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Regenerador is not a Tyrant, but in the Resident Evil plot it is still a dangerous creature with an amazingly perfect structure.

In a certain sense, studying the monsters in the Resident Evil storyline is very interesting, when ignoring our disgusting problem you will see that these are really beautiful creatures from the lab of Umbrella, with everything built for fighting and killing.

Among the numerous monsters and Tyrants in the game, I am especially impressed and most interested in Regenerador and its brother – Iron Maiden. Although only appearing once in the Resident Evil 4 storyline, Regenerador has a body structure as well as a regeneration method that is not inferior to any Tyrant including the G-virus.

Like most of the monsters in the Resident Evil 4 storyline, Regenerador is a monster created by implanting the Las Plagas parasite into a human experiment object, its name refers to the degree recreates the monster’s horrifying cells, outperforming any BOW we’ve ever seen.

As everyone knows, in part 4 Las Plagas parasite plays a key role, it works by implanting itself into the host in places such as the spine, near the heart or lungs … slowly develop up into the final shape before breaking the host’s head out. Las Plagas can keep the host looking alert or do what it used to do, like an underground parasite.

The Regenerador is a higher-level prototype than usual, when its body is made up of many Las Plagas working inside. No, but the regular hosts where the Plagas worms will slowly grow up to sometime break out, Regenerador retains its form permanently when the Plagas in it are not nearly as large. up that only works together to keep this thing immortal.

cốt truyện Resident Evil 4

Structure of Regenerador in the story of Resident Evil 4

The Regenerador in the story of Resident Evil 4 has the same identity as a normal human, possessing a height of over 2 meters. Its defining features are smooth, gray skin, toothy mouths and no hair on it. There are many studies and hypotheses about Regenerador, when many people think that the test host capital is dead, what we see is just an empty shell controlled by a bunch of Plagas parasites. .

This is achieved when a person is implanted with too many Plagas, causing his body to mutate at a terrorist rate and reach a level of metabolism beyond the acceptable range. Because of the Las Plagas parasite’s ability to hibernate for a long time, most Regenerador are kept in extremely cold environments and are only awakened when a prey approaches them.

So what makes Regenerador the most memorable monster in the Resident Evil 4 storyline, as well as one of the most complete mutant creatures the series has ever produced? Due to its ability to regenerate its invincible body, Regenerador is just like the name – an immortal monster that can almost never be defeated.

Cốt truyện Resident Evil: Regenerador – con quái vật bất tử

Regenerador is attacking Leon

Anyone who has experienced the Resident Evil 4 storyline must have witnessed the power of Regenerador, as it fights against all types of bullets (except rockets) the player shoots at. Even if you splinted his limbs, chest or even ripped off his head, Regenerador didn’t suffer any damage and would regrow those parts of his body in just a few seconds.

The reason for this is that the Las Plagas insects in Regenerador’s body help to create a nearly continuous metabolism. These Plagas will act as sewing machines, when any part of the host’s body is damaged, they will grow out and start “connecting” the remaining pieces of flesh. thereby helping them return to their original state.

You can compare this process as if we were scratched outside, when the injured part will start to crust over and slowly grow immature skin, the Regenerador is similar only that it is thousands of times faster. never mind. This regeneration activity is continuous and uninterrupted, and because there are many Plagas on the host, they can heal any wound in any location.

Một con Regenerador đang "dệt" lại phần cơ thể bị mất

The Regenerador is “weaving” the lost body part

The body composition of Regenerador and later its brothers Iron Maiden is extremely special, during the game you also notice this monster has an amazing degree of toughness, it can almost bend out. back or snap at a close distance even after missing your legs, extending your arms to pull the prey towards you. This power is due to Regenerador’s body in the Resident Evil plot is almost entirely mechanical, if you pay close attention you will see the masses of flesh layered on each other outside as they begin to regenerate.

Because Regenerador doesn’t have bones like normal people, the Plagas can “weave” the injured part so quickly. That’s also why they have a gait that is very unnatural, because of the lack of natural pedestals but in return for that huge amount of muscle, Regenerador possesses a degree of toughness and durability. amazing, almost comparable to Tyrant.

The thick muscles help Regenerador resist most of the bullets fired at him without stopping, and because of the armor wrapped, the Plagas are absolutely protected, no matter what size you shoot. could not stop it. The muscular thick layer of stretching is also a powerful weapon when it is used to stretch arms, hug or slap down prey to death.

Cốt truyện Resident Evil: Regenerador

Iron Maiden – Regenerador’s upgraded version of the Resident Evil 4 storyline

Regenerador’s common attack method is to go ahead and embrace and use its knife-sharp mouth to bite the enemies, with Iron Maiden it is improved with a sharp spike that can bounce out at close range. to obliterate the target dead. Regenerador are machines that are completely painless, when they are aware of an enemy it will go ahead despite everything. Although the normal movement speed is quite slow, thanks to the special muscle layer, this monster has the ability to jump or pounce in a short distance is very dangerous.

No weapons and no bullets except rockets are capable of killing Regenerador, otherwise you have to accept to waste a huge number of bullets constantly chiseling a point on it, until piercing through this rocky muscle layer and kill the Las Plagas inside. But since a Regenerador is usually transplanted with three to four Plagas, taking down one will take unimaginable resources.

Perhaps in the Resident Evil plot, no BOW has the perfect body as Regenerador. Their presence alone is more than enough to make the prey terrified, when you can fight something that you cannot shoot, no matter how many bullets it is still “growing” like old. Apart from Tyrant , no other species possesses the same healing power as Regenerador, its imba level is completely comparable to the G-virus.

Cốt truyện Resident Evil: Regenerador

Plagas when viewed through a thermal glass

However, Regenerador still has drawbacks, if you know the body structure of this monster, you can absolutely use a heat-sighting gun, to spot exactly where the Las Plagas are hiding and Destroy them quickly. This fatal drawback is because Regenerador has a very low body temperature, as all the energy it has is put into feeding the parasites.

Another very interesting point is that the way Regenerador died, we all know in the story of Resident Evil 4, the Las Plagas coincidentally must hide in the host body because they are extremely afraid of light, even at the stage. At the end when it broke its head, a stun grenade (flash bang) would immediately kill the adult Plagas. But Regenerador is different because its parasites do not destroy to come out, just when killed all the Regenerador itself began to self-destruct or explode.

This strange mechanism is related to the level of metabolism of Regenerador, you have noticed that whenever this monster appears, it will breathe deeply, like a fat girl. That’s how its circulatory system works when it needs an enormous amount of oxygen to pump the Las Plagas inside, now what happens if this machine suddenly stops working?

If you compare it a little bit, it’s like you put a rat’s heart on an elephant’s body, different physical condition leads to different blood movement speed. If the mouse were naturally large enough to be the size of an elephant, the rate at which the heart pumped blood would be so fast that its body burst out in a matter of seconds.

Similarly to Regenerador, the Plagas metabolize too quickly, so when killed it will delay the entire system in the host’s body, causing the missing blood vessels to swell and crumble, pulling. According to the whole body structure, they will explode like artillery when they die.

Cốt truyện Resident Evil: Regenerador

Regenerador before exploding

Regenerador unfortunately appears only in each Resident Evil 4 plot, when their research body has been destroyed and the entire sample has turned to ash. If possible in the future I really want to meet these monsters in a Remake, because confronting them is an extremely unforgettable experience for anyone.