forest, they lit a fire and from here Grayback also explained about the White Wolf Skull and the mystical power it brought. Feeling that the power of the ancient artifact was so great it would be dangerous to be with someone like Yvaine, Grayback emphasized that the most urgent task now was to find the wolves that had remained lost outside. build forces to attack Yvaine’s castle.

After Wildeye heard Grayback, Gaihla and her entourage lived in the old swamp and were waiting for the wolf race to return. Gaihla is inherently the most powerful Druidess of the Wolf clan, she possesses a great deal of ants about natural magic and antiques so Wildeye hopes Gaihla might know how to prevent this extreme weather.
On the way to the swamp, they had a lot of difficulties in their journey, lack of food and harsh climate that made each of them fell in the snow.

After an arduous journey, the group finally reaches the swamp where they hope to receive Gaihla’s help. But when they arrived they were surprised that the entire swamp had been destroyed, from the forest one person approached the group, she claimed to be Gaihla’s bodyguard and pleaded for Grayback’s help. Grayback was quite surprised. He did not expect Lotus’s troops to attack so fast. But the bodyguard interrupted him and said that Lotus had nothing to do with this and that the attacker was Utara, a witch of the Serpent.

Cốt truyện Battle Realms – P.2: Mùa đông của tộc Sói

The nature of Utara and the witches of the Serpent also has a desire for black magic, especially Utara when her cunning and cunning nature is not inferior to Yvaine. Realizing that to save Gaihla, it was necessary to defeat Utara, Grayback deployed his forces, combined with Gaihla’s remaining troops to attack Utara’s base. After defeating the front line of the Serpent’s army, Grayback faced Utara at the foot of a mountain, and he asked Gaihla’s whereabouts, but she ignored her ear and said if she wanted to know where Gaihla was, she would use it herself. my power to ask. Utara ended up using magic to teleport herself back to the Serpent’s mansion

To find out Gaihla’s whereabouts, Grayback and his men had to attack Utara’s base and destroy her mansion. After being defeated Utara told Grayback that Gaihla was captured by Lord Soban of the Lotus clan and brought back to his factory for testing. Grayback let Utara escape and quickly he and Longtooth, Wildeye went to find Soban’s location.

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The group split up to search, and with the help of a Digger, Wildeye was able to locate an invisible headquarters of the Lotus that appeared deep inside a valley. Wildeye wants to let Grayback know but is afraid that the factory will be invisible. He then used the rocks on the nearby high cliffs to destroy some of the structures and alerted Grayback to come and assist. During the devastation he accidentally freed a giant creature named Shale lord captured by the Lotus clan. The monster went crazy and destroyed the entire research area and the energy pillar, making the entire research area invisible.

Cốt truyện Battle Realms – P.2: Mùa đông của tộc Sói

Just then Grayback brought reinforcements to the rescue, they quickly built the base and attacked. Destroying the entire factory, they found out that Lord Soban’s research facility exited stealth mode and was located right in the middle of the factory. He angrily rushed out and attacked Grayback, however he quickly fell and was defeated by the wolf army, the whole base was also destroyed and they succeeded in freeing Gaihla. .

Cốt truyện Battle Realms – P.2: Mùa đông của tộc Sói

A few days later, when they stopped in a village, Grayback asked Gaihla how to break Yvaine’s magic, but Gaihla said that he could only defeat Yvaine or destroy the white wolf skull because if the magic of the white wolf skull still remained. While active, Gaihla could not do anything. Moreover, because this power is making nature die from, it also makes Gaihla’s strength and life are endangered.

Grayback asked if Wildeye and his wolves could find a place to rest, Wildeye said he found a monastery that looked deserted, but the trees in the garden were looked after very carefully.

Cốt truyện Battle Realms – P.2: Mùa đông của tộc Sói

Feeling something was not right, but Gaihla’s situation was so urgent that Grayback risked a vanguard to investigate the situation. On the way he was ambushed by Utara and her gunner soldiers, but Grayback quickly defeated Utara and freed all the monks captured by the Serpent.

The group takes Gaihla to the monastery to rest while they meet a monk who calls himself Tao, a person who has both positive and negative powers. Tao said Grayback was coming very close to Yvaine’s castle, but to get there he had to defeat Lotus’s army on two bases and was led by two generals Issyl and Koril. These two guys are extremely dangerous generals of Zymeth, but they do not like each other and if he defeats one name, the other will lead the entire army.

