The story of Far Cry 3 leads the player to play Jason Brody, a tourist who falls into a pirate trap and is trapped on an island in Asia – Pacific.

Like the original Far Cry, the Far Cry 3 storyline takes players back to the Pacific region with unspoiled islands far from the mainland. However, this time instead of the islands playing in the South Pacific, the Far Cry 3 storyline is set in the Asia-Pacific region near Southeast Asia and New Guinea.

Cốt truyện Far Cry 3

The plot of Far Cry 3 begins with a group of 7-person travelers including protagonist Jason Brody, brother Grant Brody, brother Riley Brody, Daisy Lee (girlfriend Grant), Liza Snow (girlfriend Jason), Oliver Carswell (Jason’s best friend), Keith Ramsay (best friend of the group). The group traveled around Southeast Asia to celebrate Riley passing the flight test.

While having fun at a bar in Bangkok, they were introduced to a special parachute package by parachuting into Rook Islands. Unexpectedly, this was a trap. When the group landed, they were kidnapped by pirates full of guns and divided into small groups in many separate places.

Jason and his brother Grant were locked in the same place, and they met Vaas, the leader of the pirates on the island. This guy shows many crazy signs through words and actions, threatening the two brothers and his puzzling philosophies. Grant, who was a reserve army soldier, should help Jason escape from the prison crib, crept through the pirate camps to escape.

Cốt truyện Far Cry 3

Grant is shot in the neck and dying.

When they reach the edge of the camp, they are discovered, Vaas shoots and shoots Grant and Jason escapes through the forest under the pursuit of pirates supported by helicopters. At the road with Jason jumped into the rapids and drifted along with the fast current.

He wakes up in a house, and a black man introduces himself as Dennis, who saves him. Dennis explained to Jason the current situation in the Rook Islands. The locals of the Rakyat tribe are fighting the pirates to take over their island.

Cốt truyện Far Cry 3

Dennis, dressed in an American uniform of Liberian descent who wandered to the Rook Islands.

Jason wants to find his friends. He must join the Rakyat warriors and thus find information about where you are kept. Dennis got Tatau tattooed on Jason’s arm as the first step to help him become a Rakyat warrior. Dennis also began teaching Jason the basic skills of a warrior, such as using a gun, making medicine, equipment from flowers and wild animals on the island.

Cốt truyện Far Cry 3

Dennis got a basic introductory tattoo for Jason.

After the first battle to help the Rakyats against the pirates, Jason received the news that a hostage girl had fled from the pirates and was treated by Dr. Earnhardt. After finding Dr. Earnhardt’s house, a British doctor who wandered to the island to make drugs to sell to pirates, he met Daisy Lee.

Dr. Earnhardt said that Daisy fled while running through poisonous grass and was getting poisoned by thorns. She was now poisoned. After searching to help the doctor with a specific antidote, Daisy regains consciousness through the antidote and receives the news of Grant’s death.

Cốt truyện Far Cry 3

Dr. Earnhardt obsessed Daisy with her dead daughter and so devotedly treated.

The old doctor decided to move Daisy into the underground cave below the house to avoid the pirates’ eyes or to his house to buy drugs. Here, Daisy finds an old ship and decides to repair it as a vehicle to go home while waiting for Jason to find rescues the rest.

Jason continued to receive information from Dennis about a pirate’s communication station if eavesdropping on the information from this station can get information about the hostages they have just kidnapped, i.e., Jason’s group. The contact station is on an old ship named Medusa, which is closely guarded by pirates.

Cốt truyện Far Cry 3

The Medusa was inherently severely damaged, and its transmitters were used for communication.

Jason had sneaked into the contact room, and before he was discovered, he heard the news of a hostage being held at Sunset Cove on the island. After finding the area, Jason found the filming room to extort money from the pirates, who were shot as his girlfriend Liza, but the room was empty with only the footage replayed. Suddenly Jason was knocked down by a pirate from behind.

Cốt truyện Far Cry 3

Jason woke up to Liza and Oliver across from him.

After regaining consciousness, Jason found himself in an old house tied up in a chair, and opposite him was tied up by Liza and Oliver. Vaas appears to order a long time to water the entire building and lighted it before dragging Oliver and away. Jason manages to escape before the flames come in and free Liza. The two-run outside and take a pirate car to escape. After escaping the pirates’ choking chase, Jason led Liza to the secret cave to meet Daisy and leave her here before continuing to find the others.

Cốt truyện Far Cry 3

Liza drove Jason back hands-free, sending both of them away before the pirates’ pursuit.

This time, Dennis leads Jason to an important place, an ancient temple in the middle of the island. Here Jason met the supreme leader of the Rakyat tribe, a beautiful young girl called Citra. Citra looked down on Jason and asked him if he wanted to be officially recognized as a Rakyat warrior to bring her something. Jason is suggested to drink a mysterious potion to receive divine guidance.

In a daze of drugs, Jason received vague suggestions about a small town, a man dressed in white, and an antique knife accompanied by some foreshadowing images of the Far Cry 3 plot, which you can’t understand right now. After he regained consciousness, Dennis said the location he described matched the town of Bad Town, a small town on the west side of the island, and that ancient knife might have been what Citra wanted Jason to bring.

