Rage 2 proved to be the title game that combines the most appealing points from Doom and Max Max, two excellent titles by software and Avalanche Studios.

When it comes to software, we will think of Doom, a frenzied FPS game series characterized by a hail of bullets in the corridors, narrow rooms, and cramped ventilation. Now, maybe we will have to mention a new name when thinking about software: Rage 2, the post-apocalyptic FPS game coming soon.

Rage 2:


Indeed, the images and videos have been published to show gamers that Rage 2 is a combination of Doom’s shooting array, Mad Max’s racing car with a post-apocalyptic world bright and bright similar to Far Cry: New Dawn. The gameplay of the game is chaotic, speed, and extremely eye-catching (because we have not played it yet). With the enemies being knocked up and landed in many locations, the teeth are splattered and tattered scattered everywhere. Rage 2 and Doom’s main difference is that instead of fighting in tight spaces, all these gunfights and speed races will happen in a vast open world.

Avalanche does the driving segment of Rage 2. The studio has been very successful in implementing Mad Max. The game’s roads often feature various rival vehicles, from small, agile buggy to two-wheeled vehicles armed with guns and bulky trucks but extremely dangerous by weight, speed, and weapons. To help gamers “breathe” easier against these enemies, the Avalanche team has added many visual clues to the game, such as white flashing signals to let you know you are being targeted. It turns red when the enemy starts firing.

Rage 2:

The types of vehicles that gamers can use in Rage 2 are also quite diverse, with a minimum of 5 vehicles (far exceeding Rage), including ground vehicles of many sizes plus a motorcycle—flying quite interesting. They are quite similar in terms of features and equipment, including handbrake, nitro, and weapons. Despite its rugged exterior with patchwork components, sound shock absorbers, and big tires like an off-road vehicle, they are cars for normal roads in the game. If you think about “throwing up” on dunes or rocks in the game with these vehicles, all you will get is frustration. The removal of these vehicles off the road will probably only end with a tipping phase that caused you to reload the checkpoint.

So far, not many images of the Rage 2 driving segment have been released because of these things. According to Mr. Tim Willets, director of studio software, “I’m trying my best to do For fun driving part. This is a difficult thing because each driver is one type. Forza fans also have Mario Kart fans ”. The game already has all the necessary simulation elements, but the software is geared towards making the game more arcade-like as gamers drive in the vast open world of Rage 2.

Rage 2:

Meanwhile, the Derby races inside the narrow arenas seem to be quite complete and relatively more appealing. The steering is still effortless because this is not a racing title or driving simulation. The car does not give a sense of speed even after boosting, not drifting when cornering and squeezing the brakes at high speed. In return, the track proved to be quite clever, with many twists and turns intertwined or ramps (ramps) to roll cars up. Thanks to that, conquering them brings the necessary excitement, especially in shooting racing mode that requires gamers’ dirty playing skills.

This is a good thing because, in Rage 1, the race always gives moments of excitement (although a bit short). However, overall, the driving part of Rage 2 still needs a lot of improvement before its launch in May.


Switch to shooting, something that gamers always believe in the hands of software. After watching the video above, the author believes that you will not feel disappointed. Rage 2 owns many types of guns with basic but exciting effects such as heat, explosive bullets, magnets. If you’ve played through both Doom and Rage, gamers will easily recognize many familiar things from Rage 2, from several weapons models to the protagonists’ movements.

Rage 2:

With the new skills of the main character (like the four characters in the Borderlands united), this is an opportunity for you to create new ways of fighting for yourself. Imagine using Barrier to create a field of bulletproof force, tossing Vortex to suck all in one place, and then using “Attorney” Shatter to push opponents into mobile saw blades or tossing them up. And finish them with a slam – these are just two applications of these skills. When combined with weapons in the game, you will have countless ways to destroy opponents. These moves also remind me of Bulletstorm, guys!

Rage 2:

Multiplayer and DLC?

Finally, Mr. Tim Willets said that Rage 2 would not have any multiplayer mode, including co-op – a strange thing when FPS titles are increasingly trying to retain gamers with all kinds of multiplayer. “You can do anything, but you can’t do anything. So we focus on what we do best, ” he confidently said and believes the game has enough content to keep single-player gamers. One of those is probably the Mutant Bash TV mode, an arena where you can smash the mutants (and being beaten by them) that appeared in Rage 1.

What does Id Software do best? I don’t know what you like, but you’re always “addicted” to the developer’s single-player modes. Perhaps knowing this, Mr. Tim promised that a series of paid and free DLCs would be released in the future and prioritize the development of the most interesting in the game. According to him, Software is setting up a content development team after the release date and will sift game data to find out what its gamers like, what to do, where to go, and where to indulge fast.

Rage 2:

But because these DLCs will be developed based on data from player games, Software doesn’t have any exact plans other than having a location for them on the player’s main map game. When you drive around the edge of the map, you’ll see things that look interesting but can’t get there, and that’s where DLC goes.