Entering a new section at Ubisoft’s hands, the context and story of Far Cry 2 changed to a new level with the open world and the unpredictable situation.

After the success of Far Cry, Ubisoft bought the game from Crytek and transferred the development rights to its internal studio. The Far Cry game series has changed dramatically from an open-world style but still retains the whole Far Cry storyline’s characteristics.

In this Far Cry plot 2, players will play an anonymous mercenary (temporarily called Mr. Main) invading a fictional country in Africa called UAC. The main task is to avenge a famous weapons dealer. This Jackal-boss has provided weapons for both opposing sides, and he is always looking for ways to keep the war going on without end.

Cốt truyện Far Cry 2

The two sides APR and UFLL during the civil war in an African country

The story of Far Cry 2 begins when Mr. Main arrives in the country. When he takes a taxi to the hotel, he hears the driver summarize the country’s tense situation. Accordingly, there are two fierce fighting factions, APR, a cross-border armed force that wants to unite many African nations into one bloc. Meanwhile, the UFLL faction is the host country’s army that wants to keep its independence for the country should fight APR.

Cốt truyện Far Cry 2

The plot of Far Cry 2 begins with a fever.

Upon arriving at the hotel, Mr. Main, “physiologically weak” was hit by malaria and fell unconscious. He wakes up in his hotel room with Jackal stands in front of him. His numbers were not black enough when Jackal took a summary of Mr. Main’s mission to read, and the task had certainly failed before it could even begin. Mr. Main wanted to resist, but his strong arm and arm could not do anything to be mocked by Jackal, and then he left.

Mr. Main lost consciousness again and then got a little better. He walked out of the room, was stuck in the middle of the gun battle between APR and UFLL. Mr. Main was rescued by a soldier and temporarily taken to an abandoned factory. The benefactor later advised Mr. Main to work for his side, and he also showed Mr. Main a safe house occupied. If Mr. Main recaptured it, it would be considered as a place of intimacy.

Cốt truyện Far Cry 2

Eliminate the enemies to keep and occupy the safe house as a base

After successfully recapturing the first safe house, Mr. Main was tasked with rescuing a fellow on the side captured by the other party. The rescued will be Mr. Main’s first battle partner in the game. Mr. Main went to Mike’s Bar again, a bar of mercenaries and immigrants, and met Reuben Oluwagembi, a journalist. Reuben is a war correspondent and is particularly interested in Jackal, so both have a common goal.

Cốt truyện Far Cry 2

Mike’s Bar, a meeting place for fellow combatants and journalist Reuben

Regarding Main’s malaria, Reuben said that in the town church, there was a priest named Maliya, who specializes in helping refugees and has anti-malarial medicine. Mr. Main again trudged into town to find a cure. After assisting the priest in Maliya and being given medicine to reduce the forest malaria, Mr. Main officially entered the mission to assassinate Jackal.

From here, Mr. Main started working as a culi for both APR and UFLL sides in the Leboa-Sako area of the northern UAC country in the hope of finding the whereabouts of Jackal from these two sides. The mission of “outsourcing” of these two sides revolves around assassination or destroying necessary enemy packages. Besides, Mr. Main also had to do his friends’ tasks at Mike’s Bar, especially the parish priest of Maliya, in exchange for the cure for malaria.

Cốt truyện Far Cry 2

Over time, malaria will return, so medication is always needed to keep the disease under control.

The cult life has a fruit when Mr. Main will have to choose to be friends with either the APR or the UFLL faction when to a certain extent. From here on out, your friend-foes will depend on who you choose. Here we assume Mr. Main is on the APR side; if UFLL is selected, the order of enemies will be reversed.

After a while, Mr. Main proved himself a perfect cult runner. The tasks were all completed successfully. APR decided to assign a huge responsibility to Mr. Main. It was to assassinate UFLL’s senior commander Leon Gakumba.

Cốt truyện Far Cry 2

UFLL’s Leon Gakumba (left) and APR’s Prosper Kouassi (right)

After completing the mission, Main was suddenly ambushed by APR troops on the way back. After escaping the ambush, Mr. Main received a message to meet the journalist Reuben Oluwagembi. When confronted, Reuben said that because the UFLL was killed, the APR faction took the opportunity to fight a major battle against the main town.

The first goal is to kill Mr. Main and then all the mercenaries at Mike’s Bar, including many of Main’s friends from the beginning until now. Reuben also said that the APR would celebrate the victory with a great execution, which will kill any civilians they meet. The priest of Maliya and the refugees he has kept hidden in the town church are in danger.

Cốt truyện Far Cry 2

Choose to save people in the church or save you at Mike’s Bar.

Mr. Main will have to choose to run to the church to save the refugees or run to Mike’s Bar to save his friends. But no matter which side he chooses, Mr. Main will be defeated when fighting. Mr. Main woke up in a truck full of corpses preparing to go to the mass grave, crawled out, fell down the road, and trudged across the desert. When he reached a hiding place, he collapsed again.

After waking up, Mr. Main saw Jackal bandaging himself. Jackal recounted the bloody celebration of APR and said the civil war had long been incurable. If one faction is defeated, another will also emerge and fight. It is like cancer, where the most effective treatment is to destroy all the cells. Jackal quickly left when he heard the car parked outside. Another person came in, and it was Hector Voorhees, one of the NFL’s commanding officers.

