The civil war in the Kyrat nation on the slopes of the Himalayas will take you to explore the story of Far Cry 4 related to the tragedy of the Ghale family.

Following the end of the previous Far Cry prequel four-story, we will follow the main character Ajay Ghale back to his homeland to explore his past. Note the previous article is telling what happened before the game. This is the official Far Cry 4 plot with the journey of the main character Ajay.

cốt truyện của Far Cry

Carrying the last words of a deceased mother who wanted to return to Kyrat to rest in Lakshmana, Ajay Ghale boarded a plane from the United States to India and from the Indian border province a bus to Kyrat. Accompanied by a warning from the US embassy official that he was going into a war zone, the embassy would not help him if anything happened.

Who is ignorant in a strange land

Ajay is still determined to go to Kyrat to find his past and to Lakshmana. In the car, he met an older man in his 50s named Darpan, who instructed him to cross the border with lubricated money in his passport. The car arrived at the border and was stopped by the border guards to check, the car owner gathered everyone’s passports to submit, but something was not normal.

There was the sound of a helicopter in the distance while the Royal Army did not seem to want to let the car go and scrutinized the car, they found something under the car, immediately two young men sitting in the draw arms gas hiding in his seat threw the car door away. The royal soldiers followed but were shot from the back by the car owner. They returned to defeat the owner, and in a panic, they turned to shoot everyone in the car.

Ajay and older man Darpan crawl under the car to the door and get out just in time for the helicopter to land. A well-dressed man stepped down and was disappointed to see the deserted scene of the bus. He turned to ask the commanding officer of the border station who was injured in his hand after the gun battle about his order to stop the vehicle and shoot it.

cốt truyện của Far Cry

The man dressed politely but exuding a hazardous atmosphere.

Disagreeing with the royal army officer’s answer, he angrily took a pen and stabbed him to death. After discovering that Ajay was still on the ground in a panic, he said he recognized his eyes. This person suddenly became extremely polite when talking softly, sorry for what happened, and took a selfie with Ajay.

The man then let the soldiers burn the bus and reassured them that everything would be over quickly. Both Darpan and Ajay were captured and covered with lead.

cốt truyện của Far Cry

Formal banquet table with Pagan Min

Ajay was taken to a luxurious banquet in the presence of a gentleman, old man Darpan and a man in his forties called Paul. The man showing his face was printed on the notes of Kyrat. He was Pagan Min, king of Kyrat.

Pagan Min explained he had met Ajay as a child; he used to know Ajay’s mother and said that she used to say he loved him. He confided that the day his mother and father left Kyrat and fled to America, he blamed himself, but later realized that the terrorists (The Golden Path) were responsible.

cốt truyện của Far Cry

Darpan texted for help.

Pagan Min plugged the fork into Darpan’s back and tugged the phone in the older man’s hand to show Ajay. It turned out that old Darpan was texting for help and saying he was with Ajay Ghale. It seemed that the name was something important. Pagan Min sent soldiers to take Darpan away and ordered Paul to “find out what he knows”. Min turned to Ajay and told him to take his time and wait for him a little to arrange his work.

Stay or leave

Impatient at the older man’s fate, Ajay left the table to go downstairs, and he saw Paul torturing him. Frightened, Ajay fumbled toward the door to escape when he encountered an armed man and a group of men who were quietly killing the guards. This person called Ajay’s right name and introduced himself as Sabal, the person of Golden Path. Sabal says he knows about Ajay’s father, Mohan Ghale, and he came to save Ajay.

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Meet Sabal

Sabal said that he could only save Ajay because he was a top priority and didn’t have enough troops to save Darpan and had to leave him behind. The guards discover the group, and Sabal shoots the cover for Ajay to flee. Passing the fort yard, Ajay gets into the car, driven by a Golden Path member, and runs down the mountain. Halfway up the mountain, their vehicle was hit by a royal vehicle that drove it over the mountain.

Ajay wakes up beside the dead driver. He picks up the knife and walkie-talkie just as Sabal calls. Sabal instructs Ajay to find the bell tower in the distance where someone will be picked up. Ajay passes patrol and outpost teams to reach the tower. Pagan Min phoned and appeared to be sorry that Ajay had left. He thought that the monkey brain was not suitable for his taste, causing Ajay to leave and say that the cook was executed.

cốt truyện Far Cry

The bell tower is high on the mountain, far away.

Arriving at the bell tower, Ajay meets Sabal again, and they must fight with the Golden Path group against the imperial army, who are fiercely attacking by sleigh. The battle rages on, but suddenly the snow on the mountain landslides and falls on the bell tower. Ajay woke up and pulled the rubble out when Sabal came to help and praised him for being a hard man to kill.

