Rage 2’s gameplay proved to be a combination of the Ubisoft open-world with Doom’s team fight, unpatched software style.

After spending more than 200 hours in Ubisoft’s open-world Ghost Recon: Wildlands game and tracking information about Softwares FPS Rage 2 and Avalanche Studios, I made the comparison you just read in the article title. . Why? Take 5 minutes to read this article and then nodding to agree with the author!

Rage 2 - Khi Wildlands kết hợp cùng Doomslayer và siêu năng lực

A huge map for gamers to explore.

First, Rage 2 is an open-world game very similar to Wildlands and Ubisoft’s open-world titles in general. Although the context of Rage 2 seems quite similar to Mad Max (previous work of Avalanche Studios) when driving gamers around in a post-apocalyptic world, the environment of Rage 2 proved to be much richer. In the early stages of the game, we will still encounter large sandy deserts. When following the story’s content, the main character, Walker, will gradually encounter greener and richer lands.

This map is also sprinkled with question marks marking items to collect, miniboss to destroy, upgrade to add strength, and many other sideline activities to enrich the game. Both games allow gamers to collect guns, unlock skills, and other accessories for their weapons or characters. The game areas are marked by the level of “skulls” displayed on the map, except Rage 2 uses a scale of 10, and Wildlands uses a scale of 5.

Rage 2 - Khi Wildlands kết hợp cùng Doomslayer và siêu năng lực

After that, we also need to mention the ability to call motor vehicles of gamers. Suppose in Wildlands 2. The Ghosts soldiers ask the Rebel faction to bring all kinds of toys from gold-plated sports cars, bulldozers, armored vehicles to battle helicopters in Rage 2. In that case, our protagonists can also order motorcycles, four wheels, flying cars, tanks, and many other strange dishes. But here we have an essential difference: Wildlands focus on and fights, and Rage 2 is very good for car chases, with all kinds of heavy toys like the name fire, machine guns, and bombs.

To create a playground for gamers who like racing, just the vehicles are not enough. Rage 2 shows the chaos, anarchy of the post-apocalypse by creating many different factions, and each faction has patrol convoys on the map. Two convoys of two opposing factions will immediately fire when they see each other, and you will be a “favorable man” if both sides are enemies, and of course, can jump in to help your accomplices if you have free. Because residents can’t drive around like Wildlands, these random clashes and patrol convoys are a way for Rage 2 to keep gamers from boring on its roads.

Rage 2 - Khi Wildlands kết hợp cùng Doomslayer và siêu năng lực

Fighting on the car is done by Avalanche Studios.

Another similarity between Rage 2 and Wildlands lies in the way the developer “prepares” for gamers. According to published information, Rage 2 also allows players to perform missions in any order they like, except for a few important missions or bosses that require the most certain conditions specified. I haven’t played Rage 2 yet, so it’s unclear how much the game will restrict the player’s freedom, but in Wildlands, you can destroy almost all of the Santa Blanca’s miniboss in any order you like want. The only limitation of the Wildlands is that some of the more advanced bosses require the player to make them appear by treating all of their subordinates well.

It is the similarity between Rage 2 and Wildlands. Meanwhile, comparing Rage 2 with Doom is unavoidable because both have the hands of software, and you can quickly notice this just by watching the clip. The van’s movements, the push of a violent button of the character Walker, are almost “concrete” from Doom 2016, while the weapon design style also smells software. Rage 2 also allows you to use BFG 9000, the “brand” gun of Doom Guy from the first version launched last century.

Rage 2 - Khi Wildlands kết hợp cùng Doomslayer và siêu năng lực

BFG, 9000, guest from Doom.

Rage 2’s FPS system also bears Doom’s signature features, unmistakably. In addition to the bulky guns more futuristic, the protagonist is also equipped with four exciting skills. The vortex that attracts opponents in influence Shatter tosses enemies in front of him, Barrier creates a barrier bullets and Slams “stomp the ground,” causing damage to everything around them. Each of these skills has a unique upgrade tree, allowing gamers to build a character according to their imagination, somewhat similar to the Room of Doomslayer. Although not “unique, strange,” these four skills promise to bring gamers the feeling of fighting pleasure, ears (and hands) that you have ever enjoyed in Doom 2016.

The game’s weapons are quite diverse, from familiar as pistols, assault rifles (Assault Rifle) standard Gravity Dart somewhat similar to Gravity Gun toys by Gordon Freeman. Combining them with the above skills is enough for gamers to deal with any situation, creating movie-like combat scenes depending on your imagination. This reminds me of Bulletstorm, a usually mid-level game but has a pretty exciting team fight from Epic a few years ago.

Our main character is also equipped with an “Overdrive” mechanism specializing in the rewarding aggressive gunfight, Doom-style “close & personal” instead of carefully hiding and trimming each enemy on screen. See it as an improved version of Glory Kill in Doom: when destroying enemies with Overdrive, you will get more, from blood, bullets to increasing damage to weapons and increase the chance of dropping good rewards from enemies.

Rage 2 - Khi Wildlands kết hợp cùng Doomslayer và siêu năng lực

Combat chaos and speed, which software has done best in recent times.

Because of all of the above, the closer the May 14th release date of the game comes to, the more excited I am to wait to enjoy it. Because the game will be released on Steam, you do not need to worry about signing up for a new account or having another software running on your computer.