Before getting to the main part of the Far Cry 4 plot, let’s take a look at the “prequel” section regarding the events that led to this war.

Unlike the previous installments, the story of Far Cry 4 is multi-layered and has background developments of the past. Therefore, to better understand the origins of main events, we need to know more about the prequel to the past. Only then can we better understand the steps and plot of Far Cry 4 main stages.

Cốt truyện Far Cry 4

Kyrat has a volatile past associated with the Ghale family history.

Let’s explore the prequel to Far Cry 4 through the Ghale family and related characters’ tragedy.

Mohan Ghale – The successor to the war and the start of another

Mohan Ghale (born in 1960) is the biological father of the main character Ajay Ghale in the story of Far Cry 4. Mohan comes from a civilian family with a young marriage to a young Ishwari (born 1968). When he reached the marriage age, he was admitted to the royal guard to protect the royal family. At the same time, he married Ishwari under the marriage process, then he was 20 years old, and his wife Ishwari was 12 years old.

Cốt truyện Far Cry 4

Portrait of Mohan Ghale

The trouble of this marriage is that before the wedding, Ishwari was chosen to be Tarun Matara, whose custom of marrying a female saint was an act of blasphemy that could bring bad luck. Although the elders and those around him protested, Mohan persisted in proceeding with this predestined marriage.

According to the tradition of Kyrat, a young girl will be chosen to be Tarun Matara. This is considered a spiritual leader and a threshold of Kyrat people. Tarun Matara is regarded as the humble incarnation of a goddess who is the supreme god Banasur. The monks will finance the lives of the Tarun Matara, and Kyrat has a cemetery for the people used to be Tarun Matara.

Cốt truyện Far Cry 4

Portrait of Tarun Matara sitting on a traditional procession

At the time, the state of Kyrat had many changes. The royal family lost control of domestic affairs, and rebels formed to overthrow the former royal family to build a new nation. As a member of the bodyguard team, Mohan raised the royal spirit and fought on the royal family’s side.

Cốt truyện Far Cry 4

Kyrat country no longer had peaceful days.

A significant change occurred when the rebels suddenly broke through the palace gates and killed all five king’s family members. Mohan described this attack in his diary that he was knocked open by the explosion, and in shock, he saw rebels entering the royal bedroom followed by gunfire. He was powerless to hear the action figures announcing each of the royal family after shooting them.

Losing the king, the royalists suffered a fatal blow and had to retreat. The United States backs the rebels with powerful weapons and ammunition, increasingly overwhelming Mohan’s royalist faction until a central figure appears and changes the civil war course.

Pagan Min – The sly ally

Amid seemingly no hope, the royalist faction received a contact from a self-proclaimed Pagan Min (born 1966). He brought an abundance of funding, including guns, supplies, and a powerful private mercenary squad. Most importantly, Pagan Min led a boy who was a distant relative of the king to re-establish the heir to the throne.

Cốt truyện Far Cry 4

Pagan Min – a wanderer full of tactics

Pagan Min was born in Hong Kong, the son of a Triads leader. After his father died, he inherited the entire criminal line. Unlike his father, a genuine gangster, Pagan Min proved smarter and more talented. He developed his line beyond a gangster to the point of having transnational influence and having an army private. The overgrowth scared his allies. They began a plot to destroy this strong man. Pagan Min knew it should target the small country of Kyrat as a haven.

With Pagan Min’s help, the royal army grew stronger day by day and began to overwhelm the rebels. They attacked, recaptured the palace, and drove the rebels away. At this time, Pagan Min revealed his true intentions. He killed the young heir of Kyrat brought by himself before and let his mercenaries shoot guns to kill the royalist soldiers.

Cốt truyện Far Cry 4

Pagan Min is a deep and calm man in any situation.

Mohan narrowly escaped death and fled with empty hands, while Pagan Min proclaimed himself crowned king and began establishing a new institution for Kyrat. Mohan returned home and took his family to hide in the forest, gathering the royalist survivors to set up an anti-Pagan Min rebel force named the Golden Path. The name was taken from Ishwari’s dream – Tarun Matara as a symbol of Banasur god blessing the rebels.

However, from here began a slight instability in the whole Ghale family and the Golden Path force, focusing on Ishwari.

Ishwari Ghale – The fate of women caught between battle and love

Ishwari married Mohan Ghale at the age of 12, the age of unknown love. She supported her man in every way possible. She is the spiritual symbol for her husband Mohan and later the Golden Path in the battle with Pagan Min.

