The abrupt arrival of Hell nearly drove Argent D’Nur to extinction, but a rabbi discovery opened the door for victory.

Devil’s Army

Upon learning of a new dimension from the Outsiders’ mouth – now in the ranks of the Argent D’Nur army, the Argentinians thought that they had an opportunity to bring freedom and faith. Come to a new race. But before they could reach those guys, they went to Argent D’Nur. Instead of appearing on spacecraft or other strange vehicles, they spill out from the surrounding space itself. According to records, the first monsters in the Obsidian stone forest and the Alorum tribe were their first victims.

Cốt truyện Doom Eternal – P.6: Argent D’Nur biết đến Địa ngục và sức mạnh của Người Ngoài

Facing a new threat at home, the Argent D’Nur dragged their fleet back to the capital to deliver the most substantial blow to the demons from the universe. However, that was not enough because the demons that flowed out from what they called the Dark Realm were almost endless. A boundary was drawn on the ground with the blood of the devil and the soldiers of Argent D’Nur, beginning the War of Evil, dark age for the inhabitants of Argent D’Nur.

Unlike the other enemies that the Argent D’Nur legions once faced, they could not stop the demonic advance. The weapons used by the devils were created from their bodies, combined with the dark magic that Argent D’Nur had never seen before. For the first time in Argent D’Nur’s history since the arrival of Maykr, their army did not have a clear advantage over a formidable opponent, forcing scientists and clergy to research hard to find out an advantage needed to win.

There was a time when Argent D’Nur was on the verge of extinction. Still, fortunately, the Deag clergymen discovered the demons’ mystery after capturing several specimens for experiments. They discovered the existence of Essence, a source of power flowing in the demons’ flesh and giving them strength. Deag Society missionaries believe that by harnessing this type of energy, they can allow Argent D’Nur warriors to fight on par with their enemies and can even cut off that power to demonic ranks collapsed from within.

Cốt truyện Doom Eternal – P.6: Argent D’Nur biết đến Địa ngục và sức mạnh của Người Ngoài

Khan Maykr agreed with the missionary’s judgment, so he instructed them to continue studying this crimson energy mystery. She also assisted Argent D’Nur in organizing the raid into the world of the enemy. In that strange world, Argent D’Nur people made discoveries far beyond what they expected: they knew how this power energizes those strong enough to use it and can even help users become immortal.

“When the life force of the devil is in the hands of the talented missionaries and under the righteous gaze of Khan Maykr, our people will not only win against the evil gangs that are tearing down the walls of yourself. We will rise to a higher level of existence, opening a new military science era or large-scale recovery. No Sentinel will get sick. No Maykr will suffer the Transfiguration process they fear. All will flourish. No one will be able to protest our peaceful ways or threaten our world again. We will set a real balance with Hell and its legions, over time and space, in this world and other worlds. Together with Maykr, we will find eternal peace. ”


When Argent D’Nur exploits Essence, Khan Maykr requires 10% of this energy to be obtained, and that requirement is met. The Deag Society monks, meanwhile, told the Argentinian emperor that with new weapons and new power, the Argentinian army could now push the war back to the land of the enemy by walking over. The portal of space the monks will open with their magic.

Also, during this war, Outsiders once again appeared in the notes of Ligria Sultagenta. Argent residents realized that even though Argent D’Nur was not the home of the Outsiders, he yearned to see the destruction of demons just like a true Argentinian warrior. Simultaneously, some of The Magistrate (Inquisitor) doubted that the Outsiders had a treaty dealing with the demons. Rejecting all objections, Emperor Novik allowed the Outsiders to join the Night Sentinels.

Cốt truyện Doom Eternal – P.6: Argent D’Nur biết đến Địa ngục và sức mạnh của Người Ngoài

This is an unusual thing in this country’s history, causing many Night Sentinel disciples to discontent. However, when they witnessed his combat prowess during training sessions with the Night Sentinel masters, they saw a comrade who did not give up, restless. Over time, the Outsiders were taught the Night Sentinels’ secrets and learned the ancient lessons about the battle and the brotherhood that all Night Sentinels learned. The Outsiders realized the opportunity before him: Hell will soon feel his wrath again.

The Outsiders were then allowed to join the expedition to Hell. He and the Night Sentinel warriors stand shoulder to shoulder on unfamiliar battlefields, face unexpected challenges, endure the dangers, pain, and illnesses they bring. Still, he does not ask for help ever. Three times the Night Sentinel warriors walked through the gates of space to Hell, three times the Outsiders returned stronger. He still wished to see the blood of the demons in his heart, but that bloodthirst was controlled and tamed. To Argent D’Nur residents and with Night Sentinels, the Outsider is no longer an outsider – he is a comrade, an ally, a weapon.

While the Outsiders and the warriors shed their blood in Hell, residents of Argent D’Nur enjoy a prosperous new life thanks to the arrival of Essence. It is a sweet stream that gives residents of Argent D’Nur immeasurable abilities, allowing them to come to dimensions once upon a time out of reach. Thanks to the guidance of Khan Maykr as well as the work of the missionaries, Argent D’Nur became stronger than ever.

Cốt truyện Doom Eternal – P.6: Argent D’Nur biết đến Địa ngục và sức mạnh của Người Ngoài

Night Sentinel warriors shun this prosperity again – they doubt, criticize and warn about how this progress is harvested. However, their warnings were ignored and suppressed because of the residents of Argent D’Nur. Night Sentinels was not their guiding force but only a tool to protect them.