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RAGE plot is set in the post-apocalyptic period after the terrible impact of meteorites, the main character wakes up after years of hibernation and embarks on a whole new journey.

Since its launch in June 2011, RAGE has received positive reviews. However, in there, the story has mixed reactions, some support, others think that it is a copy of Mad Max … Let’s explore each part of Motgame to understand more about the journey. Program of Nicholas Raine – the main character in this post-apocalyptic shooting game .

Based on real astronomical phenomena

The asteroid 99942 Apophis is what makes the game the beginning. In fact, Apophis was discovered by scientists in 2004 and predicted to pass through the Earth by 2036. They were unsure of its orbit but Id Sofware – the game’s maker – was based on conjecture. Some astronomers think there will be collisions in 2019 as the starting idea for the RAGE plot .

The Greek apophis symbolizes a god of darkness and chaos, a name given to the two astronauts who found it. The impact when the Earth collides so horribly, thousands of square kilometers will be wiped out, the atmosphere will be filled with dust but really won’t be like in RAGE. To make the game, the story-building team has expanded the impact of the disaster to a greater extent: Apocalypse.

Nicholas Raine one of the few survivors

When humans faced apocalyptic threats similar to dinosaurs 65 million years ago, The Ark project was created with the hope of protecting humanity from extinction. Governments secretly choose members for this program, and Nicholas Raine, the main character in the game, is one of them. The Ark program will allow these subjects to hibernate in underground bunkers, each carrying a hard disk containing many of the modern technologies that people possess.

Born as a marina, the health and experience of a man in his 30s, Raine became the best choice for the US military to replace commander Stephen Hill , who is believed to have cancer. Two nights before the disaster happened, Raine was approached by the US military and taken to a secret bunker with the number Ark 437a. After being equipped with Nano technology, Raine entered the program with hibernation in Ark Omega 5.

Unfortunately, as the phrase “people count not by heaven”, Ark is expected to protect a lot of people but due to the great destructive power of the collision, leading to damage, errors in the AI system. of Ark. The unlucky program became a failure, the only survivor in Ark 437a was Raine in one of the greatest fortunes of his life.

Apart from the Eden project, centered on the Ark tunnels, there are still some Earth inhabitants surviving the collision as well as in the other Ark vaults that we will see clearly when entering the Wasteland.

Start of post-apocalyptic period

Ark was not as successful as it had been but the number of survivors was greater than expected, they began living with the floods, gathering together into dependent communities and living together. According to the RAGE novel, for humans, the post-apocalyptic period began shortly after the disaster of 2029 and lasted for 6 years but with Raine everything was just beginning.

Cốt truyện RAGE: Khởi đầu với thời kì hậu tận thế (P1)

Raine’s Ark is programmed to open in 2133. But due to a system failure, it didn’t open, but it did not open until two years later due to a number of technical errors that enabled the computer to function, taking Raine out of hibernation. Open your eyes in a daze by all your dead comrades, outside the desert landscape, crumbling the crumbled ragged mountains into strange things. In the midst of that embarrassment, Dan Hagar, a fortunate resident who survived the disaster, outside of Eden, saved him and took him to his base. From here Raine officially went on a journey to explore the old world, but things were completely different from that meteorite.

Cốt truyện RAGE: Khởi đầu với thời kì hậu tận thế (P1)

Dan was caught in trouble while carrying Raine home, he was seen by bandits when carrying a stranger wearing the Ark – Ark suit project uniform. The bandits operate individually but often sell information to an organization that temporarily holds the world of The Authority and this organization is paying a high price to hunt down the surviving Ark.   When he arrived at the base,   Dan asks Raine to get a weapon and go back to destroy the bandits to destroy the gun, but rumors have spread. Other bandits heard the sound of the wind and closed the large gate in the north to block the supply line to Dan’s base. By this time Raine realized he had to do something to repay Dan and find out where the supplies supplies were located. He takes on a task from Dan to help him get medicine, materials, and defeat the bandits. Dan helps him learn the new world, grants a car, weapons, instructions on ways to survive.

Raine then helped Dan break a solid north gate to get to the town of Wellspring.   Get supplies for the Dan family base. At the end of the mission Dan assigned to Raine, the “magic crossbow” of RAGE, calling for it, it was a modern crossbow, suitable for silently destroying the target. The gift Dan gave was also a farewell gift because Raine was gradually becoming a center of attention, Dan’s small base would be hard to protect Raine if the Authority came so he advised Raine to Wellspring to find luck. sew.

Cốt truyện RAGE: Khởi đầu với thời kì hậu tận thế

The most difficult thing to survive is to find a goal to fight, what we live for. For Raine who he knew in the old world was gone, the target was very vague but here the former marines realized what he should do with this new world. What we will continue to explore later.

This Badawave section gives you an overview of the beginning, the origin of the character and the main event in the RAGE Storyline . Please look forward to the interesting things in the next section.