Cốt truyện Far Cry 2

Jackal bandages and explains the endless battle here

Surprised to see that Mr. Main was still alive, Hector said that the UFLL had to retreat to the south to defend. He was willing to forgive Mr. Main for killing one of his important commanders if Main killed him. The commanding name of APR. After the great victory, the APR faction is preparing a celebratory parade, and this is a perfect opportunity to assassinate. Now both have a common enemy, Main agrees.

After killing his prankster, Mr. Main returns to Hector and is asked to do an important task: prevent the two sides’ peace talks. The supreme leader of the two sides, Tambossa (APR) and Mbantuwe (UFLL) are looking for a truce, but if the calm takes place, all the soldiers below like Hector will be unemployed and, worse, may bear all the crimes in the war on behalf of the leader.

Cốt truyện Far Cry 2

The two supreme chieftains will discuss peace.

Mr. Main will fight with a friend to transport a weapon box with the enemy’s logo on it to the dock where the negotiation is taking place and pretend to load. With a large arms event, both sides will doubt each other, and the negotiation will fail. Mr. Main and his friends fought brilliantly through the rounds of protection and the successful loading game. The two sides started arguing and shooting fiercely on the spot.

Cốt truyện Far Cry 2

Protect the ship carrying the barrel of the weapon

Here the fight returned to its original state. Mr. Main continued to do culinary errands for both sides to find Jackal’s information but this time in the southern land called Bowa-Seko. When doing all tasks for both sides at a particular stage, the armistice’s idea was evoked again. APR again assigned Mr. Main a critical mission: go to UFLL leadership to receive a diamond suitcase to bring back APR. Before leaving APR headquarters, the fighting friend appeared and advised Mr. Main to get the bag and go straight to the airport; the two would use the diamonds to escape abroad. If peace is restored, two people will surely die.

Cốt truyện Far Cry 2

The enemy leader was killed next to a diamond suitcase.

However, when he arrived at the UFLL headquarters, Main realized that all had been killed. In the command room, leader Addi Mbantuwe is dead, and next to it is a suitcase full of diamonds. Mr. Main grabbed the suitcase that was about to leave when he was knocked down from behind. The main culprit is Jackal. He explained that the civil war would continue because when peace is restored, the factions will kill their people instead of killing each other. Jackal defeated Mr. Main and left with a suitcase of diamonds, leaving Mr. Main as a sinner to accept all the sins.

Cốt truyện Far Cry 2

Jackal defeats Mr. Main and steals a diamond suitcase.

Mr. Main woke up in a slave camp, his friend was arrested and blamed Mr. Main for not going to the airport as scheduled, and the friend was immediately executed. Mr. Main successfully defected and received a call from Hector to meet. Hector now became the UFLL faction leader and asked Mr. Main to assassinate the enemy leader to gain the upper hand for his side.

Cốt truyện Far Cry 2

Time to repent

After completing Mr. Main’s assassination, he returned to find Hector when he met one of UFLL’s other subordinates, which convinced Mr. Main to kill Hector and another subordinate leader to create conditions for himself to take over. UFLL permission. Mr. Main receives Reuben’s phone advising him to be careful because there will be a significant incident. Mr. Main kills one of the two targets and releases the other, then returns to find the killer who instigated him to kill.

Cốt truyện Far Cry 2

The instigator is also atoning.

Reuben then phoned for help, saying he and a group of journalists were surrounded at the airport. After successfully rescuing Reuben’s group, he said that there was major violence at the prison, it is very likely that Jackal will be there.

Cốt truyện Far Cry 2

Successfully rescued journalist Reuben

Finding the prison, Mr. Main met Jackal there, and he changed his mind. Jackal wants to stop this civil war instead of keeping it current. Jackal asked Mr. Main to help him with two jobs: taking a diamond suitcase in the body of a crashed plane and killing two leaders of the two APR and UFLL sides in the Bivouac forest.

Cốt truyện Far Cry 2

Jackal asked Mr. Main to help him with two things to end the war.

Mr. Main came to the plane, and at the same time, his old fighting friends at Mike’s Bar thought to be dead again and suggested using this diamond suitcase to escape abroad. Mr. Main tried to snatch the briefcase and flee while the old fighters opened fire. After that, Mr. Main continued into the Bivouac forest. The two sides were in a truce and switched to cooperation. Mr. Main attacked and killed two leaders of both sides here before returning to meet Jackal.

Cốt truyện Far Cry 2

Old friends block the way to a diamond suitcase.

Jackal said the suitcase was used to bribe nearby border guards to open the door for refugees to flee the country. One of them will have to bring a suitcase and give it to the border guards but then have to commit suicide because they are both war criminals that can’t survive at the end of it.

If Mr. Main receives a diamond suitcase, Jackal takes on the second task of triggering an explosion in the canyon to prevent APR and UFLL troops from chasing the refugees. According to Jackal, the detonator is broken, it must be manually activated, and the explosion kills Jackal. Thanks to 2 deaths, 2 million refugees were rescued. APR and UFLL tried to work together to form a peaceful but failed government, the civil war continued, and Jackal was considered dead even though his body could not be found.

Far Cry 2 ends with an open background when all the old characters die. Just as Jackal said, the era remains unchanged. The battle is still ongoing by others. What Jackal and Mr. Main can do is save 2 million refugees from this war.