Raine’s meeting with the Resistance was a turning point that changed the history of humanity in the world of Rage when he destroyed General Cross’s plot.

Join Resistance

After receiving the Mind Control Bolt arrows from Dr. Antonin Kvasir, Raine returned to Wellspring following Kvasir’s instructions to meet the Resistance. Raine met at the rendezvous was Elizabeth, a Resistance female soldier with bad news: Marshall, the Resistance’s key leader, fell into Authority’s hands and needed rescue. Because Raine has not yet cooperated with Authority, Elizabeth asked him to perform this rescue mission. Otherwise, there will be no more Resistance.

With the key Elizabeth gave, Raine passed through the main gate of the old prison used by the Authority to keep anyone who opposed them. After crossing dozens of the Authority’s soldiers here, our friend also found Marshall in a cell and rescued him. The two fight together against surviving enemies before leaving prison and returning to Wellspring.

Cốt truyện Rage - P4: Đập tan âm mưu của Authority

The prison where Marshall was held.

Raine, Elizabeth, and Marshall meet in the base of the Resistance located below Wellspring. Marshall says that Raine became the target of the Authority’s hunt after the robbery mission. He certainly did not want to be arrested because something regrettable happened to Ark’s survivors falling into the Authority’s hands. So, like it or not, Raine became a part of the Resistance against the Authority.

Following Marshall’s advice, Raine returned to Ark 437a to retrieve his ID Drive. Every Ark resident is given a drive, and it contains essential information about the Ark program. However, Authority forces have appeared in the area, and Raine needs to destroy them before entering his Ark. Ark’s AI will recognize Raine as “Omega 5” and return the ID to Drive. Now the Authority has tracked down Raine, and they have come to Wellspring with all sorts of surveillance equipment.

Cốt truyện Rage - P4: Đập tan âm mưu của Authority

Raine’s Drive ID drive.

To find evidence against the Authority, Marshall wants Raine to go to an old, abandoned laboratory of the Authority located in Dead City, containing evidence of tests that the Authority carried out with students. Mutant objects are flooding the world. Raine found what he was looking for and returned to Raine to move on to the Resistance main base. On the way, Marshall revealed why Raine’s Ark (and many others) didn’t emerge as it had been programmed more than a century ago. It was because General Cross, the leader of the Authority, had changed the schedule of the Capital Prime he had occupied so that it would emerge earlier, and intentionally sabotaged to keep the Ark containing non-him inside. Underground permanently.

The secret is revealed.

At the Resistance base, Raine was told by Elizabeth a piece of shocking news: the mutant is not the result of radiation emitted from Feltrite after the impact of meteorite 99942 Apophis. Still, it is the product of the tests that the Authority performed. All the victims of failed trials were thrown out of toast wasteland, and they increase to form a community of mutant creatures as it is today. Meanwhile, Raine’s ID Drive is analyzed by Mark Lassard, Resistance’s computer expert, and finds information about the location and timing of the rise of all buried Ark.

Marshall wants to use this information to free up all the Ark buried in the ground and do that. It would help if you penetrated the head of the Resistance – Ark Capital Prime. It stores devices that can help them connect to satellites that are still in orbit, and from there, send signals to ask all other Arks to rise and beat the sleeping residents. The Resistance will send people to places with Ark to support and guide the survivors, bringing them back to the base to become a new resource to destroy the Authority.

Cốt truyện Rage - P4: Đập tan âm mưu của Authority

Capital Prime.

At Capital Prime, Raine realized that the reason the Authority abandoned their labs in Dead City was that there was no need for testing anymore – they had succeeded in controlling mutants and turning them into weapons for themselves. Forced to destroy both the mutant and the Authority soldiers here, go to Capital Prime’s central control room and upload the data from their Drive ID to satellites in space. Marshall’s plan has been successful: several Ark remains buried in the ground, and it is possible that human civilization can still be rebuilt. At this point, the events in Rage 1 are over, and Nicholas Raine temporarily steps back to the stage to make room for the new one.

Cốt truyện Rage - P4: Đập tan âm mưu của Authority

An Ark emerges from the ground.