Join Golden Path

Sabal led Ajay to the base of Golden Path, the village of Banapur, on the mountainside in the southwest of Kyrat. Welcoming him is Amita, a senior leader of the Golden Path, similar to Sabal. In contrast to Sabal, Amita considers the name Ghale to be worthless and blames Sabal for sacrificing an important member like Darpan to save a “tourist” like Ajay.

cốt truyện Far Cry

Banapur village, the base of Golden Path

Ajay said he didn’t want to get involved in this. He just wanted to find Lakshmana. However, Sabal did not know what it was, he thought it might be the name of a temple, but if it did, it was also in the northern region, controlled by Pagan Min. That meant if Ajay wanted to go to Lakshmana, he would have to help the Golden Path to defeat Pagan Min and capture the Northern Territory.

Farewell to Sabal, Ajay went to see Amita, and she apologized for being rude when meeting. She said that the intense battle situation made her stressed, so it became so gruff. Amita introduces Bhadra to Ajay, a young girl about 14 years old who is considered the candidate to become the next Tarun Matara.

cốt truyện Far Cry

Amita teaches Bhadra how to shoot archery for self-defense.

Leaving Amita, Ajay met Sabal again and was asked to help climb the bell towers to disable Pagan Min’s transmitters placed on top of the tower to help the Golden Path expand its control. Whenever capturing an area, Pagan Min installed these devices to broadcast propaganda speakers and make communication stations for military operations in the area.

After successfully disabling the first tower, Sabal introduced Ajay to meet Longinus with a weapons dealer who provided supplies and guns for the Golden Path. Longinus introduced himself as a pastor, always quoting the bible and revealing his origins from the war zone of Far Cry 2 before.

cốt truyện Far Cry

Longinus likes to quote the bible.

Sabal suddenly calls Pagan Min’s royal army to attack Banapur village, Ajay immediately returns to the relief village. A fierce siege battle took place in the village. After repelling the enemy, Ajay received news that Bhadra was trapped in a burning house. He quickly climbed into the house and carried Bhadra out of the fire safely.

cốt truyện Far Cry

Rescue Bhadra from the burning house

To finish the attack’s consequences, Sabal asked Ajay to save some royal soldiers’ prisoners. In contrast, Amita asked Ajay to occupy an imperial army outpost to weaken them. After fulfilling these two requirements, Amita convinced Ajay to stay and fight for the Golden Path to fulfill his parents’ wishes (the two founders of Golden Path) left, and he agreed.

Ajay also had the opportunity to meet Hulk, an American explosive expert working with Golden Path, on his way to find his own goal.

Liberating the southern territory

Two lords held the southern domain under Pagan Min, Noore, and Paul “De Pleur”. To free this land, Ajay had to remove these two high-ranking commanders to weaken the royal army and help the Golden Path recapture the territory south of Kyrat.

cốt truyện Far Cry

The deeply contradictory vision of Sabal and Amita

After returning from capturing the first outpost, Ajay first witnessed a rift in the Golden Path administration. Sabal and Amita were arguing about what action to take. Sabal demanded that the troops be rescued from 9 people from the royal soldiers’ Golden Path. In contrast, Amita insisted that the troops go on the offensive to steal an essential document from the royal soldiers.

In terms of rank, Sabal and Amita were equal. There was no one higher up to judge their dispute. While Sabal is more conservative and upholds the value of a cause, Amita has an innovative and pragmatic mindset that “defies tricks” to achieve the goal. Ajay in front of the choice to whom to side and choosing to do the task according to whose will more will affect the end of the story Far Cry 4 later.

cốt truyện Far Cry

After being saved by Ajay, Bhadra trusted him more and opened his heart to confide.

Regardless of who he chooses, after this mission, Ajay will meet Bhadra again at the traditional funeral site. Ajay asked Bhadra about his father’s funeral and was told that Bhadra was too young to remember Mohan Ghale’s funeral. Still, she insisted he was not sacrificed on the battlefield but was assassinated. Bhadra points to the Ghale’s old home location, so Ajay returns to learn more.

cốt truyện Far Cry

The house of the Ghale family, where Mohan and Iswari lived in their married days

At the old house, Ajay meets a British hippy couple, Yogi and Reggie, occupying the house and drinking coffee. After a while of conversation, Ajay was suddenly injected with an anesthetic by the couple, causing him to fall to the ground.

cốt truyện Far Cry

In the house are … 2 addicted men who are smoking.

