In the end, the innocent people in Raccoon had to die in the story of Resident Evil 2 Remake, just because of a corrupt pharmaceutical company’s ambition.

Note: The following will reveal all the details in the Resident Evil 2 Remake plot. If anyone does not want to be spoiled, you should not read it.

Following the previous installment in the Resident Evil 2 Remake storyline, Leon walks through the sewer tunnel to find out why the Zombie pandemic broke out in Raccoon City. From a particular soldier’s body, he saw a video recording of this group of people killed by monster G. While fighting. It threw off a series of mysterious test tubes containing something like the Liquid virus.

The rats in the sewer then ate this solution, and maybe it was the agent that caused the outbreak Zombie outbreak, so remember that there are Zombie dogs. There’s no way that Zombie mice and mice and dogs bite humans can also spread disease as usual.

Cốt truyện Resident Evil 2 Remake: Thảm họa xác sống thành phố Racccon – P.cuối

Rats – the cause of the Zombie disaster in the Resident Evil 2 Remake storyline

To get to Ada’s place, Leon had to wade through a garbage-filled underground sewer, and he managed to lower the drainage control door to the burning spot where Ada was injured. Unfortunately for Leon, when he opened the electronic gate, the monster G suddenly appeared and attacked, now it has changed into a new mutation, with two heads of the host and its own just sprouting. The claws of G stage 2 (referred to as G-2) grow long. The tumor has grown into an independent cell tissue.

The G-2 host now seems to have been completely swallowed up, its new head always acting as one of the G-2’s brains. G-2 chased Leon to an area behind because the gun had almost no effect on the G-2, so Leon used to trick it into the void and control the crane to knock this monster down below, though G is not necessarily dead.

After defeating G-2, Leon returns to Ada and temporarily bandages her. Ada suggests that the two should head to Umbrella’s headquarters to search for the G-Virus, which makes up the G monster in the Resident Evil 2 Remake storyline, so they decide to use the nearby electric car. Once safely in the car, Leon and Ada begin to fight each other, ending with a grandiose tongue porridge (there is no further advance because the car is already there).

Cốt truyện Resident Evil 2 Remake: Thảm họa xác sống thành phố Racccon – P.cuối

Ada and Leon are cooking their tongues.

After arriving at Umbrella’s research station, Leon had to leave her in the car and went on his own to search because Ada was injured. This is a secret research station set up by Umbrella right in the heart of Raccoon City. Only a few people know about its existence and the experiments that the team here is conducting. Right from Leon’s entrance, the spots of blood and corpses of the special soldiers were spotted. It seems that there was a raid on this place from which the virus spread and turned the staff here into zombies.

To open the front door, Leon had to find senior staff cards to enter the G-Virus research room. The facility was damaged in many places. The western garden even released a strange epidemic that turned humans into a monster, hybridized among the sprouts and looked like a Zombie.

When Leon obtains a high-ranking staff card and opens the door to the G-Virus research room, he learns a formidable secret, which is the disaster of Raccoon City in the Resident Evil 2 Remake story—caused by Umbrella itself. They initially sent a task force to the research station to recover the G-Virus from Dr. William Birkin (Annette’s husband), who created the G-Virus but was obsessed with it that refused to give it to anyone.

Cốt truyện Resident Evil 2 Remake: Thảm họa xác sống thành phố Racccon – P.cuối

G-Virus Laboratory in the Resident Evil 2 Remake storyline

From the tapes collected from the corpses of special task forces, it seems that in the end, William Birkin remained stubbornly refusing to hand over the G-Virus, even with resistance by force, and as a result, he was shot to death. In his dying, William injected G-Virus into his body and turned into a monster G as we know it. It chased the soldiers killed and caused the Virus to spread down the sewer leading to the Zombie pandemic in Raccoon city.

Leon obtains a sample of the G-Virus left in the lab. When he has just walked out, monster G appears with a new form. While Leon is not sure how to handle it when Annette appears, she uses an acid bullet to knock it down and explain to Leon that they do not want this disaster to happen, but William is too stubborn until death, everything became like this.

While Monster G returned to life, the two talked it smashed Annette into the wall and seriously injured her. Leon is now stuck with G, and Annette is trying to demolish the bridge where Leon is standing below, not to let anyone know the G-Virus’s secret can escape from the research institute.

Cốt truyện Resident Evil 2 Remake: Thảm họa xác sống thành phố Racccon – P.cuối

Monster G at the 3rd transformation

Trapped with G and having no way to run, Leon takes all weapons, including the flamethrower, from the sewer to play with G. In the end, in some miraculous way, he is defeated. Having this monster, Leon followed the emergency elevator to climb back up. He met Annette, who was almost dying after G.’s attack. She knew she was about to die, so she only asked Leon to at all costs destroy the last G-Virus because if it is released, it will become a hazardous biological weapon.

