The story of Far Cry revolves around the adventure of the protagonist Jack Carver that has shaped a specific context of the whole series of games going forward.

The Far Cry series was started by the developer CryTek and published by Ubisoft. However, after the success of this first Far Cry version, Ubisoft bought the development rights from CryTek and made the following parts of the series by itself. So it can be said that this is a primitive version of the Far Cry style, later on, especially the typical type of Far Cry plot.

cốt truyện Far Cry

The story of Far Cry always tells the story of a war in a deserted place far away from human civilization.

The story of Far Cry begins with Jack Carver, a veteran of the task force who decides to give up the past and city life to buy a ship to serve as a tourist service around the islands in the South Pacific. Destiny leads Jack to meet a customer, especially female reporter Valerie Constantine. She introduced herself to a travel magazine and asked Jack to take him to a deserted archipelago in the South Pacific to take photos of the remains of World War II Japanese ruins here.

After reaching the designated island, Valerie moved ashore by small jet ski (Jet Ski) while Jack docked the boat waiting offshore. Suddenly, a group of mercenaries from the island appears and uses rockets to sink Jack’s ship and then use guns to pursue him. Jack swam ashore, ran into the forest, and encountered strange creatures. He just fled the creatures while struggling with mercenaries and jumped into the sea to swim into an underground cave to escape.

cốt truyện Far Cry

Jack regains consciousness in an underground cave.

After regaining consciousness, he realized the underground cave led into an old bunker of the Japanese military during World War 2. A man contacted via video radio to nearby claiming to be Doyle, offering to help Jack escape from love’s current situation. Having no other choice, Jack agrees to receive Doyle’s help to find Valerie and escape the island filled with mercenaries.

cốt truyện Far Cry

Doyle finds Jack through a video radio to be available nearby.

With Doyle’s help and his special-time combat skills, Jack attacked mercenaries and infiltrated many island research sites. The documents collected on the journey help Jack identify some horrible things about what is happening on the island. Doyle introduced himself as one of the key scientists working on the island, revealing a “tycoon” named Krieger.

cốt truyện Far Cry

Portrait of Dr. Krieger

Krieger has the ambition to study genes to create a divine power drug. He built a system of illegal research centers on the island to conduct inhumane experiments. To cover up his illegal behavior, he hired a large army of mercenaries to guard the island and chase all the strangers close to him.

Krieger’s result is a particular drug that helps increase intelligence, strength, speed, and body’s endurance. The finished products were initially tested on animals like gorillas, and the result was a mutant of a unique power called Trigens. However, due to the side effects of the drug, they became crazy and bloodthirsty machines.

cốt truyện Far Cry

A trigger from a mutant monkey was locked up in a lab barn.

Krieger has blended his DNA into drugs in the hope of making himself a kind of the Trigens’ spiritual leader and gradually testing drugs on people, even on mercenaries. With the Trigens growing more and more powerful, mercenaries on the island were starting to fail as they could not keep them under control. The Trigens began destroying their captivity and spilling out to attack anyone they encountered.

Jack finally found Valerie’s whereabouts when she was arrested and put on a helicopter, preparing to transfer to another island’s custody. Jack climbs up to take the helicopter and rescues Valerie. Then the two jump into the ocean before the helicopter falls.

Valerie revealed that she was not a reporter, but a CIA agent tasked with investigating Krieger’s suspicious activities after swimming ashore. She suggested that the two of them continue to divide two reclines to complete the unfinished things.

While Jack attacks a large base of mercenaries and causes tremendous damage that makes the mercenary group incapable of fighting, Valerie discovers essential information about Trigens. However, she was trapped in a flooded power station and surrounded by a large swarm of Trigens. Jack came and rescued Valerie in a situation of thousands of hanging hair.

cốt truyện Far Cry

Jack continues to attack the mercenary base to weaken them.

As the situation worsened and the mercenaries were almost annihilated, Krieger had to hire a new, more powerful team to control the situation. Jack has found and successfully chased Crowe, commander of the mercenary team. The information that Crowe was holding showed that Krieger had prepared a nuclear bomb on the island in case he was revealed to have eradicated his experimental evidence.

cốt truyện Far Cry

Crowe, the cowboy

After reporting on the defense, Valerie asked Jack to go with the nuclear bomb’s activation in Krieger’s drug manufacturing laboratory to destroy his accomplishment. Jack was concerned about a nuclear bomb’s detonation, but Valerie assured him that it was only a tactical bomb, adjusted just small enough to destroy a confined area.

Doyle said that if the bombs could be released into the air, he suggested that before the bombing, Valerie and Jack had to find a red box containing pre-injection medicine to avoid getting infected. After injecting drugs and detonating bombs, Jack and Valerie narrowly escaped the blast and were knocked unconscious by the pressure.

cốt truyện Far Cry

Screen “injecting drug” of the salute couple

Krieger arrives at the blast area and catches both in a coma. Jack woke up on the helicopter with everyone and, of course, under Hrieger’s control. Beneath the island is a horrific sight as thousands of Trigens occupy the ground entirely, killing all those left on the island.

Krieger explains to Jack about his ambition. He wants to create Trigens and rule the world with this mighty army. Thanks to his DNA in the drug, the Trigens consider him to be the leader. He automatically becomes the world’s suzerain once Trigens wins.

cốt truyện Far Cry

Left me with … 10 bullets. Only run your legs up to the neck and run.

Jack was thrown down from the helicopter with a gun and ten bullets among the Trigens swarm as a chance Krieger devised. The reward will be survival. Jack fought and survived successfully. He hid in an arsenal. Jack’s hand suddenly turned green and proved abnormal. Doyle explained that perhaps the explosion made the poison more concentrated, so the antidote was not strong enough to contain it. Jack must find Krieger because he is researching and keeping a treatment if he finds himself in this situation.

cốt truyện Far Cry

Jack is also “green” gradually due to toxic chemicals from GM drugs.

Jack “packed” ammunition and attacked Krieger’s office located on a volcano on the island. Jack finds Valerie in a tainted symptom, and Krieger is suffering from the same condition and is turning into half of Trigens. After defeating Krieger, Jack asks about the antidote, an unexpected answer.

cốt truyện Far Cry

Dr. Krieger, before the “thin” now into “thick bread.”

Krieger said the poison could only be transmitted by injection. Who injected the poison into Jack and Valerie? Krieger himself admits he doesn’t have enough time to make his antidote. After Krieger died, Doyle appeared to be a traitor, and he tricked two people into injecting transformative drugs into him and tricked them into killing Krieger so that Doyle could take all the results. Now the Trigens will especially attack Jack because he killed their leader, Krieger.

Jack takes Valerie into a ship in the river wharf and leaves a shotgun for her self-defense, and he goes back to find Doyle for a check. After many attacks of the Trigens released by Doyle trying to prevent Jack from approaching him, Jack finally found himself in Doyle and quickly counted his book.

cốt truyện Far Cry

Counting books with the name Doyle

Stealing the cure from Doyle, Jack left before the volcanic eruption on the island destroyed everything. Jack returned to the ship to give him and his medicine, and the two of them went to the beach to return home, and Valerie lying on the hospital bed on the table next to her was a rich set of files on this incident with a cover that read “Project Far”. Cry ”.

cốt truyện Far Cry

The image of Project Far Cry ending the story of Far Cry part 1

This is also the end of the Far Cry storyline for the first part. Far Cry parts have their context and story that are not related to each other, so it can be considered that each game version is an entirely new independent part of the plot. The game will introduce to you the Far Cry story later in the series, wait and see!