He was brought to Noore, the lord who owned the Shanath Arena in Kyrat. Noore stripped Ajay and threw him into the arena to test life and death before a series of wild animals and royal soldiers in waves. However, thanks to Noore telling him where to hide the knife in the arena, Ajay survived, was released as the winner.

cốt truyện Far Cry

Noore was not part of the Pagan Min faction but was forced.

Saying goodbye to Noore, Ajay returned home to ask the two drug addicts to dare to sell themselves. The two naughty men showed fear and agreed to return home. Ajay saw on the walls a blank picture frame placed in a solemn position. Yogi and Reggie said it was the location of Thangka painting, an ancient style of Kyrat, telling the legendary warrior Kalinag on his way to conquer Shangri-La mystery. Because of its material and spiritual rarity, Mohan did not want it to fall into Pagan Min’s hands, so he sent someone to cut Thangka into five pieces hidden in 5 different locations throughout Kyrat.

cốt truyện Far Cry

The Thangka pieces, after being collected enough.

In a monastery, Ajay met Sabal again and was told about Kyrat’s national tradition and how his father was a traditional cultural figure. Sabal idolized Mohan, so he grew up with a spirit of traditional culture like the previous one.

After carrying out a ceremony to burn incense according to traditional culture, Ajay suddenly received a notice from Sabal that the royal army raided the monastery. He and the Golden Path warriors had to kill the monastery gate to prevent the enemy from breaking into the inside door.

cốt truyện Far Cry

Fight to protect the entrance to the monastery.

Successfully defending the monastery, Ajay was ordered to meet Longinus to request a new batch of weapons. In return, Longinus asked Ajay to perform a mission to steal diamonds from the royal army to help him. Upon returning, Ajay again faced a new conflict between Sabal and Amita.

It is reported that Paul De Pleur is operating an opium field in his area of management. Sabal called it a drug, a poison that needed to be destroyed, while Amita asked Ajay to destroy all the guards to keep the poppy field intact so that the Golden Path faction could produce opium to sell for weapons. Whether it was intact or not, Ajay finally defeated the plantation and gave control to the Golden Path.

cốt truyện Far Cry

Burn poppy fields

Shortly after, Noore suddenly contacted to meet and said Paul De Pleur was preparing to hold a farewell party to take a vacation back to his family for a while. This will be an excellent opportunity to destroy Paul. Let him will have to wait a long time for him to return here.

Noore provides the village’s location in which Paul often transports goods and prisoners needing torture to his fortress. Ajay can sneak into a truck to break into Paul’s base. After contacting the Golden Path, he is required to force Paul to bring back the information. Entering the fortress as planned, Ajay secretly broke into Paul’s office, sitting on a cloth bag chair over his head and pretending to be a tortured prisoner.

cốt truyện Far Cry

Ajay pretends to be a prisoner and covers a cloth on his face as Paul calls.

Paul walked in on his daughter’s phone and expressed that a good father promised to give his daughter a gift. After hanging up, Ajay attacked and knocked Paul out, then took him sneaking out of the fort and into the trunk and drove away. Paul regained consciousness in the car’s trunk and laughed when he heard Ajay tell Noore to say hello. He boasted that Mrs. Noore was innocent, and her family was killed a long time ago.

Ajay drove to the rendezvous and handed Paul to the Golden Path. When his phone rang, he begged to hear it because it was a call from the daughter waiting for him at home. Paul was dragged into the interrogation room, and Ajay resumed his path.

cốt truyện Far Cry

Paul was arrested and taken to the interrogation room.

Back at the opium plantation, Sabal and Amita continue to have new disagreements. Intelligence said the royal soldiers set up a drug-making laboratory in a brick kiln. Sabal wants Ajay to go there and put explosives to demolish the brick kiln and kill all those involved in drug production. Amita asked to kill all the guards but keep the drug dealers for later use.

cốt truyện Far Cry

Brick kiln cum drug processing laboratory

Having dealt with the brick kiln, the Golden Path’s influence has been enormous, and the enemy is seriously weakened. This is the time to finish off the second lord: Noore. Ajay told the Golden Path he had the grace of saving Noore’s life to handle this himself.

Ajay breaks into Noore’s Shanath Arena and approaches her from behind on the pedestal of the arena. Ajay can choose between sneaking from behind or greeting in person. After a greeting by clapping his shoulder, Ajay told Noore what Paul had said in the trunk. Extremely distressed, Noore cut her hand with a knife and dropped herself onto the arena, the swarm of beasts below tearing her body down shortly after that.