Resident Evil 3 revolves around just the right Jill tries to escape from the monster Nemesis in Raccoon’s city filled with zombies.

With the remake ready for release, this is the best time to revise the Resident Evil 3 storyline to prepare for a more epic new play. There is a point that many gamers are wondering, is Capcom re-explaining the timeline of the two Resident Evil 2 and 3 games because Jill, Leon, and Claire were initially trapped in Raccoon City together a time but chained for a few days.

In theory, the events in the Resident Evil 3 plot take place before the 2nd version. Still, it is not very reasonable in the game, especially when a nuclear bomb hit the raccoon, Claire would not be able to keep up with Claire slipped out so quickly. And in a series of previous articles, there was information explaining the conflict of this script in the old version due to the original Resident Evil 3 production process has changed. Let’s take a look back at this original story for a bit!

Jill Valentine: Everything starts on a regular day in late September. In the very ordinary Raccoon City, the city is under Umbrella’s control.

No one dared to disgrace Umbrella, and that cowardice has led to the destruction of everyone. I guess they are paying for their previous actions, but this price is so expensive that nothing can compensate.

If someone were brave enough to stand up, it would be like a powerful reel that swept everything away … but no, it was the last chance for Raccoon City and my last chance to escape from this hell.

Resident Evil 3 begins when Jill Valentine and his STARS comrades return after the disaster in the Arklay Mountains – which is Umbrella’s secret research room. The STARS team immediately went to Brian Irons to interrogate and ask for an investigation. Still, because this corrupted sheriff had eaten many Umbrella’s bribes, everything was dismissed and went to a dead end.

Not accepting this, members of the STARS team, such as Chris, Barry, and Rebecca, decided to leave the headquarters to investigate. Chris is the first person to go to Europe because he is on vacation. Barry returns to Canada to take care of his family first. Simultaneously, Jill stays in Raccoon City to search for Umbrella’s underground research station, helping her have a guy. by Brad Vickers.

Cốt truyện Resident Evil 3: Cuộc rượt đuổi giữa người đẹp và quái vật

The STARS team interrogated boss Brian Irons.

Because the boss Irons makes it challenging to do things quickly, Jill’s investigation is not much progressed. Two months after the Arklay disaster, the Resident Evil 3 storyline disaster begins when Umbrella sends his task force to the underground research lab to recover Dr. William Birkin’s G-Virus. But in panic when Birkin injected himself with G-Virus and killed the task force, accidentally spilling T-Virus into the sewer system and spreading it to the whole city. More than one hundred thousand people in Raccoon have been turned into zombies. Despite the efforts of the police, everything is still entirely out of control.

– September 28, the sky is …

The monsters have flooded the city … somehow … I’m still alive.

Jill was trapped in her apartment when the Zombie disaster struck. She decided she had to find a way out of this world alone, and we started the Resident Evil 3 story.

Raccoon City is flooded with Zombies.

After fleeing from the original Zombie, Jill took refuge temporarily in a warehouse with Dario Rosso – a novelist who lost both his wife and children in the disaster and suggested they find a way to continue hiding, but Rosso, out of fear he refused and locked himself in a box. Jill then ran alone through the streets full of zombies and accidentally met Brad in a pub. He warned Jill about something horrible was hunting them. Before Jill could ask anything more, Brad ran away.

Jill was quick to learn the “something” that Brad said when she went to the Raccoon police station, where a strange monster with a big body and long tentacles suddenly appeared, it always pronounce STARS and target Jill. At this moment, Brad ran over and accidentally turned this monster away, grabbed him, and stabbed the spouting cock through the ill-fated pilot’s head in Jill’s powerlessness. Knowing he had no chance against it, Jill fled into Raccoon police headquarters.

Cốt truyện Resident Evil 3: Cuộc rượt đuổi giữa người đẹp và quái vật

Brad is killed in the Resident Evil 3 storyline.

As you probably know, the monster that Jill sees is a type of Tyrant created specifically called “Pursuer” – or the hunter and codename Nemesis. It is manufactured by the Umbrella of the European branch with enhanced intelligence standards, with the task of finding and destroying specific targets (in this case, STARS members). To do this, Umbrella’s scientists devised a so-called NE-α Type, a symbiotic organism implanted directly into the host nervous system, acting as a “second brain” substitute for conventional biological chips.

More than just pre-programmed killing machines, Nemesis is an intelligence-based tyrant created to target only a particular STARS target. Nemesis members were created to prove that T-Virus can also perform high-difficulty tasks and obey special commands.

A Nemesis has two individuals, Tyrant, as the host with a NE-α Type parasite to make the brain. What you see in the game is just a Tyrant that was NE-α Type signed birth, an empty corpse with the entire brain and nerves entirely under control and functioning independently. So when I say that Nemesis is smart, it’s entirely thanks to NE-α Type, but that Tyrant T-103 itself doesn’t have any brains at all.

Nemesis trong cốt truyện Resident Evil 3 Remake

Nemesis is the story of Resident Evil 3 (photo of the Remake version)

Jill also encountered Nemesis many times in Resident Evil 3’s story, she met police officer Marvin Branagh in the headquarters, but he was seriously injured and could not move. While searching for clues, Jill accidentally receives a strange radio signal from Carlos Oliveira – who is asking for help. Jill tracks this clue and runs out of the police headquarters to the neighborhood below to find Carlos.