Cốt truyện Far Cry 4

A rare photograph of Ishwari

However, their local fighters were not rivals of the fully armed mercenaries under Pagan Min’s experienced leadership. The Golden Path lost long and never-ending, and they lost points one after another at an increasingly fast pace.

Cốt truyện Far Cry 4

The CIA was involved in the fight, which explains the involvement of Willis Huntley later.

At that moment, the CIA contacted Mohan and offered help to remove Pagan Min. Mohan did not know the US’s motive in this case, but it seems that we are targeting the criminal group of Pagan Min. The Golden Path received plentiful arms funding from the United States, but Mohan was adamant about advising the American adviser to Kyrat to help them win. Mohan argued that this war must be fought and won by the Kyrat.

Weapons were available, but to make up for the shortage of warriors, Ishwari offered to allow women to receive combat training and form a separate army. As a conservative, Mohan strongly protested. He said that the battlefield is not a place for women. They should only be in the kitchen taking care of housework, driving, logistics, and loading ammunition together. From here, the Ghale couple began to argue more often. Ishwari felt tired when he was only used as a “mobile vase” and did not directly contribute to his husband’s fight.

Cốt truyện Far Cry 4

The indoor atmosphere was so heavy that Mohan didn’t want to go home anymore.

After Ajay’s birth, the couple quarreled like the couple’s meals, making Mohan feel tired and almost did not want to walk home anymore. He came up with a plan to address the risk of family breakdown: bringing Ishwari into the palace as a spy alongside Pagan Min.

At first, Mohan intended to put intelligence on Pagan Min’s side and wanted Ishwari to see the human eyes of his troubles to give up his intention to go to the battlefield. He even encouraged Ishwari to bring along the newly born Ajay to earn the trust of the enemy.

Cốt truyện Far Cry 4

The Ghale couple’s feelings were severely rift

Mohan’s plan was unexpectedly betrayed. After the time with Pagan Min, Ishwari transferred intelligence to her husband about the royal army’s military secrets (established by Pagan Min based on his former mercenary army) and arose with Pagan Min.

The young Ishwari, who has been married by an arrangement since she was young, suddenly knows what love is, the approach and closeness to her opponent to get intelligence to push Ishwari into a secret affair with Pagan Min accidentally. As a result, she gave birth to Pagan Min, a daughter named Lakshmana Min.

Cốt truyện Far Cry 4

The only photo of Lakshmana Min

Pagan Min has also changed since falling in love with Ishwari, knowing his lover is tired of the civil war. He has been promoting peace negotiations with several senior commanders in the Golden Path. However, with deep hatred, conservatism, Mohan executed all those who mentioned the ceasefire and claimed that these men had been tricked or brainwashed by Pagan Min to betray the organization.

Cốt truyện Far Cry 4

Mohan’s heavy words to his wife were written in the diary.

Mohan became even more furious when he heard that his wife was giving birth to her enemies. He arranged an assassination and killed Lakshmana when the baby was less than two years old. Ishwari went to Mohan and shot her husband and later fled with the civil war to Ajay with Ajay, which she could no longer stand.

Ajay Ghale – Lost past people.

Ajay came to America when he was three years old. He never told his mother anything about his homeland or his father. Ajay’s past is empty, and like most children who have no past, Ajay begins to show a naughty and teasing expression.

Cốt truyện Far Cry 4

Compared to Jason Brody, Ajay Ghale has a much harder “biography.”

Ajay grew up on the streets, making friends with nomadic travelers. In his teens, Ajay was involved in a shop robbery that killed a store employee. Although not a shooter, Ajay went to the police confession and agreed that he would not go to jail if he pointed out the person who directly caused the crime.

Ajay returned home to find Ishwari had terminal cancer, metastatic disease, and an incurable stage. He could only see his mother briefly in the hospital before she left. The last thing we talked about was our homeland, Kyrat.

Cốt truyện Far Cry 4

Ajay brought his mother’s ashes back to Kyrat.

After his mother died, Ajay was informed that the will and its content were Ishwari’s last wish to bring ashes back to Lakshmana. Regretting the burdens he has had for his mother over the years, Ajay decides to fulfill this will even though he doesn’t know what Lakshmana is, maybe a place in Kyrat.

So Ajay went to take his mother’s ashes to his hometown Kyrat and began developing Far Cry 4.