Cốt truyện Battle Realms – P.2: Mùa đông của tộc Sói

Far different from the Lotus scouts before he encountered him, Tao warned Grayback that the risks of this war were great, and that if he lost, he and his men would surely be killed by them all. But now Grayback has no way back and moreover he is very close to the base of Mrs. Yvaine, there is no reason he had to surrender. Longtooth and Wildeye agreed with that idea of Grayback, they quickly deployed forces to prepare for operations. Despite his stubborn and reckless nature, Grayback is still mature enough to realize that if based solely on his current strength, the chance to win that army is extremely low. Grayback immediately asked the help of Tao and the monks at the temple, Tao agreed with Grayback to join the fight.

With the help of Tao and the monks, Grayback’s army grew stronger, they fought a vital battle with the Lotus and the victory once again belonged to the proud wolf warriors. However, Grayback’s party also suffered heavy losses from this war. After defeating the two generals of the Lotus clan, Grayback gave his men a rest at the foot of a hill.

Cốt truyện Battle Realms – P.2: Mùa đông của tộc Sói

When the rest of the group had just stopped for a while, suddenly, a young man galloped to his company. Grayback and Wildeye immediately realized it was Prince Taro of the Serpent. They stood up to salute, while Prince Taro questioned Grayback and he blamed their group on the culprit for this damn weather. Grayback heard this and rebutted and explained that Yvaine was the culprit. Taro was determined not to believe Grayback, and even threatened that if he didn’t return the weather, he would bring his troops to kill him, and after saying that he galloped away. It would be dangerous for the Serpent to join this war, realizing that Wildeye told Grayback that he should attack Prince Taro’s academy, and if he didn’t listen, he would have to fight it out.

So Grayback temporarily postponed the plan to attack Yvaine and instead went to Prince Taro’s academy. After defeating Taro’s guards, Grayback and Wildeye confront Taro, where they once again justify that Yvaine is the culprit of this icy weather, not the Wolf. Taro this time to escape death he immediately believed Grayback and promised to return to Lord Ouja, said he then mounted and ran away. Although they knew that Taro was an untrustworthy person, they could focus on the fight with Yvaine temporarily.

Without hesitation, Grayback led the army to the direction of Yvaine’s castle located on a mountain hidden two energy gates. The surrounding area is also protected by an extremely powerful force with a series of watchtowers and Lotus soldiers.

Cốt truyện Battle Realms – P.2: Mùa đông của tộc Sói

Grayback, along with his men, set up a camp to build a base and prepare the army. This will be the last gate they have to overcome if they want to defeat Yvaine. The war broke out fiercely between the two sides, moreover when the battle was fierce, Budo and Utara led a army of Serpent soldiers to attack Grayback. Despite being attacked from both sides, the victory still belongs to the Wolf clan, they open two energy gates leading to Yvaine’s castle.

The Wolf army destroyed Yvaine’s castle and realized that she had escaped to the basement below the castle. Grayback told Longtooth and Wildeye that he would face Yvaine alone, and if he didn’t return, the Wolf clan would be led by the two. Longtooth did not agree, but Wildeye agreed with Grayback this time, saying that as a leader, he had to keep his honor, Grayback vowed to defeat Yvaine personally, so if not, Grayback’s honor. will be gone. Longtooth heard that and became silent and watched his friend walk down the tunnel.

Cốt truyện Battle Realms – P.2: Mùa đông của tộc Sói

Here Grayback found Yvaine trying to take complete control of the white wolf skull. He immediately ran to the energy pillars and destroyed them. Losing the power of the white wolf skull Yvaine frantically attacked Grayback and was overwhelmed by him, feeling unable to win against Grayback and overloading the white wolf skull causing it to explode to kill him.

Outside, Longtooth witnessed the explosion, but Wildeye stopped him, Longtooth knelt and cried for his friend, Wildeye saw Longtooth comforting, but miraculously Grayback was standing in front of both and also. very healthy. Grayback himself still didn’t understand why he was alive, but Wildeye said that the white wolf skull had saved him.

Cốt truyện Battle Realms – P.2: Mùa đông của tộc Sói

So Grayback succeeded in killing Yvaine and ending this harsh winter brought a total victory for the Wolf clan.