Jill then met Carlos and his team. They were mercenaries under the “Biohazard Countermeasure Service” (UBCS) – the task force under Umbrella’s command was tasked with rescuing civilians in the city. Raccoon Street, but due to lack of information and preparation, most of these soldiers were killed or lost by Zombie. Carlos’ group consisted of him and two others, Mikhail Viktor and Nikolai Zinoviev, but only Carlos and Nikolai were able to fight while Mikhail was injured.

At first, Jill didn’t trust Carlos very much because she had a strong aversion to Umbrella, but there were not many options in this situation, and they were forced to work together. Mikhail reveals a secret path to the bell tower, which would be a place to rescue these members if the mission fails, but because the way is filled with Zombie, he recommends using the train for safety.

Jill gặp nhóm Carlos trong cốt truyện Resident Evil 3

Jill meets Carlos’s group in the Resident Evil 3 storyline.

Because Raccoon’s tram line was damaged after the disaster, Jill and Carlos decided to search for repairs. They quickly encountered Nemesis as they headed up the street above, but this time with Carlos’ help, Jill had at least stopped this monster. She realized it looked like the mercenaries. This has nothing to do with the city’s disaster, so it trusts them more. Having collected enough items to restart the ship, Jill and Carlos returned but did not see Nikolai anywhere.

Thanks to the newly acquired items, everyone successfully restarted the ship and began to move. But when things started to get good enough, Nemesis appeared again, jumped straight into the train, and cut everyone’s track. Mikhail decided to sacrifice herself to block the way this monster. After telling Carlos and Jill to run to the coach, Mikhail stayed in the passenger car in the way of the enemy, until the last second when he ran out of ammunition, he pulled out the grenade pin die with Nemesis. This tremendous explosion blew the passenger car behind and threw Nemesis down the tracks, and the train then lost brakes and crashed into the bell tower.

Jill and Carlos were lucky to escape the explosion, but they soon realized this bell tower was also full of zombies. Jill detached and began rebooting the watch’s system to ring the bell according to a pre-agreed signal with the rescue team. After a successful attempt to ring the bell and the helicopter that appeared to be welcoming everyone, Nemesis ruined everything as she shot down Jill’s escape hope with her Rocket gun.

Nemesis bắn hạ máy bay giải cứu

Nemesis shot down the rescue plane.

There was no way to run. Jill had to duel with Nemesis, and thanks to Carlos ‘support, she also shot this monster down, but the virus-infected jill herself due to being scratched by Nemesis’ trunk. For the next two days, Jill had a fever and was in a coma, and Carlos stood guard for her, and by October 1, the signs of viral infection began to clear as Jill’s skin began to swell.

Carlos decides to go to Raccoon City Hospital to search for an antidote, where he meets Nikolai again and learns that the whole rescue plan is a blindfold, as Umbrella himself sends them to the city. This death is the test subject for the Hunter – a new biological weapon has just been produced. Nikolai also bombed Raccoon Hospital to destroy all the antidote and kill all those who accidentally learned about the plan. Fortunately, Carlos still caught a sample before the whole place exploded.

Thanks to the antidote, Jill was temporarily no longer threatened by the virus, but since Nemesis was a new model, a part of the virus was not eliminated but still hidden in her body. Carlos later revealed that Nikolai was still alive and that he was the one who secretly killed many of the UBCS. Both temporarily broke up as Jill continued to find a way to survive.

Carlos đưa thuốc giải cho Jill

Carlos handed the antidote to Jill.

Jill takes a shortcut through Raccoon Park and finds a secret shelter in the cemetery, where the Umbrella staff operates. She receives a report stating that Umbrella’s senior leaders have The city could no longer be hidden. The government decided to erase this place, and within a few hours, there would be a nuclear missile launched directly at Raccoon. Jill also met Nikolai again and learned of Umbrella’s plans in the Resident Evil 3 storyline, but before Nikolai could take action, a vast worm appeared from the ground, causing him to flee.

Thanks to the exposed electrical circuits, Jill lured and killed the worm. She then ran to the city’s drainage headquarters, searching for an escape route. Carlos telegraph informed Nikolai’s purpose in the Resident Evil 3 plot to steal the research virus sample for his benefit and have ordered a helicopter to find his way out. , so the two decided to meet at the landing zone to find their way out.

Nemesis once again appeared, and her body mutated sharply after the previous battle, with her scorched outer coat revealing long taps behind her back. This monster chased Jill deep into the cylinder water supply facility. Jill was also suddenly attacked by Nikolai and wanted to destroy her, but “fortunately” was when Nemesis jumped out and accidentally killed this traitor.

Jill continued to be chased by Nemesis to the sewer station and had to fight it with her, thanks to the acid pipes around Jill that weakened the monster before knocking it down to the tank below, but this was not enough. Nemesis could be killed.

Nemesis killed Nikolai

At the end of the Resident Evil 3 storyline, when Jill was about to hit the flight deck, Nemesis suddenly appeared. Due to his body being severely injured from the last time, he ate the dead Tyrant’s flesh, transforming his body into an amorphous slime. This time Jill used the energy gun system being studied and smashed Nemesis’s body into hundreds of pieces before using the Magnum picked up from a soldier’s body to smash the core’s remains and end his life forever far.

Jill and Carlos met just when the helicopter appeared. Its pilot was none other than Barry Burton. They left Raccoon City only in time for a rocket carrying a nuclear warhead, obliterating everything and burying the Umbrella Corporation’s crimes, ending everything in the Resident Evil 3 storyline.

Raccoon City is wiped out.

And that’s what happened in the Resident Evil 3 storyline, hoping that Capcom will continue to give us a quality game like what they did with the previous installment with the remake.