This is the end of my series on the Rage series storyline, at least until Rage 3 was released.

30-year gap

At the end of Rage 1, our main character, Nicolas Raine, successfully enters the Authority’s base, Ark Capital Prime, and uses his ID Drive disk to disrupt the Authority’s old orders to the Ark. 

This causes all the active Ark to emerge to surface the Earth, awakening an army that promises to help the Resistance defeat the Authority. Rage 1 ends here, leaving gamers to speculate on what will happen later.

From the end of Rage 1 to the beginning of Rage 2, 30 years have passed without players knowing about what happened during this period. According to the trivial information published, the newly awakened Ark Survivor teamed up with the Resistance to repel General Cross’s faction in a war called Authority War. After the victory, for some reason, the Ark survivors retreated to live in fortresses, leaving the vast world around to its inhabitants.

Cốt truyện Rage -P.5: Tiêu diệt đầu não Authority

After 30 years, blue has returned to the world.

After the General Cross’s Authority forces regrouped, the human race also began to free its hands to rebuild its world. The pure, golden gray wasteland is gradually covered by trees’ appearance, creating an environment for animals to grow and greenback to the planet’s surface. Trade began to appear among the human towns and villages, and a civilization similar to the Wild West arose in the land of Wasteland. However, the day when the world returns to the old order is still far away from them because the ghost of Authority still exists.

Rage 2

Thirty years after the end of Rage 1, pre-apocalyptic survivors have formed a force called Ranger. They have made many advances in science and technology and built healthy and prosperous bases thanks to the old world’s heritage. But the mistake of the past is back: after years of “hibernation,” General Cross rebuilt the Authority through his immortality and gathered a stronger army, using the New weapons that are crueler to attack the Ranger base.

Our main character in Rage 2 is Walker, a young warrior who lives in Vineyard, an Ark survivor town. Walker had never seen the world before the end of the world because she was an orphan born after the end of the world and was adopted by Erwina Prowley as a child. Walker and little Lily – Mrs. Prowley’s daughter – grew up in the Vineyard with her strict teaching, but the Authority’s raid changed everything. With the Vineyard destroyed, the Rangers died almost entirely by the Authority’s gigantic mutant monsters, including whom Walker considered his mother. Embracing this hatred, Walker decided to venture into Wasteland to destroy the Authority once and for all.

Cốt truyện Rage -P.5: Tiêu diệt đầu não Authority

To achieve her goal, Walker needed to carry out Project Dagger by reaching out to three critical figures according to Erwina’s will at the Vineyard. These are Dr. Antonin Kvasir, the mayor of Loosum Hagar – the daughter of Dan Hagar, and the resistance leader John Marshall, each with a unique role in the plot. But because Walker is a strange character, these characters require Walker to perform many activities to prove that Walker is trustworthy (raising Walker’s measure of Operation with them to level 5). Because Rage 2 is an open-world game, you can work in any order you like and accept tasks from those characters when you meet the requirements.

Three missions

John Marshall, the character closest to you, will explain to you what Project Dagger is. Unlike its name, Project Dagger’s goal is to create a tank for you to drive straight into the Authority base and inject a serum shot into the Cross to kill him permanently. However, first of all, you need to help Marshall rescue Gulo, a spy who just went missing, because Gulo has the necessary information for Marshall to complete his part for Project Dagger. Sorry, you’re late and can’t save Gulo, but come early enough to get the information you need. This information helps you find an Authority base, steal enemy security protocols, and pave the way for you to enter Authority bases later.

The mission of Loosum Hagar again asked Walker to turn himself into a celebrity to investigate the fat businessman Klegg Clayton, the corrupted son of his respected Clayton market in Rage 1. Walker became the champion of the war race, the Chazcar Derby, and appear in the bloody reality show Mutant Bash TV to win. These trophies took Walker into Clayton’s office, but he knew Walker was cooperating with Hagar and had set up a trap to kill his hunters before fleeing on a mini helicopter. While following Clayton, Walker discovered that he was working for General Cross but had no chance of destroying Clayton because General Cross had personally eliminated all the useless advantage. In return, Walker found a tank in Clayton’s heritage store.

Cốt truyện Rage -P.5: Tiêu diệt đầu não Authority

The Predator tank.

When penetrating a satellite control base from the end of the world at the request of Dr. Kvasir, Walker has the opportunity to become the president of the United States (though no longer the United States). This mission ends when Walker calls an eco-satellite (EcoPod), ECO-15, returned to Earth to use the processing power on the supercomputer it brought to Dr. Kvasir’s project: create a capable serum. End’s immortality.

To accomplish his task and the supercomputer processing power, Kvasir also needs the DNA of General Cross. This DNA sample was stored in an old Authority genetic research center, and none other than Walker had to get it. After Walker did what he did best, punching enemies in this research center – including General Cross himself, Walker brought in a huge block of DNA for Dr. Kvasir to complete a serum tube.

Cốt truyện Rage -P.5: Tiêu diệt đầu não Authority

Dr. Kvasir.

Terminate General Cross

With the tank that Loosum Hagar donated, the security protocols took under the instructions of John Marshall, and the serum of Dr. Kvasir, Walker, headed for Authority’s headquarters and continued to punch holes into all sorts of enemies. The enemy is here, except this time with bigger guns. Walker meets General Cross, and the only thing left to do is to inject the serum into him, but there is a small problem: he is riding on a giant monster. To reach his goal, Walker knocked down the beast with a lead bullet, grabbed Cross’s neck, and injected a serum into him.

Cốt truyện Rage -P.5: Tiêu diệt đầu não Authority

General Cross still thought he could even live.

Inside the serum of Dr. Kvasir serum is a virus that attacks Nanotites in General Cross’s body and kills him permanently, but Walker also has the same Nanotrite. These viruses infect Walker. Luckily, somehow Lily appeared in the Authority base to drag you back to Dr. Kvasir’s lab, where she forced Kvasir to save Walker or his old life would have to follow Walker to the grave. Kvasir succeeds, and Walker regains consciousness to receive the congratulations of Marshall, Hagar, and Lily. But the world still has many bandits that need to be destroyed, and many people need to be rescued. So Walker returns to Wasteland to continue his work while waiting for Rage 3 to be announced.