Many people do not know, in the Resident Evil plot, the Umbrella Corporation has special teams to perform secret missions in the dark for them.

When learning about the Resident Evil plot, people always pay attention to the main game or the main characters Chris, Jill, Leon, or Claire, because they are much more enjoyable. Another interesting plotline is the formation and development of the Umbrella Corporation and its side events before the fall.

Umbrella started as a pharmaceutical company, then turned into a bio-weapons manufacturer. Because of that stealth, to have enough financial resources and the military to carry out his illegal projects, Umbrella has organized two special armed groups to perform secret missions.

The first task force that Umbrella established was called the Umbrella Security Service (abbreviated USS). The USS was established in the 1970s and started operating in 1980. This is the episode Team up with mercenaries worldwide, tasked with protecting, recovering, assassinating, or covering up clues to what Umbrella feels dangerous. The first USS victory took place in 1988. When Dr. Oswell E. Spencer (one of Umbrella’s co-founders) ordered the killing of James Marcus to sample the original T-Virus he was studying (the You can read this case more clearly in the Resident Evil 0 plot).

Umbrella wants to have a private army mainly because of secrecy after developing military weapons from the T-Virus and building many underground research facilities, high-rise leaders. Umbrellas realize there is a high chance that they will lose their data. The Resident Evil plot is not straightforward, but Umbrella has many competitors trying to steal their achievements (Albert Wesker was the earliest).

For this reason, Umbrella needs a force strong enough to protect itself and prevent intellectual infringement, which is the reason for USS’s birth. Right from the first days, Umbrella had USS fighters train in secret at Rockfort Island military base. In addition to special combat skills, they also had to confront the BOWs themselves. ”To get used to it gradually. With this characteristic, although still considered a mercenary, USS is still relatively loyal to Umbrella, typically Hunk.

Resident Evil 2 Remake: Tiểu sử của Thần chết Hunk

Hunk – the best captain of USS

The USS also took part in the event at Mount Arklay when leeches attacked the train carrying Umbrella personnel to the old research station from Queen Leech. Two USS teams were annihilated during the event. But the most significant achievement of USS is still the acquisition of G-Virus in the Raccoon City disaster. This is also where they suffered the most damage when the whole team Alpha (except for Hunk) was given by the monster G board the whole board.

The fate of the USS team ended in 1998 where they were trained at the Rockfort base. During a secret transport mission, the USS soldiers were caught in a significant attack stemming from spies. Umbrella’s opponent. Except for Hunk, who miraculously survived, the entire USS squad was destroyed or in gunfights. Otherwise, it was torn down by zombies, from then on until the collapse of Umbrella Corporation. What traces of USS anymore.

Resident Evil 2 Remake: Tiểu sử của Thần chết Hunk

Umbrella’s second task force was formed later than the USS. In the Resident Evil storyline, it was named Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service (UBCS for short). UBCS is also a team of mercenaries gathered by Umbrella to perform secret missions, including rescuing employees trapped in a disaster, collecting or destroying crucial evidence. , protect weak personnel, and monitor biological attacks, if necessary.

The difference between UBCS and USS lies in its sophistication and loyalty. Unlike USS can be counted as “homegrown” when trained by Umbrella itself, UBCS is a combination of many mercenaries. Nouns in advance, with more contract-like tasks. Another point is that the UBCS was born relatively late in the early 1990s when Umbrella began to develop more robust and more violent Hunters, so they needed a force not only elite but also risked enough to supervise them.

The UBCS is intended to be a specialized force to improvise if a biological attack occurs, or more directly to those hot spots to deal with the problem, most of UBCS’s soldiers will be aware. T-Virus and have the antidote to use now on the battlefield always. At its peak, the UBCS carried out more than 100 tasks, large and small, divided into five units with a former army that could mobilize more than 120 people.

Cốt truyện Resident Evil: Các lực lượng đặc nhiệm của Umbrella

The UBCS landed on Raccoon in 1998

Because of the dangerous nature of the mission assigned in the Resident Evil plot, in addition to the title of mercenaries, many UBCS units are a combination of a bunch of thieves, robbers, wanted veterans, dangerous criminals no refuge. Umbrella keeps these madmen to put them in the most dangerous areas if needed, despite the possibility that they will fight them back if someone pays a higher price. Loyalty is a rather obscure concept for the UBCS, mainly because these soldiers’ nature was not good at first.

The biggest and most apparent mission of UBCS in the Resident Evil storyline is when they are sent to the Raccoon City disaster. This section is divided into two separate areas, in which a team will be responsible for rescuing Umbrella employees stuck. In contrast, another group watched the Hunter Umbrella “by the way” dropped to experiment.

The fate of most UBCS soldiers in Raccoon is quite tragic. Some died just after setting foot on the ground because the zombies were too crowded. The survivors have been torn apart into many small groups. In the Resident Evil 3 plot, we can see three characters of UBCS, Carlos Oliveira, Mikhail Viktor, and Nikolai Zinoviev, about 120 UBCS soldiers were mobilized to Raccoon. Less than 10% of these survived.

UBCS is destroyed in the Resident Evil plot

After the disaster in Raccoon City, UBCS was almost wiped out because of the terrible damage. Another problem that Umbrella also noticed is that these bastards have no loyalty concept, only at Raccoon. They witnessed at least three direct betrayal cases when UBCS captains tried to get Virus samples to escape separately (Nikolai Zinoviev is the most obvious example).

The mission at Raccoon was also the last mission performed by the UBCS. The team disintegrated quickly (mainly because the army was already dead). Some UBCS soldiers like Carlos Oliveira again try to fight Umbrella but are not mentioned in the Resident Evil plot. From the time of the Raccoon disaster until Umbrella’s disintegration, the USS and UBCS are no longer as powerful as they used to be, which is why Umbrella is gradually getting ahead of its competitors in the biological weapons market.