Cốt truyện Far Cry 3

The man in a white vest in Jason’s dream

In Bad Town’s pub, Jason noticed a black-eyed man wearing a white suit. He followed the mysterious man to his house but was surprised when he entered the house and was discovered and locked up. Jason must prove himself an American to be released and guide the secret basement under the house to meet the mysterious man.

This person introduced himself as CIA agent Willis Huntley who worked in the area. Willis tells Jason about Hoyt, the real tycoon behind Vaas who possesses the island’s southern island. To get documents about the rest of Jason’s friends, he had to help Willis do one thing destroy Hoyt’s property causing him to go to this island to solve it.

Jason grabbed the flamethrower Willis gave and attacked a Hoyt camp, burned the marijuana he was growing here and killed all the guards. By the way, Jason also sank Hoyt’s expensive ship anchored in the dock.

Hoyt immediately boarded a plane to this island, ordered the purge of an entire village on the island. Jason had to storm into the town to rescue a Willis information clue embedded in it, which then provided a transport list including a hostage named Oliver.

Cốt truyện Far Cry 3

The contact point keeps Hoyt’s shipping list.

Jason hurried to the document’s location and sniped the pirates with a sniper to pave the way for Oliver to escape the base. They both climbed into a motorboat in the dock and ran away from the pirate chase at sea. Jason continued to lead Oliver to the secret cave to meet the liberated, and he continued to search for others.

Agent Willis continues to contact and suggests that a man named Buck, an assassin for Hoyt, “bought” Keith back to “play”. Jason goes to Buck and asks to release his friend, but Buck says he has to help him find an ancient knife hidden on the island.

Cốt truyện Far Cry 3

Buck and deal to find a knife in return for Keith

Buck suggested that Jason get information from the item hidden on a Vaas ship parked offshore. However, when the information was just obtained, the ship was activated to self-destruct and sink. According to the information, Jason escaped ashore and began searching for the ancient ruins hidden all over the island with Buck.

He found a key piece to open the way to where the knife was hidden through each relic. He felt Buck always came before him and was joking with him. Buck threatened to torture and executed Keith of all sorts if Jason disobeyed or quit the game, which made him very upset.

Cốt truyện Far Cry 3

Buck made a clear face when he lost his words.

After passing the final test in the ancient tomb, Jason gets the knife and returns to Buck’s house for Keith. Buck opened the door for Jason to go down to the basement to meet Keith but turned away and did not allow the two to leave. After a choking knife battle, Jason defeats Buck and takes the knife, and saves Keith.

After leading Keith back to the cave secretly to meet everyone, Keith told Jason that his brother, Riley, might have died because he saw the pirates had shot Riley. Keith also begged Jason not to reveal the dark times when he was in Buck’s hands. Jason vows to avenge his brother and returns the knife to Citra.

Cốt truyện Far Cry 3

Citra is happy to receive the treasure knife.

Citra is happy to have her tribe’s treasured knife back. She recognizes Jason as Rakyat’s official warrior and assigns him to rescue an important prisoner. If successful, he will be given the power Enough to eat Vaas and Hoyt. Jason teamed up with the Rakyat warriors to deliver the rescue but realized the prisoner escorts were better dressed and equipped with pirates.

Cốt truyện Far Cry 3

The escorts this time were equipped with armors, unlike the poor pirates.

After ambushing and chasing the prisoner’s car, Jason finally captures the prison car, but when he opens the door, it is again Vaas. This is a trap that Vaas set up to lure the Rakyat faction to rescue. All rescue teams were captured, including Jason.

Vaas executes his men in a giant water pit by tying stones to his feet and pushing them down the pit. Jason escaped and swam ashore. He passed the nearby pirate camp to rob the helicopter and escape, but unfortunately, the helicopter was shot down by an RPG.

Cốt truyện Far Cry 3

Vaas is furious because he always misses Jason.

Vaas once again realizes he missed Jason, this time. He shoots him in the chest to make sure. Jason fainted but then awakened to find himself lying beneath a mountain of corpses. After crawling out of the giant corpses, he realized Vaas’s bullet was covered by the lighter he had put in his pocket before.

Jason sneaks into a nearby pirate camp to get his weapons back and returns to the temple to find Citra. Citra gives Jason another potion and says it will unleash Jason’s power. After drinking, Jason was in a coma, and in his dream, he fought the tattoo ink monster to show his inner spiritual power. Waking up with Citra riding, Jason realized he was “raped” by the young girl in a coma.

Cốt truyện Far Cry 3

Monster ink tattoo in Jason’s dream

Citra convinces Jason to stay on the island with the Rakyat tribe. He returns to the secret cave while everyone has finished repairing the train to leave. Jason said he would stay behind to resolve his grievance with Vaas, and he also decided to stay behind after the events that happened. Despite the reaction of his friends, he leaves the cave to head towards Vaas’s base.