Leon didn’t know what Annette meant, so he had to give the prototype to the FBI (Ada) to testify about Raccoon’s disaster in the Resident Evil 2 Remake story. At this time, Annette said that Ada was not an FBI agent at all, but she was originally a mercenary to steal the G-Virus for resale, but Leon did not believe Annette and left.

When she returned to the main elevator, when he happened to see Ada entering, she immediately asked Leon to get the G-Virus prototype. Leon replies that everything is fine, but he says he wants to know if Ada is a mercenary like Annette said. In the end, both of them pointed their guns at each other, but Ada had feelings for Leon and didn’t want to shoot. At this point, Annette ran and hit Ada on the shoulder and knocked her down, though Leon tried to catch but couldn’t, Annette collapsed shortly after.

Cốt truyện Resident Evil 2 Remake: Thảm họa xác sống thành phố Racccon – P.cuối

Leon and Ada at the end of the Resident Evil 2 Remake plot

Because the research center’s server system had turned on self-destruct now, Leon had to compress his heartache and run away, with the goal being an electric car park leading out of this underground tunnel. On the way, Leon also stumbles upon Claire through the camera system. She is still safe and also reaches Umbrella headquarters just like her. However, the two could not talk for long due to the urgent time, but only made an appointment to the destination.

– Since we are in Leon’s part in the Resident Evil 2 Remake story, the Game will only briefly talk about Claire. The two main characters’ journey is the same, but if Leon encounters Ada, Claire accidentally meets Sherry Birkin (the daughter of Annette and William Birkin). Claire decides to protect Sherry to get out of the city, but they are blocked by Brian Irons (the Raccoon Police Department), who wants to take Sherry’s necklace (which is the key to the opening of the door). G-Virus test sample storage).

The boss Irons had already received a lot of money from Umbrella, so he let them set up a research facility underground, as well as dismissing all allegations from their subordinates. When the Zombie disaster happened, he was the first to escape, even killing the daughter of Mayor Katherine Warren (this father had an autopsy, so he wanted to mummify her as a model). Later Irons kidnapped Sherry but was accidentally found and killed by the monster G. Sherry himself was infected with G-Virus (the same gene as G’s host William Birkin).

Claire then had to carry Sherry to the research station to get the antidote for Virus. The latter of them also had to run to death when the self-destruct code was activated. In the game, the two main characters meet when they find a way to get on the train to escape being buried alive.

Cốt truyện Resident Evil 2 Remake: Thảm họa xác sống thành phố Racccon – P.cuối

Sherry’s family with parents (William and Annette)

As Leon nearly escaped this ruin, suddenly Mr. X appeared again. At this time, its outer coat was burnt, revealing the correct form of the “genuine” Tyrant inside, with claws and a big heart on his chest.

With his ultimate form, plus Leon ran out of ammunition when fighting with G, he was desperate to destroy this monster when it was 100% bulletproof. As things started to get worse, someone suddenly threw a rocket launcher at the bottom, with a saying that echoed: “Now we are even.” This was Ada. After the divine fall, she was still alive and had plenty of time to get weapons to throw to Leon.

With this Rocket launcher, Leon quickly turns Mr. X into a slimy pile. He then promptly ran to the train just after it had departed, as well as meeting Claire and little Sherry.

Leon uses a Rocket launcher to kill Mr.X.

When the characters are happy to escape, suddenly a loud noise appears in the back compartment. Leon told Claire and Sherry to get out of the car first to let me investigate. It turned out that the monster G was not dead, now that it had been transformed into an oddly shaped, formless creature trying to swallow. Leon used all the remaining bullets to shoot it to show the weak point of the eye (brain) in the center, then used a whole rail to smash G while separating the shipping department where it was controlling toward. After being swallowed by the fire.

Note that in the Resident Evil 2 Remake plot, no one is sure whether G is dead or not. Later there is no news about this monster, so it is assumed that it was blown up in a tunnel engulf it.

Cốt truyện Resident Evil 2 Remake: Thảm họa xác sống thành phố Racccon – P.cuối

The ultimate G-type monster

At the end of the Resident Evil 2 Remake plot, Leon, Claire, and Sherry escape Raccoon’s safe city. Just now, it is just dawn. They tried to hitchhike with a tanker but failed after all the three walked together, and Sherry suggested that they return to live with Claire in the future, closing a horrible journey in the game.

Cốt truyện Resident Evil 2 Remake: Thảm họa xác sống thành phố Racccon – P.cuối

The end of the Resident Evil 2 Remake plot