The residents of Argent D’Nur have a complicated history of building the country, but that does not stop them from rising to mastering their destiny.

In Doom Eternal, gamers have repeatedly received tokens to upgrade the Doom Slayer armor from the hands of ancient warriors’ souls. These spirits exist everywhere and always kneel before Doom Slayer after giving the token in their hands to him. They are the ancient Sentinel warriors of the country of Argent D’Nur, the defenders of this nation against the outside enemies, and fought to the last moment before the invading demonic army. In this article, let’s examine the Night Sentinels organization’s history and what happened to them.


In the Ligra Sultagenta (Book of Kings) of the Argentinian records, it is noted that from ancient times, there was a giant fragment crashing into their planet Argent D’Nur “from heaven.” This fragment punctured the entire planet, and the Wraiths appeared from within that wound. Their appearance brought new life to the earth, and everything Wraith’s breath spread to awakening from eternal sleep. Among the first creatures to awaken are the Ancestral (ancestors), aggressive creatures of enormous size, and they fight with each other, destroying the land and everything caught up in that fight.

Cốt truyện Doom Eternal – P.5: Quá khứ của Argent D’Nur

The Wraiths are born.

Between the wars of the Ancestral, the first Argents awakened and formed the first tribes. They were born from rock and fire, with a lowly origin but arose through the power of will. They are not afraid of the Ancestral but forge the first weapons to defeat them to gain the right to live on the ground and start the Age of Man. From here, the Argentinians breed, cultivate and develop their civilization. They recruited the first emperor, Ormero, to build the cathedral to worship the Wraiths, and gave the Deag Society monks the responsibility to satisfy the Wraith’s hunger.

But the Argent tribe is not yet the ruler of the planet. Their cities are still being attacked by savages, storms, and earthquakes destroying strongholds, and the lyrics of the Wraiths can also drive insane minds into insanity. Amid this context, the emperor Ormero founded Night Sentinels, an army of the most powerful Argent warriors.

Maykr appeared

Cốt truyện Doom Eternal – P.5: Quá khứ của Argent D’Nur

At some point after the Night Sentinels was founded and the residents of Argent D’Nur were falling into the Time of Grief under the reign of Emperor Etrex, the Maykr clan appeared at Argent D’Nur. . “White porcelain creatures from a higher world brought gifts to D’Nur. They want to ally with us and bring lasting order to the world, ” according to the description from Ligra Sultagenta. By the achievements of Maykr’s advanced civilization, Argent D’Nur’s weapons and magic were completely useless against them. The Maykr helped Argentine build the society and promise a new life after death to be worshiped as gods.

“Having the ability to move through time and space, they control all known and unknown dimensions. By their teachings, we grow stronger. Our societies are strengthened by their endless knowledge and knowledge, ensuring that our people will be safe and secure forever – even if in this world or the next. Death will no longer be the end of our people. (…) We will find eternal peace, and our minds will rest when we know that the people we fight alongside will meet us in the land beyond the earth. ”

Cốt truyện Doom Eternal – P.5: Quá khứ của Argent D’Nur

Argent D’Nur fleet, including the Fortress of Doom.

With the help of Maykr, Argent D’Nur’s civilization grew, and they undertook expeditions to many other worlds, spreading the influence of the Maykr clan and its leader, Khan Maykr. They discover new worlds, new enemies, and new wars break out as Night Sentinels lead the battlefield to protect and free the weak and oppressed in the universe. “Although we fight on lands that are not ours, our blood spills is to keep Argent D’Nur and the sons and daughters defending it. We form new alliances with the races we liberate, and our faith becomes their faith. Our ranks grow up. ”

While Night Sentinels and Argent D’Nur soldiers fought outside, Khan Maykr and Emperor Roan had a secret meeting. Khan Maykr revealed the prophecy that one day an evil would appear from the Argent D’Nur ranks and that he had to be discovered before it was too late. So the Divinity Machine was created to purify the souls of the most potent warriors owned by Argent D’Nur. That person will not appear for many more generations, so Argentine residents D’Nur gradually forgot this prophecy. At the same time, Khan Maykr and the Deag monks still whispered about the wicked one day that would threaten him. their precepts.

Cốt truyện Doom Eternal – P.5: Quá khứ của Argent D’Nur

Divinity Machine.

The outsider

In the era of Emperor Novik, when Argentines were pursuing a war to protect peace on other planets, other dimensions, different time axes, an Outlander appeared. The descriptions in Ligra Sultagenta say that the Outsiders’ minds have been destroyed by wrath, wearing a suit of armor that is not suitable for survival on Argent D’Nur land and carrying weapons of strange origin hunt.

“He does not come from our world and speaks an ugly language. It is unclear how he stepped on this land. Sentinel scouts find him in a bloody state, full of claws and on the verge of death, but still whisper about the coming doom and the forces of darkness. He was covered in blood, and the fragments of flesh staining the armor seemed not to be his. According to Argentine law, the Outsiders will be judged in the arena, where all who deviate from the Tao will have the opportunity to fight for their freedom. “

Cốt truyện Doom Eternal – P.5: Quá khứ của Argent D’Nur

“We watch Outsiders overcome their wounds and prove their worth in the Arena of Blood. The outsiders’ combat skills were crude and cruel, but his determination to volunteer was similar to a real Sentinel. His roar and indignation echoed in the arena and the guards supported him. They screamed “Rip and Tear” when he was like a beast pushing back the barrier of flesh and death wounds. “

With these feats, the Outsider is given a reward – not a title or rank, but the right to die in glory when spreading Maykr’s teachings to those who need them. Those exploits also made an outsider see Khan Maykr, and when a Maykr learned his language, they were told of unseen lands, creatures born of red flames in a land of darkness that Khan Maykr had never known.

“Another opportunity to give Maykr’s gift to those in need,” according to Ligra Sultagenta.