At this time, Vaas thought he was dead, so he had a big party to celebrate on the base, but after Jason broke inside, he fell into a trap. Vaas now reveals he is alive and waiting for him to come face to face. After defeating the guards to defend the enemy, Jason confronts Vaas and falls into a state of hallucinations. He fought Vaas in this illusion and later killed him in real life.

Cốt truyện Far Cry 3

Vaas’s last moment

Jason woke up in the old temple next to Citra, and this time he only had one final goal: Hoyt. Jason contacts Willis to destroy Hoyt, but Willis says he will finish the mission and leave the island immediately. After Jason helped Willis fix the plane and took off, Willis said he would let Jason “walk” to the southern island to find Hoyt.

Willis gives Jason a wingsuit and drops him from the plane into the southern island airspace, and information about one of our men is embedded in Hoyt’s mercenary army. Jason finds the bar on the island and meets clue Sam Becker. After the secret signs, Sam recognizes people on our side and starts talking.

Cốt truyện Far Cry 3

Sam Becker was installed on the island by Willis but lost contact for many years.

Sam advised Jason to find and rob a uniform of newly joined mercenaries, then blend into the soldiers with fake identities and find something to cover the tattoo on his arm. Jason sneaks into Hoyt’s recruiting point and “surrenders” a new soldier who robs a costume with long sleeves to cover the tattoo and witness Hoyt’s unique self-introduction. Here he also has clues about a group of mercenaries who are trying to create a reaction.

Returning to Sam, Jason recounts how he betrayed him, and Sam has an idea of approaching Hoyt with a feat. The two underwent many battles, gradually taking out those in the treason group and eliminating them. Hoyt was delighted to hear the credit of the two and decided to invite recruits.

Cốt truyện Far Cry 3

Achievement and privilege to meet boss Hoyt

During the meeting, Jason was asked by Hoyt to interrogate a stubborn prisoner. When he came down to the cell, he realized it was his younger brother Riley Brody. Sam tried to help them by damaging the camera for 30 seconds to talk, and when the camera worked again, Jason started beating Riley until his brother lost consciousness.

Hoyt was pleased with Jason’s performance and invited him and Sam to come to Poker next time. At this time, Sam and Jason conducted sabotage of Hoyt’s mercenaries with a series of unidentified attacks that destroyed the satellite station on the island and the petrol station.

Cốt truyện Far Cry 3

Hoyt’s demolition of important buildings

On the day of the appointment, Sam and Jason went to Hoyt’s house and sat down at the Poker table. After the first game, Hoyt pulled out a knife to stab Sam and said he knew Jason had long been involved in his army. After a few rounds of losing to Hoyt, Jason was forced to continue playing and cut off one of Jason’s fingers.

Cốt truyện Far Cry 3

Hoyt deliberately brought Riley out to distract Jason.

He eventually forced Jason to fight a knife with him and said he would sell Riley to Yemen for a “special hobby” boss with the young boys. In an illusion, Jason killed Hoyt and woke up in the middle of the room with Hoyt’s body and bodyguards lying around.

Cốt truyện Far Cry 3

In the wild, frantic Jason “weeding” all soldiers in the room is not always good.

Jason rushes to the airport to stop the flight that transports Riley to “deliver”, the two exit the runway, and Riley gets a helicopter to control it to bring Jason back to Dr. Earnhardt’s house on the old island. However, upon arriving at the house that had been burned, the doctor lay on the ground with fatal wounds. In his last breath, he said that the Rakyats attacked and took them all away.

Cốt truyện Far Cry 3

The last words of the poor old doctor

Riley and Jason fly to Citra’s temple. Here, Citra arrests Riley and “blow” Jason a dose of dust. In his dream, he walked up an illusionary path of fire and heard scolding from Liza’s ghosts. Citra offers him the treasure knife, and he regains consciousness to find himself holding a knife to Liza’s neck.

Here players will have two options: drop Liza and all return home or kill Liza and all friends to break the past and stay on the island with Citra.

Cốt truyện Far Cry 3

+ Drop Liza: Jason decides to cut the rope and release Liza and the others. Citra was disappointed and rebuked him for giving up the path of a warrior and choose to return to the boring and banal life. Jason said he hated all these killings. Dennis ran from the ground and assumed that Jason had betrayed Citra and crashed into him, but Citra rushed over to cover Jason’s knife. Citra begs her last breath to ask Jason to stay, while Dennis collapses for accidentally killing Citra. The last scene is the treasure knife plugged on the beach, and the ship carrying Jason’s group leaves in the distance and Jason’s narrative, though he killed many people but somewhere inside he still has humanity.

Cốt truyện Far Cry 3

Kill Liza: Jason cuts Liza’s neck and gets the final tattoo that shows him as the legendary warrior of the Rakyat tribe. The scene takes place with a positive “Citra” hit by Jason, but Citra unexpectedly stabs the knife into Jason’s chest. She said that he was the most powerful warrior, and the son he left behind would rule the Rakyat clan. And Jason has completed the life of a warrior, and he will die like a warrior. Jason takes his last breath, and the scene of the treasure knife on the peaceful coast of the waves ends Far Cry 3.