Under the crazy shooting gameplay, Doom Eternal contains a lot of new information about the context and plot that can make you “suffocate,” for example, Khan Maykr.

When coming to Doom Eternal, many gamers will be amazed because its first stage has no explanation for the events taking place after Dr. Samuel Hayden disappeared with the Crucible sword while introducing it. With you many new characters. The creature with a feminine shape and a luxurious appearance called “Khan Maykr” is a significant question mark for the player when you do not know who she is, what role the invasion plays of the demons, and the relationship between Khan Maykr and Doom Slayer. So I will make a new series of articles about the game’s story. In part 1 of this series, I would like to learn about Khan Maykr, the Maykr race, and their role in the world of Doom.

Note: This is an article explaining the context as well as the plot of Doom Eternal. Surely after this warning will be a spoiler about the game storyline, which you should consider before deciding whether to continue reading or not.

Cốt truyện Doom Eternal – P.1: Khan Maykr là ai?

Khan Maykr.

Maykr race

Somewhere in the universe, there exists a city called Urdak. It is the capital of the Maykr race and is said to be a “living” city. The legends we know about the formation of Urdak are somewhat contradictory and overlapping. For example, a legend says it was made up of Father’s remains, the Maykr race’s ancestor. There was another information saying that it was made of the spirits of the dead Maykr.

Cốt truyện Doom Eternal – P.1: Khan Maykr là ai?

Urdak, the capital of Maykr.

The Maykr have their ideas of freedom but are submissive to the higher-ranking Maykr, and the ones at the top of the ladder of power are the Khan Maykr (from Khan probably from “Khan,” the title). For the ruler of the ancient Mongolian steppe). Their appearance is also very different: the low-level Maykr are small and do not even have hands like the Maykr Drones you meet in the game, while the high-level Maykr is more extensive, has arms, and 3-5 fingers hands, while the lower body is tentacles like an octopus.

Cốt truyện Doom Eternal – P.1: Khan Maykr là ai?

Inside Urdak.

The Maykr race residents are not immortal, but they have a too advanced civilization and consider themselves gods, superior to ordinary races. Perhaps this is precisely why, in the description of many other races, Maykr is a “non-physical” race, but, beneath the white and yellow high-tech armor, they are still just blood regular meat only.

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Thanks to the too advanced civilization (surpassing Argent D’Nur) and the ability to manipulate Argent’s energy, the Maykr clan enslaved many other races and considered themselves gods to bestow technological favors and “life after death” in exchange for their service. However, Maykr is not an “angel,” and Urdak is not a real Heaven. So when you hear Emperor Novik once said that “if Doom Slayer continues, you will suffer the wrath of Heaven,” he referred to the Maykr clan.

Cốt truyện Doom Eternal – P.1: Khan Maykr là ai?

The Maykr and the Icon of Sin. You can see Maykr’s tentacles below their robes.

Maykr’s splendor did not last long. The Khan Maykr have a life span of about 10,000 years, and whenever one of them dies, a new Khan Mayker will be created – probably from a mixture of many low-level Maykr. However, this process can only be done under Father’s help, and when the character dies, no Khan Maykr can be created to replace it. This is a disaster for the Maykr clan because they will gradually lose their leaders and even become extinct – what makes Dr. Samuel Hayden call Maykr “a dying race.”

To avoid this, the Khan Maykr used Argent energy to extend their life. To obtain a stable source of Argent energy, Maykr abandoned Argent D’Nur and allied himself with Hell. The Maykr promise that they will help Hell expand its domination, “harvest” life force and soul from other races, in exchange for Hell must provide endless Argent energy for themselves. It is unclear if the use of Argent energy to prolong life has turned Khan Maykr into a creature that looks quite similar to the devil we see in the game.

Cốt truyện Doom Eternal – P.1: Khan Maykr là ai?

Khan Maykr below the mask.

Because they always consider themselves a superior race, the Maykr is not afraid to sacrifice billions of other races’ lives to protect their existence. Thanks to the superior technology and immortality created by Argent energy, they thought they were worthy of being sacrificed by other races. During a brief chat with Doom Slayer in the game, Khan Maykr expressed himself “to mourn for humans,” but perhaps it was just a lie in the hope of deceiving Doom Slayer to stop moving forward to destroy the devil and save the Earth.

You already know what happened to Khan Maykr at the end of the game: she was murdered by Doom Slayer and declared that his actions would destroy all creation in the universe. The golden energy ball in front of her chest ascended into the sky, creating a storm while a mysterious voice shouted, “No!”