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Perhaps the story of Silent Hill 2 is an excellent game in the whole series, as it contains the psychological, obsessive, and sexual connotations of humans.

As one of the best horror games of all time, the story of Silent Hill 2 is always a great thing that fascinates generations of gamers. Although it has been nearly 20 years since its launch, the monsters in the story of Silent Hill 2 still make me really impressed both in how to create and how they exist to show the inner heart of the people. Animals in the game. So in this game story post, let’s look at these monsters again.

Abstract Daddy

silent hill 2

Abstract Daddy is shaped like a slimy mass of meat lying on the bed, creating the feeling that there are two people lying on top of each other with a blanket “covered” on top. A closer look will reveal that Abstract Daddy is like a male and a female re-enacting sexual acts, but in the direction of abuse or violence, when the “male” seeks to control the “female” on the side. below, with your hands clearly visible outside.

This monster moves with all four legs, it also shows the four legs of the bed but replaces the back with the human body. Under Abstract Daddy, there are also two large “mouths”, which attack the protagonist James by trying to hold on and trying to push his head into the gap between the mouths.

Cốt truyện Silent Hill 2: Những con quái vật và ý nghĩa của chúng trong game

Abstract Daddy in the story of Silent Hill 2 is shown for Angela Orosco’s father or brother, it is reflected in the obsession with violence and sexual abuse, with the body below always screaming in madness. The “mouth” below is the genitals. This monster is an obsession of childhood Angela when she is afraid of men, abused by her father and brother, it also shows through the room with walls of meat accompanied by round holes and the “protruding indentation” that marks the times when Angele was abused as a child.

Bubble Head Nurse

silent hill 2 nurse

This monster takes on the form of nurses with a more distinctive but more erotic outfit, with buttons on the chest and extremely short skirts. The head of the Bubble Head Nurse is swollen with bloody specks and has no specific face, another weird thing is that its head is almost inverted from top to bottom, with the body clearly visible. The only obvious sign is that the bones and teeth full of blood were exposed.

If we look more closely, we will see that their fingers are almost stuck together, in the story of Silent Hill 2, the Bubble Head Nurse has a very strange gait, almost like continuous convulsions. . Bubble Head Nurse represents James’s sexual desire when his wife is bedridden through the exposed parts of the body, moreover when a monster dies it will unconsciously spread its legs out.

silent hill 2 nurse

The reason the face of Bubble Head Nurse is wrapped in a bundle, because it recreates the scene where James uses a pillow to suffocate his wife, it transmits through the monster in a desperate attempt of a person trying to regain life. mine. In the end this monster could be the irony of the medical system in the Silent Hill 2 plot, when the nurses couldn’t do anything to cure Mary and let her die, just like herself. James doesn’t even care who the nurse is responsible for his wife, because he has lost all faith in them.

Lying Figure

silent hill 2 nurse

The first monster James encountered in the Silent Hill 2 storyline, the Lying Figure is shaped like a half-human body wrapped in a filthy meat cloth, with the lower part of a woman’s legs accompanied by something. almost like oversized thighs. The feet of the Lying Figure clasped together like a pair of fleshy high heels, causing each of its tumbling steps to sound like steel against the concrete floor.

In the story of Silent Hill 2, the Lying Figure represents the suffering of people with chronic illness, helpless in the hospital that James is caring for his wife. It shows Mary’s own state of being, as the disease tormented her body and turned her into a “disgusting monster,” if you pay close attention to it, the Lying Figure feels like a couple. hands but were tied to the body, like the isolation suits we see on film.

silent hill 2 nurse

The existence of the Lying Figure has two meanings, first it represents the disease that makes Mary disgust herself, the second is also because of this disease that James could not touch his wife, gradually. made it a terrible psychological burden on both him and Mary. In some cases, the Lying Figure also implies sexual desire, when the acid-spewing attack from its “mouth” is very similar to the “clearance” of men – specifically here James when he had to spend a long time not to be close to Mary.


Mandarin silent hill 2

Mandarin’s figure is almost like a normal woman, with a bloody dress with long, oversized long hands and meaningless dangling legs. Mandarin’s entire face and hands were like huge lips, which helped them cling to the bars to hang themselves in the air. The special thing in the Silent Hill 2 storyline is that the Mandarins never appear on the ground, but they hang themselves on the grilles.

In the story of Silent Hill 2, Mandarin represents helplessness, imprisonment and suffering. These monsters themselves are not allowed to walk on the ground but hang themselves in dark places. It is also like James’s desperate mood to take care of Mary, that is to always be mentally tortured and will at some point collapse, like the way the Mandarin people were defeated, that is falling forever. forever in the deep pit below.

The face and arms of the Mandarin shaped the lips are also the guilty psychology of James when he killed his wife himself, it haunts him forever and always echoes, that’s why Mandarin Using the edge of his lips to cling to the iron grilles, for it is as protruding as James’s is. Finally, Mandarin was James’s desire for sex, when he could not touch his wife but could only see her from afar.

Mannequin and Pyramid Head

silent hill Mannequin cốt truyện Silent Hill 2

Why do I put these two monsters in the same category, because in the Silent Hill 2 storyline they are close to representing the whole essence of the game, as well as being closely related to each other. The mannequin is exactly what it sounds like a monster shaped like a dummy, but it is only a female’s lower body with 4 legs, 2 behind them for movement and 2 for the front to attack. If you pay close attention to it feel like Mannequin is wearing a pair of women’s socks, as well as on it very little blood stains like other monsters.

Mannequins are the most obvious representation of sexuality in the Silent Hill 2 storyline, they exist for the sole purpose of satisfying the sexual desire of James’s imagination, as well as his situation in the game. For that reason, the Mannequin is only a pair of legs as well as the hips of a woman, because that is all that this monster exists. The mannequin with no arms and no face, it shows the powerlessness of a woman, like when the two Mannequins were handled by Pyramid Head or the last minute of Mary’s life before her husband suffocated to death. .

Plot Silent Hill 2: Monsters and their meaning in the game 1

Pyramid Head on the other hand is the most unique and amazing monster of the Silent Hill 2 storyline as well as the series, an executioner with a weird triangle head that attacks anything appearing in the game including monsters. object. Unlike many other monsters in the game that often show a part or symbol of something on the human body, Pyramid Head is almost a perfect copy of humans, a big man with weapons on. the hand that spreads death.

The Pyramid Head itself is a direct reflection of James’s soul, his guilt for killing his wife on his own, it appears repeatedly to remind him of his sin. yourself. This monster himself, like the whole town in the Silent Hill 2 storyline, exists under James’s ego to reflect what he experienced during the time of taking care of his wife in the hospital bed, Pyramid Head is James or more accurately a part of him.

cốt truyện Silent Hill 2

This monster attacks, slaughter, as well as abuse all the creatures it encounters, most notably Pyramid Head handling two Mannequins in a sexual position. It is the violent part of James when he kills his wife on his own, his dark side after long periods of psychological, mental and physiological restraint. Pyramid Head is another way of reflecting on James’s personality, like the way the huge pyramid on his head obscures its face representing James’s inability to accept the truth.

I love the story of Silent Hill 2 and its monsters, as they are shaped as well as the meanings behind them are not as simple as the appearance, a true masterpiece that no game can. can do.