Far Cry 5 begins with a group of evil people called PEG and the police team’s stressful journey to go after the leader.

The story of Far Cry 5 begins when several videos are released on social networks with the content of a spontaneous, fully armed religious group raging in Hope County, a remote area of Montana. The media began to talk about this evil group that is harassing residents that the authorities have no measures to stop.

In response to a wave of public opinion, the federal police signed an arrest warrant with Josep Seed, nicknamed “The Father,” the leader of this armed religious group. Implementing the arrest order was Marshal (a senior state police officer) Burke and local police chief Earl Whitehorse, deputy police chief Staci Pratt, deputy police chief Joey Hudson, and the main character – a deputy police chief Anonymous new entrant jokingly called Rookie (new soldier). We will contact the main character Deputy.

Deputy is a title, meaning deputy, the second largest after a particular position. For the police, it means deputy police chief according to the local police hierarchy. Deputy is not a person’s name.

The law enforcement team was on a helicopter flying from the state capital to Hope County, a mountainous region isolated from the outside world. On the plane, except for Burke, who is quite outsiders confident of their criminal arrest, the rest are terrified because the police chief’s group is local, knowing the power of the evil group called Project Eden’s Gate (from now on referred to as PEG). The sheriff always advised Burke to turn his mind to abandon his intentions, but he was dismissed, and reluctantly, he had to follow a federal order to escort him. They flew past a giant statue of Joseph Seed carved on a majestic mountain top like a Christ the Redeemer, making Burke believe that this man was crazy and needed to be arrested.

Cốt truyện Far Cry 5 – P.1: Lời tiên tri và dấu hiệu khởi nguyên

A statue of Joseph Seed stands in the mountains.

The group landed at the PEG headquarters and were overwhelmed by an army of believers crowded and many guns waiting for them. The escort group and Burke entered the central church and heard Joseph scold them for representing the evil forces that had ruined what PEG had built for many years. He also warned that this was the first sign of the apocalyptic prophecy, the first step in destroying the world that God had told him for many years, and the reason he built. PEG to the present day.

Completely disregarding Joshep’s nonsense, the Deputy handcuffed him in handcuffs at Burke’s triumphant gaze and the shameful and terrified gaze of Sheriff Whitehorse. They took the bishop to the helicopter pad; the believers became very angry and increasingly restrained. When Joshep was put on a helicopter, his followers also lost their patience. They threw stones and then jumped back. Burke had to open fire and deceive them from sticking to the helicopter, but when the helicopter took off, there was a guy who jumped to death, and the rotor caused the helicopter to crash.

The deputy woke up with a radio from Nancy’s operator, calling for people to answer the call. However, Joseph took the radio and said that “everything was fine”, then Nancy answered as if he had known him before. This shows that the general department also installed PEG people, and now no one comes to save them anymore.

Believers come to the location of the crashed plane and welcome Joshep. He declares that the process of the world’s collapse has begun with “the first seal is broken” (referring to one of the seven seals that led to the apocalypse in the Bible). He ordered the start of the apocalypse plan, from which PEG would confiscate everything to prepare for the end of the world, and whoever stopped it would be killed.

Cốt truyện Far Cry 5 – P.1: Lời tiên tri và dấu hiệu khởi nguyên

Joseph Seed ordered the start of the plan because “The Collapse” had begun.

While he was giving orders, Deputy and Burke, Hudson regained consciousness and tried to mount from the burning helicopter. The deputy who opened the safety belt fell to the ground while discovered by the followers, had to run into the forest. After entering a Deputy Forest house to meet Burke again, they plan to cross the forest to the nearest town to call the army to rescue. However, PEG had chased and found that they had to get guns stored in the house to combat blood sugar escape. Both robbed a pickup truck and were closely followed by PEG followers. They fled across the bridge leading out of Hope County, seeming to be a little bit escaped when a plane suddenly hit the bomb and hit a car, and it fell off the bridge and fell into the river.

The Deputy drowsily realizes he was dragged ashore by an older man and taken to his shelter, an old bunker decorated as a small military base. The man who came to the rescue introduced himself as Dutch, a veteran, and he quickly explained the situation of PEG to Deputy. Joseph Seed developed PEG for a long time, and he made a prophecy called “The Collapse” about an impending doomsday, and the first signal would be that the authorities came to arrest him. They had gathered their forces and prepared a plan of action for a long time, all that was missing was an excuse, a signal, and that signal – the arrest warrant – had just happened. All communications and traffic from Hope out have been cut, and PEG is trying to catch robbers everywhere.

Cốt truyện Far Cry 5 – P.1: Lời tiên tri và dấu hiệu khởi nguyên

Dutch talked about the actions of the PEGs.

Dutch hoped the Deputy would be the one who could save this situation. He instructed the Deputy in basic steps and the current situation of Hope County. From here, Deputy will go on a long journey in the world of Far Cry 5 to destroy the PEG organization as well as find and rescuing his teammates and the entire people in Hope. However, they must first clean up the area around the base.

Burke’s cellar is located on a small island between the isolated river and the surrounding. That is why the Deputy helped clean up PEG’s presence and restore the island’s communication system that would allow the Dutch to keep in touch with the Deputy as it moved into the valley of Hope County. The island was not very large, so the Deputy easily won his hand and gave him peace of mind to advise him on the following steps.

Cốt truyện Far Cry 5 – P.1: Lời tiên tri và dấu hiệu khởi nguyên

Distribution of forces of PEG

According to Dutch, the deputy surviving teammates were divided among the three leaders under Joseph Seed’s custody. The three characters are:

  • Jacob Seed: A former soldier who acted as a PEG trainer in the northern Whitetail Mountains. The resistance team headed by a man named Eli was trying to fight Jacob, but they were losing.
  • Faith Seed: The second sister plays the trust giver role but uses a drug called Bliss that makes people stink and listen to PEG; Faith is based on the Hanbane River in Eastern Hope County.
  • John Seed: The youngest brother is an army recruiter and supplies to the PEG occupying Holland valley. He tried to plunder food and property and especially forced people to follow the religion of PEG.

From here, the Deputy begins his main journey in Far Cry 5 to conquer each region one by one, rescuing allies to build a strong resistance force to bring down Joseph Seed.